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Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers, Dark Brown/Black

Thicker looking hair in seconds Viviscal hair filler fibers contain microscopic, electrostatically charged fibers which stick to hair and create a volumizing appearance for both men and women. They instantly make thinning hair look thicker and fuller.

Key features

  • Viviscal hair filler fibers are available in natural looking hair colors to suit everyone
  • Viviscal hair filler fibers instantly volumize the appearance of your hair
  • They are easy to apply, just tap it on for instant coverage they last in wind and rain but wash out easily with shampoo
  • Work all hair types and are for both men and women.

Honest reviews


Absolutely Awful

I received this product as an Amazon Vine review and I must say that I am surprised at the 4 and 5 star reviews on this product. Perhaps its me, but this product was awful. I tried on three separate occasions to make this work. First, I followed the instructions. Second, I tried a make-up brush to apply, and lastly, I tried sprinkling this on with my fingers. Luckily, I did not have on white at the time. Each, the fibers, which look like fine, fuzzy hair, fell onto my shirt, onto my face and into the sink. Even when I thought I had brushed it all out of my hair, it fell onto my face later in the day and I felt as if something was crawling on my face. When I put it on with my fingers, it stayed in one place, until I moved my head. This product was as complete fail for me.

Bonnie Center Junction, IA

Not Perfect, But It Helps

Viviscal is intended to hide the absence of hair on the head. It looks best when applied to thinning portions, not to completely bald areas. The tiny, colored fibers that you shake out of the bottle settle onto the surrounding hair shafts near the scalp. They make the scalp appear like it is covered in hair. It also sticks to the hair, giving it a fuller appearance.There are two drawbacks to Viviscal and other products of this type. First, the short fibers look quite frizzy close-up, so use it sparingly. Second, it is impossible to shake the product onto the front of the head without it adhering to the forehead and facial peach fuzz. Trying to apply it to achieve a natural hair line isn’t possible.After using Joan Rivers’ Great Hair Day (a powder brushed onto the scalp to create shadow); Toppik, similar to this product; and Viviscal, I have finally arrived at as near-perfect a solution as possible without going out to buy a wig or get a hair transplant.I apply the brush on powder lightly at the front of my head. With the brush, I can control the amount of powder and place it exactly where there should be color (shadow). I section my hair where color is needed. Using the blonde Viviscal and the Toppik’s darker blonde, I shake them lightly over the sparser parts of my scalp, filling in to the point that the scalp is no longer seen. I lightly affix the fibers by tapping my fingers onto my scalp and applying hair spray when finished. I wash my hair twice a week, repeating this each time. Yes, this takes time but, it beats having a head that people will stare at.Viviscal is packaged in a see-through container, unlike similar products. In that way, you will be able to see how much product remains, allowing you to re-order without running out. It also is easy to see the color of the fibers. In this case, the blonde is more of an ash blonde, with no red highlights.The product stays in place unless vigorously brushed. It won’t rub off onto your pillow and won’t flake onto your clothes. Wind won’t damage your look, only water and shampoo will remove it.As I said, it’s not perfect, but it helps.

Mitzi Manhattan, MT

No More “Get A Wig”!!

I just received the Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers, Blonde last night. I have two hair problems. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that thins my hair and another autoimmune disease that causes bare spots are my two villains. I have actually been told by people to wear a wig! I never thought that I would be comfortable in one.There are illustrations on the box on why it works and it is very simple, just shake some on your hair. I tried it this morning. Surprise, surprise! It works. So easy! I tried it on bare spot that I could see in the mirror. It was like magic. It matched my hair color perfectly and now I have fullness where it really needed. No more will I have to hear people tell me “Get a wig!”I am sold, I highly recommend this profuct.

