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VIVITÉ Daily Antioxidant Facial Serum, 1-Ounce Pump

VIVITE Daily Antioxidant Facial Serum is a regular application of glycolics for hydration and renovation of the top skin layer. Also provides antioxidant protection to fight premature aging. Contains 15% glycolic compound. To be used once daily, every morning. Perfect under makeup.

Key features

  • Exfoliates, hydrates and protects skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides antioxidant protection to fight premature aging
  • Perfect for daily use under makeup
  • Contains 15% glycolic compound

Honest reviews


A little to expensive

I started using Vivite products after my plastic surgeon’s office recommended it. I love the moisturizer and think it works better than anything I have ever tried (and thats a lot)! But this antioxidant facial serum is not worth the price to me. I have been using it for a month now and have seen no changes in my skin. I also bought the Vivite vibrance therapy to go with it and have seen no results as of yet. I was looking to even out my skin tone since I have a few dark spots but have no other skin issues. I did notice that the first few weeks I did get small break outs but they went right away. I seen that on someone else’s review also, but I think thats pretty typical when switching skin care. I do use less of my moisturizer now since these products seem to help with that.

Cornelia Thatcher, AZ

nothing to rave about

Well, this is doing absolutely nothing for me. I have been using it (runny watery “lotion”, I’d call it toner) for a month and I see no positive results whatsoever. I did get a couple of whiteheads when I started using it, but they were gone in a week, it’s not a problem. I am getting blackheads. I am also having lots of dark spots creep up lately, skin is oilier, not necessary glowing, it’s just oilier than it was before and pores look larger, no firming at all, not a pretty picture. I don’t need this kind of collagen production, thank you!! I got it on sale, and I can not justify sale price after all, not mentioning paying full price. I am back to Lacsal serum (lactic acid). I have been using it for over 4 years, and like it. It’s good to switch products from time to time, and this product had such raving reviews, I wanted to try it. I don’t see anything everyone is talking about? I am back to a better performing product, no, not a miracle, but it does way better job at lightening discolorations, keeping pores clean, diminishing fine lines, etc. Also lactic acid is better for your skin than cheap glycolic that companies love selling at inflated prices.I would like to mention that the seller (abzoo) was amazing, product was shipped promptly and arrived in no time, fresh, new, full, very well packed.

Robert Belleville, IL

Great serum

The serum is excellent. I recommend using it with the exfoliator, eye cream and night cream. I saw great results !

Rowena Fairfax, MO


This product did not allow Bare Minerals face powder to sit on top without falling into expression lines on the face.

Minerva La Porte, IN

Love this stuff!

I was talking to some cosmetologist about my acne problems and they recommended this to me. I love this stuff, it doesn’t clear up acne right away, but if I have a lot of zips coming on I put this stuff on every night and they are either gone the next morning or not as red. This is one of the only few things that has helped my acne.

Elisha Exmore, VA

Great for acne

I used this product for my acne and glycolic acid seems to be the best for my hormonal acne. I still get a few pimples but it has really reduced after using this product and the vivite night cream. It does tingle BUT any product with glycolic acid is going to tinkle so i really dont mind it. Also my face has never been smoother.

Tamra Batavia, IL



Monique Hammondsport, NY

Vivite Antioxidant is great!

I am a skin care junkie and have used several different facial serums. I really like Vivte’s serum because it is simply dispensed and does not leave skin feeling as though you have put anything on it. No greasy residue. A+ product.

Tamra Whitesboro, TX

A difference.

The serum goes a long way. Two pumps will do your entire face. The silky nature of the serum allows for even distribution. I have noticed a positive difference in my skin and using an antioxidant on your face is a wise thing to do. We spend a lot of money on other products that we use, but the base product needs to be protection.

Norma Locust Grove, GA

Vivite daily facial serum

You cannot beat internet pricing for this product. I really like it and will not pay salon or clinic prices for it.

Gale Melville, NY

Love it

My favorite and it arrived quickly. I have purchased this before and I will purchase it again. I love Vivite products.

Ophelia Big Sandy, MT