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Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets, 60-Tablets

Viviscal Extra Strength nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth* from within. At Viviscal we understand hair. Statistics show that a whole range of factors, including stress, hormonal changes, overstyling, poor nutrition, age, menopause, post-pregnancy, and medication can impact on the health of the hair and hair growth with one in two women experiencing the distress this can cause at some stage in their lives. Viviscal Extra Strength dietary supplements are scientifically formulated with the exclusive marine complex AminoMar™ which helps to nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth* from within. These nutrients help nourish your hair during the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. Only Viviscal dietary supplements contain the proprietary marine complex AminoMar™ (450 mg per serving), along with Zinc, Vitamin C and Horsetail extract. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Key features

  • 100% Drug Free Dietary Supplement
  • Backed by 5 Clinical Trials
  • No.1 Selling Hair Growth Supplement Worldwide
  • Contains AminoMar(TM) and Biotin

Honest reviews


Original Formula Better

I was on auto-ship, so did not notice that there was a change in formula. I’ve recommended Viviscal to so many friends and clients (I’m an esthetician).A week into the new white box, I had a huge cystic pimple under one nostril. I began to notice clients coming in with large cystic pimples around their mouths and nose. My mother contacted me to complain about the “new formula”. Biotin and iron are the new ingredients.Biotin can cause or flair-up cystic acne in those who have suffered with it in the past. Other individuals, particularly older women, take medications that should not be taken with addtional iron.As I mentioned, it had only been 1 week for me, but I didn’t want to give up my precious Viviscal! So I stuck with it for another 3 weeks. Five cystic pimples, thinned finger nails (the original formula helps thicken and grow your fingernails), and greasy hair later, I can say the New Extra-Strength Formula is garbage.I have contacted Viviscal with my complaints. If you love the old Viviscal, please contact them at: . They have ruined a wonderful product.Don’t waste your money.

Liz Bayfield, WI

Hmm….I think the original formula was better!

I used this way back when it was first introduced on the market and the results were fantastic. The box was black with gold dots throughout. My hair grew so much I had to make frequent hair appts to keep it trimmed and maintained. Now they have this supposedly Extra Strength forumla and I don’t think it’s up to par. I haven’t seen any results and I’m entering my 7th month next month. I don’t even see an improvement in my finger nails like I did with the original forumla. Personally I think they’ve debased the forumla. Most companies do that anyway. When a product is good and the sales are producing great profits, the company becomes greedy and starts to use inferior products but jack the price up. I think the hayday of Viviscal is over. I have also noticed they do not advertise the product the way they use to. They use to advertise it as increasing hair growth (which it did) now they simply advertise it for thinning hair. I’m like what???? That was my first indicator that something had been taken out. What ashame!

Lucinda Colona, IL

Working For Me

I am an African American woman.My hair was thinning due to stress,chemical use and perimenopause.Prior to using this product, I used hair Formula 37 for a month, then I used Hairfinity for 2 months. I’ve had good luck with all 3 products, although they affected my hair problem differently. With Hair Formula 37, I noticed a difference in the texture of my hair. It was much stronger. With Hairfinity,as advertised, my hair grew longer at a faster rate. However, since I was more concerned about the thinning areas of my hair, I thought I’d try this product. I have been using this product for a month and a half. I am pleased to report that the thinning areas of my hair are starting to fill in. I never ever thought I’d have hair at my hairline and temples again (I was getting a widow’s peak). But it is filling in.I must admit that I also take Biotin. So, that could also be contributing to my success.I am going to continue using this product for six months (until July), as recommended. I will then update my review.I forgot to add that I have very dry hair. So I have noticed that I no longer have to put oil on my hair as often. I use only natural oils on my hair like, jajoba, castor oil, rosemary and lavender oils. Also, my nails have always been strong and grow very fast. So I noticed no difference there. I did notice that my thin eyebrows are getting fuller.