Esmeralda Columbus, NJ

Using it as a blend only…

I have usedCaboki Hair Loss Concealer – Light Brown (75-day Supply)for probably 2 years. As a woman with thinning hair, my white scalp shining through the brown hair, I feel so much less attractive. With Caboki, the light brown works well with my medium brown hair, so I ordered the Light Brown Viviscal to review.Comparison:1. Viviscal is currently significantly cheaper. I sprinkle it to cover about 2-3″ diameter so it lasts months.2. Viviscal is redder/oranger than the Caboki. It stands out too much on my scalp and I have to tap it down a lot to blend in. And it doesn’t give the coverage I would like that way.TIP: I am shaking this to cover the top of my head towards my face. I cover my forehead with my hand and then shake it on my scalp. the hand keeps the sprinkles from getting on my face. If it’s too clumpy (as in too much powder in one spot). I tap it with my fingers to thin it out. Some people thin it by running a brush through.If I were YOU and had some hair loss, I would definitely give this a shot. It’s definitely worth the price. I may try their dark brown to see if it will match my hair better.I see some magical results from professionals sprinkling this kind of product in someone nearly bald…and I have a hard time imagining that happening for the average person. But for me with thinning hair throughout–it’s been a godsend when I want to look great and not have my gleaming scalp getting the attention.I received this product in exchange for a review. I’m doing my best to give an honest reaction. Feel free to ask questions. If you found this review helpful, I’d be real grateful if you check “YES” below.

Tara Society Hill, SC

Fills in the naked scalp and looks natural

I have been using a similar product called Caboki which I very much like. When I saw these on the Amazon Vine program I ordered one in dark brown and one in light brown as I have medium brown hair and thought I might mix them. I later added the blond for highlights.The product functions as well as CabokiCaboki Hair Loss Concealer – Black (75-day Supply)although I prefer the Caboki ingredients (cotton fiber and iron oxide vs. a laundry list of synthetic ingredients on a nylon base). The way the products work is that you shake it over your head where the hair is thin and the tiny fibers electrostatically stick to your hair shafts and the peach fuzz on your scalp, filling in the areas where the scalp shows through and slightly thickening the hair shafts. The look is natural so long as you apply it evenly- perhaps not quite a glossy as real hair but decent. I can’t say that it really thickens long hairs although the peach fuzz is thicker, but it looks better and it covers my gray roots.I would order a color that is a full shade lighter than your hair and avoid red tones. The dark brown is a bit too dark unless you have almost black hair and the light brown is pretty dark. The redder tones can leave your scalp looking a bit inflamed, so I would use light brown. The blonde doesn’t work for highlights btw- it just sits on top and doesn’t distribute naturally. Viviscal doesn’t flake off during the day or run with sweat. Hasn’t smeared my pillowcases at night. It works best and makes less mess if you apply it close to the scalp in a circular motion because it doesn’t move much after it is on. If you are unsure of how to apply it, look up Caboki on YouTube- the instructions/demonstrations work for all products of this type.

Bernice Midville, GA


Maybe I was expecting too much but this product is no different than the hair in a spray can. My hair is thin around the hairline thanks to years of wearing hairbands and tight ponytails. I was hoping this product would give the illusion of fullness but instead it just makes my scalp look brown. I think I’ll go back to using volume-enhancing shampoo and finding a hairstyle that will mask the thinness around the hairline.

Laverne Wolcott, CO

Amazing and Suprising!

It’s hard to see a product like this and not think of Infomercials or parodies of black jell dripping off a bald persons head. Boy was that the opposite of what this product is.This product comes in a jar with a shaker top, like a large spice container. The fibers look like tiny metal shavings, or iron filings like from the old Wooly Willy toy some of you may remember.As per the simple instructions I tapped some of the product out onto my husbands head. It immediately looked as though his hair was very dirty and clumped, but as though there was a lot of thick hair there to clump up. I wiped across the product and the final result was AMAZING! It really made it hard to see his scalp and his hair looked really natural!For my husbands thinning hair I think this is a great product. It does a great job making his hair look thick and makes his scalp not show through even where his hair is the thinnest!

Sandra Spring Gap, MD

Seems legit!