Tracey Moffat, CO

Oh my gosh, don’t waste your money

I took the viviscal pills faithfully for 2 months. It is BS to take them for 6 months before you see results. Don’t waste your money. I am 63 years old, post-menopausal with thinning hair. What saved me was fish oil believe it or not. I started to take salmon oil capsules, 1000 millgrams twice a day in addition to fish oil pills and wow, I now see a difference. My hair is growing really fast and I don’t have nearly as much falling out. The secret, as simple as this sounds is fat and oils if you want hair that grows fast and stops thinning. In fact, I had a friend who went on a diet cutting out fat completely for a year and she lost her hair. Fat and oils gals. The Viviscal is a scam.

Ila East Irvine, CA

Definitely impressed with results

I am almost through my second month of taking Viviscal, and I can honestly say that I have seen very positive results. Just the other day, I wanted to run a comb through my hair and couldn’t do it! It is a fine, tooth comb that I normally use when I am going to use my curling iron. At first I thought my hair was dirty with too much product but then realized I had just washed my hair the day before. My hair is fuller and is growing faster. I intend to continue using this product. After my chemotherapy experience (8 years ago), my hair was never the same. Loving my thicker hair!Update on my previous post. I am almost at the end of my 6 month trial. And although I have not appreciated the cost increases of the product over this time, I am still very impressed with the results. I will continue to use it for a few months more and then change to the Viviscal “nourish” tablets. But I want to be clear, not everyone has noticed that my hair is thicker but I have received a few comments. Having said that, my opinion is the only one that matters and I love it!

Therese Cactus, TX

worth trying

I’m 49 and had very thick wavy hair. In the past 2 years I’ve lost at least 1/3 of it. I mentioned it to my GP, my OB/GYN as well as my hair dresser– they all said it was hormones and heredity. I’ve tried several other products but no results. I saw Viviscal recommended on Tabatha Coffey’s FB page and decided to check it out. It works. The proof is what’s NOT all over the bathroom floor. I just ordered my 2nd box.

Reyna Davidson, OK

less hair loss

**UPDATE** i am in my 3rd month now and this stuff is truly amazing! my hair feels so much thicker now!! i used to use hair fibers/powder to cover some thinner spots on my head and i dont even need to use it anymore (though i do sometimes, to give my hair a “boost”). my hair is also growing pretty fast. i havent noticed my nails getting stronger or growing faster, but the change in my hair is amazing. it is pricey but the benefit truly outweighs the cost!!!_____________________________________________________i just finished my first month on this and i can tell theres alot less hair loss!! when i run my fingers through my hair and in the shower drain i see less strands, and that is DEFINITELY one of the main things i was going for. not sure about the hair growth/hair thickening/nail strength just yet. will update at the end of my second month. id say its definitely worth around $40 a month. i also saw it mentioned on the “harpaar’s bazaar” website (some stylists swear by it), so that reinforces my faith in it.

Pearlie Kilbourne, IL

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Banned An Ad For This Product In 2011 for “misleading,” customers. is a great website and has nothing to do with any negative or displeasing experience based on the review below. Thank you for being the online resource for myself, and continuing to be a symbolic Android supporter. Your the best.The Following Review Is an Opinion. Please conduct your own research to affirm or verity your own personal internal thoughts with an authority who you feel you can trust.This Product does mislead customers. Also, here bad reviews are met with obvious “vivi scal,” supporters or OBVIOUSLY Linked in some way. EXAMPLE, employees ex. ex.”Coincidental and to some obvious addtions to discussions: Some “customers,” have commented to a negative review with some responses in my opinion close or similar to, “I bet your allergic to shell fish.”FISH INGREDIENTS is pretty broad. Also fish ingredients, to shell fish mention then jump to SHARK status is assumably responsible for the title over the MIX, “AMINOMAR MARINE COMPLEX.”Shellfish allergy to blame?1st of all, SHARK is the only ocean animal based ingredient listed on the box. But, I endured the side effects associated with most negative reviews: Rash, sores facially, increased feeling of heart beat, and general bad taste in mouth which is normal with ascorbic acid or Vitamin C, but this one was more pungent? WAS THAT THE SHARK? hmm….If any known grading system is executed for your research of this product before purchasing make sure the 2013 company name is used and/or any other current source for your reference.THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE AND OPINION. BTW: I am not allergic to shell fish, and had my allergies tested including food allergies during a endoscopy for a awareness motivation attached to keeping up with yearly check ups and coincidentally my allergies were tested just in time for this “horrible,” experience. I welcome anyone to comment on this, and hope your attempts to defame or degrade my opinion are counter-productive. I think it is so sad that sleepless nights might have been caused by this product but those who wouldn’t dare take it sleep well. I am not here to fight or start a movement and I know that one day this product will face the proper ruling and product rights that are far above my opinion.I took this product for four months. Hellish symptoms, other personal side effects besides “rashes,” are not fair to mention until my dermatologist and I meet again post-ViviDo not use the information above as a definitive answer or as anything but an opinion. My product expertise and opinion are based on personal use, and I am not working for nor have I ever worked, affiliated, subscribed to receive incentives from or by any competitor or product that would enable a different motive other than my experience, and emotional drive to express my opinion. I am not morally obligated, more humanly motivated to at-least leave a mark on the foundation of what might be a step towards the right direction (whatever that might be). My hair didn’t grow an inch by the way, and I hope for all the future consumers of this product that I am wrong. I hope that all of my research leads to inconsistencies, I hope that I am in the minority of consumers that have side effects. I wish I could say I was sensitive to supplements, or skin products, or “shell fish,” but I am not. I wish and hope no one ever gets the same experience I received. So, I welcome wrong.My Coupon in the back of the manual that came with the supplements had an expiration date of 10.15.15 FOR USE IN RETAIL STORES ONLY. If requested for more proof of box label coding ex. I will gladly produce the identifiable applicable is a great website and service that cannot manage and run the whole world. They are not to blame here. If any product is found out to be even mildly displeasing then everyone is a victim.Sources mentioned or applicable to this review:Product printed text: SOURCE OF MY BOX OF SUPPLEMENTS: MY BOX (THIS PRODUCT) READS or MENTIONS THE FOLLOWING-Images of box are available by request from applicable entities.WORDS MENTIONED INCLUDING: FISH INGREDIENTS, SHARK, AMINOMAR MARINE COMPLEX are terms located on the backside of my box of supplements and the link to this product home to source my mention: […] this product box indicates it is Manufactured for and distributed by location Chicago and MADE IN IRELAND.Viviscal hair loss advert banned for being `misleading’Title Source: […]

Ana Wedron, IL

I wish I could give this 0 stars

The pills are a little smaller than a dime, round shaped, and are a brownish/taupe color. The smell is a little gross, but what do you expect from a so-called “vitamin”? I have taken the pills for a month now and I have experienced hair growth on my eyebrows only. I have my eyebrows done every 2 weeks and after just 1 week my eyebrows have been growing back really wild and I have experienced a little growth in areas where the hair stopped growing completely.I understand you are supposed to take these pills for at least 3 months before you should expect to see any results. Seeing as how I have seen results on my eyebrows I take that to mean these pills do work. However, the ingredients note a complex called AminoMar C Marine complex: what on earth is that? I couldnt find any information on what that actually is. Mar – meaning Sea, as in Ocean or water insinuates that the protein contains some sea creatures. The ingredients actually list some of these sea creatures:Cod, English Whiting, Shark. SHARK!! Unfortunately, the ingredients dont list what kind of shark. Not all sharks are endangered but the fact that the type of shark is not listed makes me think the worst. So, after using the pills for 1 month I have decided not to purchase anymore because I dont know enough about the ingredients: AminoMar and the species of shark so I have decided to skip this stuff.

Ana San Ramon, CA

Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets, 60-Tablets (Packaging May Vary)

Definitely works! But don’t take too much, stop when your hair stop lose.dsa fa er fd fa fa sg

Wendy Russellville, SC

jury is still out regarding hair benefits

After going through a several months of undue hair loss, I decided to try Viviscal after reading about it in a magazine editorial. I used to be horified after washing my hair because it seemed like my hands were just coated with loose hair. I was either turning into a werewolf, or suffering from the dreaded mid-life hair loss crisis. I dedcided to give Viviscal a try because I thought, if nothing else, it might just help, and maybe make my thin splitting fingernails better, too. Well, after 4 months of twice-daily use, I MAY see a very minor improvement in the hair loss situation, and no noticible change in my week nails. I gaved the product 3-stars because, frankly, the jury is still out, and I fully intend to give it the entire 6-month test. Even a small improvement would make me happy, and I do believe I’m seeing some change for the better in the overall condition my hair. UPDATE January 2011…I stopped using this expensive product because I saw absolutely no results. With all the hype, I was really hoping for even a little improvement in my hair loss situation, but, sadly, I’ve decided to look elsewhere, and downgraded my rating to one star. Save you money…

Deanna Nahma, MI

Still in the Process

I haven’t used the tablets long enough to see a difference, but I will continue to use the product for the instructed time and see if I notice any difference. I am progress in the making!