This is a great little product for thinning hair! It is extremely easy to use, all you do is shake the fibers onto your scalp. I got this for a family member and they are truly thrilled with the results and feel more secure about parting their hair, etc. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a solution to thinning hair.

Norma East Durham, NY

Just as good as salon brand

My hair fell out. Not sure why, just one day it started thinning. I tried extentions and that worked for a while, but really, being able to see my scalp weirds me out. So I bought this cool stuff from the salon. $50 for a tiny little bottle that didn’t last that long. This is virtually the same. You know you’ve seen the late night infomercials showing the shake on hair? Yep, this is just like that. And it works! Far less expensive than the salon version, and just as effective. Easy to use, lasts all day.

Monica Longville, MN

be sure to match your exact color

This is the filler/spray as the ones you see on TV that are supposed to fill in the missing hairs on your head. It only works if you perfectly match your hair color.Make sure you pick a color that perfectly matches your natural skin color. This will stain a tad lighter than your natural hair color, so make sure you consider that when purchasing.Also, the bottle doesn’t contain that much in it, make sure you ask a friend to spray it on you, or you’ll wind up spraying most of elsewhere other than your hair.

Georgia Marion, NC

Great for Around the Part

My hair has gotten a bit thinner and around the part area, it is especially noticeable. I think this product works really well at hiding this without looking fake or overwhelming. I can (mostly) target it where I need it and it largely stays in place (I don’t use a great deal of product like oils, etc) until I shower and shampoo.The only issue I have ran into is that they almost make my crown look a bit off on days when I have a lot of static and the rest of my hair is flat. Luckily, these days are relatively rare.

Maggie Frankford, MO

Big fat help for thinning hair.

As a person who has always had thin hair, i have had to be very careful in how I care for it and most products that promised to "thicken" my hair could also harm it. I have shoulder length hair and and careful in how I style it to cover my widening part. I first tried this product before going out to dinner with my husband and was immediately impressed. Just shaking some of the fibers over the top of my head gave an appearance of thicker hair! I brushed it into place and was ready to go, startled at the improvement every time I looked in the mirror. No bad side effects either! I am sold on this.

Alberta Coxsackie, NY

Need help to use it

I’ll admit to feeling a bit like George Costanza when I tried this, but it was better than I thought it would be. If you get some help to put it on, hair that is thinning but not too terribly gone can look better that it would without the product. However, if you have areas that have very little hair, this will not look good on those areas. My 9 year old commented “Dad, it looks like you put your head in a bucket of dirt.” The problem is, if you have very little hair (or very fine, thin hair), this will stick on your scalp or otherwise look clumpy. If you get help putting it on, you might be able to better focus on the areas that can be helped.The bottom line is that I think this might work pretty well for women who generally have more hair to begin with. It probably will work well for men with longer hair that isn’t thinning too badly. It just isn’t ideal for me, as I have thinning hair (but still a decent amount of hair) on the front and am almost bald on the crown. For the price, it is probably “worth a shot” if you have doubts. I’d just recommend trying it out well in advance of any plans for going out for the evening so you can take a shower if it doesn’t work for you.

Bette Sanibel, FL

Surprisingly Effective for Fine Hair!

While I wouldn’t consider my hair ‘thinning’, it is very fine and these hair fibers are very effective in thickening up the crown and part area of my hair. It has also given my hair ‘volume’ and lift.I loved the color — Blonde, my hair has several shades of blonde and even worked unintentionally as a great root color touch up too! Easy to apply — while I was very skeptical when I opened the jar because it seemed ‘powdery’ at first, it really goes on nicely and with a touch of hair spray, sets well for the whole day. I would buy this again and keep it on hand for days where I need a bit of a touch up or a lift! Good product!

Araceli Istachatta, FL

Great as a filler, not so much for covering gray….

This is an interesting product that I can see would be a lifesaver for someone with thinning hair. I read in one of the reviews that it also works on covering small areas of gray. I wanted to fill in my hairline so my hair looks thicker and to cover the temples. I found it hard to work with when you want to touch up, or cover a small, specific area. The filler really did stick but was hard to move or remove to get it right.The powder is actually more like narrow flakes that are charged or "magnitized" — static-ey. It reminds me of the child’s toy where you use a magnet to place "hair" on a bald characters face or head. Not ideal for what I need, but I am sure it would be perfect to fill in thinning hair or a balding spot at the back of the head that men have.

Christi Graves Mill, VA

Thicker looking hair

This product is helpful to disguise thinning hair. It is important to be careful with your application to get the best results. I have light brown hair (the L’Oreal box tells me so 🙂 but I found this product in Light Brown was really too dark. Since it did help minimize the appearance of my thin hair, I bought the blonde color too. The jar cap is a two part deal that helps distribute the fibers when you shake it on, and is not easy to get off the bottle, but I managed and mixed the two colors. The resulting shade works well.You need to take care with application so as to get the product where you want it and not all over your sink or vanity, or down your forehead. It’s a mess to clean up as the fibers don’t pick up easily. I found it best to part my hair and sprinkle on each area on the top of my head with my head up or even tipped back slightly. I can’t see what I’m doing very well, but get more in my hair and less all over the place. It also helps to tap the jar lightly when closer to my scalp. The fibers stick to the hair shafts, not the scalp, so my scalp is still visible, but the Joan Rivers dusting powder helps with that. I put that on first.This product loses a star for decreasing the natural shine of my clean hair, but since it helps with my overall appearance, I’m not complaining too loudly. It stays on well between washings and then washes out easily. Unlike the Joan Rivers powder, this stuff doesn’t make my head itch. I’m pleased with the product and recommend it for thinning hair.

Shelley Duxbury, MA

Get someone to apply this for you

The product works at making thin hair look fuller but there are a few things to consider for best effectiveness:Have someone else apply this product to the thinning area. Application is messy by oneself and this works best with someone else doing the combing.The hair color must match. I am between blonde and light brown. The blonde is too blonde for me.Apply sparingly. If you get too many fibers in one area, it becomes noticeable, and you get the "painted scalp" look.Not intended for those who shampoo hair frequently.While the color I chose ended up not blending in well, I can see how, when applied professionally, this product can create the effect of fuller hair..

Judith Arco, ID

Great for covering grays in between colorings.

I want to start off by saying that I resent the before/after pictures that appear on this product page. They are not true before/after pictures because the hair has (obviously) been manipulated to aid in the appearance of fuller hair. Overall, I would say this is a good product and they did not have to resort to deceptive photos like that. A true before/after photo of a product should only have one variable that is changed. And of course, in this case, that variable would be the use of this product. That’s it.In any case, this product really does work. It takes a bit of practice to get the best results but essentially, you just shake a few of the colored fibers over the spots you want to camouflage. That’s all there is to it. I really don’t have a big problem with thinning hair, but I color my hair and it looks like it’s thinning when the grays start showing. I shake this product over the areas that are visible, mainly in the part line and while it is not perfect (and is not a substitute for coloring my hair) it really helps camouflage the area and make it look better until I get a chance to color it again.

Catalina Goldbond, VA

Oh yes, this really truly works – FAR beyond my expectations

• Is it right for you?I was shy at first, thinking this won’t look right on me. I immediately discovered in the first application that it looks natural if the color is somewhat close. It makes hair appear full or more full, that’s it.
• Fine dust.This is as fine as the kind of chalk dust that gets carried by a draft. If there is the slightest draft, the dust will be carried by it instead of falling vertically.
• Environment to applyIt’ll stick to hair best in an environment of low humidity. Try not to apply in a steamed up bathroom after showering. But do it where there’s no breeze or draft. If the humidity is average-to-low, you won’t see the dust on your hands or fingers afterwards.
• How to apply on hairContrary to expectations, you do not need to target only certain areas of the hair. I shake it over my crown and then run fingers through hair once or twice.
• How many applications is in one container?I’ve used only very small amounts, and the container still looks as full as when I first opened it. It seems to me as if one container will last for 60 large applications and 100 modest applications.

Ann Brownsville, CA

Use it w/hair spray & it will stay

LOVE IT! It blends right in. THe first day it did not stay too long, when I checked up on my hair it seemed like it had fallen. So the second use, i put a little hair spray after. Worked like a miracle.

Esmeralda Clay Center, NE

Heads Up To A Root Raising Product

This might sound like a quacky product for those with thinning crowns that you’d expect to see on an infomercial, but it does give the illusion of thicker, fuller hairSimply put, you just sort of shake it on and forget about it. It stays put until your next shampoo. It blends in with your own hair color and looks natural. I gave this a try last night and it works very well with a short layered haircut.

Rebekah Olmstead, KY

This superb product held up well through rain, wind and even dancing!!! My hair looked great!

This product made a difference for me on my baby fine hair. This product is easy to use I found and what I did is this: Today, I sprinkled this on the crown of my head where my scalp shows and then style my hair. This covered my scalp and looked like I had more hair and also it seemed like it fluffed up my own hair somewhat! So just to make sure that it stayed in my scalp and in my hair, I lightly sprayed a coat of hair spray on my hair before leaving my home.Today was a perfect day to test it out because it is was rainy and windy day when I left my home. So first test: Went out the door, heavy rain. Drove to a Senior Center where my group and I danced and sang to the participants and I stayed very active for over two hours. Then after that, when I left the center, it was raining (heavily) and the wind was blowing and I still had a supermarket trip left… (I had a rain bonnet on my hair to keep it dry). So I was wondering all of this time, would this hold up on my hair/scalp. It held up well!Results of my special testing: By the time I arrived home several hours later, I looked at my hair (front, crown and back) and my hair and scalp still looked great. Even with all the dancing, singing, walking in the rain, shopping etc and rushing about–this product really held up well.By the way, I received many compliments about my hairstyle and comments about how my hair looked fuller – they asked me if I just left a beauty shop.This is why I highly recommend this product to you! A must have if you have thin hair, especially in the crown area as I believe that this will benefit you!

Alice Romeoville, IL

Great product.

My sister recommended a mousse hair dye for its ease–John Frieda. I used their medium brown and my hair came out dark with auburn streaks. Well at least a year passed and I tried it again…this time light brown. Although my hair didn’t have the auburn streaks, it was dark. So I bleached the color out to go back to dark blonde or light brown. To make a long story short, the front of my hair won’t take the color well after the bleaching process. So I got this to try and negate the half inch of oddly colored hair. Kind of a cross between blonde, gray and a very odd light purple. This helps immensely to even out the color probably by optical illusion! Unfortunately since it is the holidays and my hair isn’t shall we say an emergency, it has been next to impossible to get in with a reputable hairdresser and return my hair to the light brown/blonde tresses that once adorned my head. This powder sticks to my scalp and some of the hair shaft so I don’t look like the ‘hair from hell’ lady. Of oourse with all the different hair styles and colors (pink, purple, orange and more) out there today I guess my tresses fit right in, however, the blonde fibers do help the look become more uniform.

Lessie Center Hill, FL


Wish I would have tried this sooner!!!! Due to medication I have thinning hair in crown area. I was always afraid to try a product like this, thinking it would be noticeable & "fake" looking. Not the case. Looks very natural. I just sprinkled a little bit in, sprayed with a little hairspray. lightly combed & then finished styling in my usual style. I now don’t have to worry about wearing hats & scarves all the time.

Deanna Paauilo, HI

It works, it just isn’t perfect.

I bought this because my hair thinned dramatically after some medication I have been on for a few years. My scalp at my part is very visible. I was going to try it out a few times and then use it for my wedding in hopes that my scalp would not be so viable in photos. Now after you style your hair you shake this on, a bit like a spice shaker onto your part until the scalp is no longer visible. My hair color is a very dark brown, almost black, so the color was perfect. It is a little messy to shake on. It does work, it does cover, however, for my wedding I went to a stylist who saw the thing areas and said I have just the thing. She used bumble and bumble to cover my thing hair. I would liken that to costume hair color spray. She just sprayed at the base of my hair and it covered the thinning hair, it stayed on for long periods of time and it looked really good. The viviscal wears off during a long day making my part look like I had leopard spots tattooed on my head. I really liked the spray it was easy and convenient and lasted a long time. If you really need something to cover up your thinning hair for special occasions or confidence, I would suggest the spray.

Verna Fort Shaw, MT

colored fibers to fill in thining hair.

This works, but works best when you have someone else apply it for you.Just as others recommend it works best on my husbands head when we applied a little Vaseline first. I put about pea size Vaseline in my hand and rub palms together. Then spread liberally through his hair.. After that lightly sprinkle with the hair fibers. It did make the thinning hair look more full.

Maria Leigh, NE

Blonde shade too light for medium to dark blonde hair

I got the blonde shade because my hair color looks fairly similar to the picture on the box, but it turned out to be much too light for me. It didn’t cover any thinning because it was much lighter than my hair color and the powder just looked pale yellow and weird on my scalp. My hair is a medium to dark blond near the roots, so unless I get the light brown shade and mix it with the blonde, I can’t use the product. Also, the powder gives the hair a very matte finish, so unless you blend it well it could look odd if the rest of your hair has a shine to it. If you try this powder, be sure to get the right shade or if your hair color is in-between shades, be willing to buy two colors and mix them.

Fannie Mears, MI

This Does Cover Thin Spots but It is Not Perfect.

My front hairline has gotten dreadfully thin from misuse of those snap combs but I still like to wear a ponytail. I used this to fill in the spots so it didn’t look as thin. First it doesn’t come in black only and filling in black hair with dark brown fibers is not a perfect match. You can tell. It is just okay. The fibers look like the frizzies so for me when I am pulling my hair back and want a smooth finish, this looks like I added some kinks to the hair or something or my hair gel failed. I may not be using it for its intended purpose. I think it still looked better on my head than my hairline looked without it but it is not worth the price. One good thing is that it doesn’t come off on your hands everytime you touch it. It probably works better in the crown for someone who is not wearing her hair very smooth. I have switched to those hair color sticks that cover grey when you are in between colors and I put it right onto my hair and the scalp and it looks great. Those do come off to the touch though.

Louella Cantwell, AK

Sort of works but not too practical

I have several issues with this product:1. The color is yellow– not really a natural blonde shade. I suspect the best way to get the correct color would be to blend it with other shades in the product line, but, of course that means you have to buy other products. I wish that there was a way to give a better indication of the actual product color on the site.2. The powder is very fine and comes out nicely from the container which resembles a salt shaker. It does cover up small areas where hair is thinning. It’s relatively easy to apply to the front of your head, but very challenging to apply to the top/back of your head. You need two mirrors so you can see what you’re doing if you don’t have a partner to help you out.3. The powder makes your hair a little dull and, well, powdery-looking. This is fine if your hair isn’t too shiny– but if you have shiny hair you can see the powdery section.4. The powder washes out easily— but this also means that despite what the labeling says, you really can’t go out in the rain with it. It disappears (with streaks) pretty quickly when wet.So… lots of limitations, but since there aren’t many solutions for hair loss, this might be better than nothing for many. I don’t plan to use it again.

Anne Bigelow, MN

Surprisingly Simple

I don’t know why I was hesitant to actually try this product…I guess because if you put something into your hair, I figured you’d be able to tell. But you can’t! Now there may be some shade differences, but not any more than your hair probably has different colors running through. I used the product on clean hair and there definitely was an immediate difference in fullness, although I didn’t feel any real difference in texture–that is, my hair was still soft and felt clean. I look forward to watching how long it lasts and more results but for now I can tell you that…it really doesn’t hurt to try it! My hair is not much thinner than it has been most of my life, but I wanted to try this as age continues to affect it. It seems to have already been a boost to my naturally thin hair…which is great!

Sherri Wheeler, IN