Marlene Dry Prong, LA

There is a cheaper and better option- Go prenatal instead

I think I saw a small change in my hair growth over a 3 month time span. Although; I do know that some women say they could not tell if it worked and some say it did not. One thing I know for sure is that prenatal vitamins are the much cheaper and from what i see much better way to go. I’m 30 years old and have been trying everything to get my hair to get thicker and longer, my hair stylist said that because of my age, how long my hair had been at that length for, and because of it not all that healthy it would not get any longer. So I was looking at my pictures of when I was pregnant with my son and shortly after then noticed that my hair was so beautiful, long thick, shinny and healthy. But what happened i wondered. I found out through word of mouth that it was the prenatal vitamins that had been doing that. So I bought high rated bottle of the vitamins for under $20 and it was 180 count one pill a day. Five months later, my hair has gotten 5 inches longer, so much healthier and thicker, not to mention my eyelashes look so awesome my skin, and nails too. Plus, I’m sure the health benefits are even better for you too. Even if this product dose work for you and you like or even love it, save you money and get prenatal.

Reva Gettysburg, SD

No effect

I’ve taken these for 4 months, hoping to get some regrowth of bald areas. It hasn’t happened. I take them twice daily usually without food and I have no irritation or other ill effect from taking them.I haven’t noticed any softer, shinier hair or decreased shedding either…I mean no effect at all.I will give it two more months to make it six and then update.November 28 2012 UPdate: I’ve taken these for 8 months. I do think it slowed the thinning but just a tiny bit. I have no regrowth of hair in bald areas and no real feeling that taking these was helpful for my hair loss. It may be great for hair loss related to hormones or traction alopecia, but not AGA.I am moving these into the “maintenance phase” of the product by just taking one daily. I have two boxes left, once I am done I will not re-purchase these.also….FYI, they’ve changed the formula. The new formuls has added biotin, zinc and a few others I guess to make it more marketable.Update… July, I stopped taking these about two months ago….and nothing happen. No shedding, no dryness…nothing. Just makes me further feels as if it was not having any effect on my hair at all. A complete waste of hundreds of dollars.

Frieda Ralston, PA


I bought this because it had good reviews I justo have long hair then I cut it short and I would straight it alot and alot for school and made it really dry and it won’t grow sadly, so I just bought this 1 month ago and been drinking two a day like it says for better results I would say that it is working and 1 side. Effect they Are working because my hair justo fall out like alit after I shower now that I shower nothing’s falls out I would say my hair is getting stronger I haven’t seen no growth yet hopefully soon because I want my hair to grow and not use hair extensions anymore so when I curled my hair but the side effect is that I never never get acne I would have my face clear and I think by getting acne is this pills so this is the side effect of this pills sadly but true 🙁 because I only get acne when I’m in my period if you girls know what I mean and I just get one or two like in my forehead because there’s no night I don’t wash my face and put the cream night from neutrogina and they take my pimples quick and these acne with this pills are lagging ! So I have pimples in my cheek, and my neck but they are huge ones but I’m going too just finish drinking this pills Nd try other ones to grow my hair and won’t do thatIf someone sees what I wrote and knows of another pills to grow hair quick and won’t do these effect let me know and email me pls it would help alotPrincesstf@gmail.comThanx

Kerri New Bavaria, OH

Avid Leo Reader

This is going to be my first review and I will review this product again in three months. I was experiencing lots of shedding. I bought this product based on the amazon and youtube reviews. I have been taking the product for about two weeks now and I have noticed that the shedding has decreased some what. I did experience some mild itching for the first few days and now it is gone. I take it as directed one tab in the morning and one in the evening. The only drawback is the price since it is kind of pricey. I have a three month supply and I will see what happens. I do see new hair sprouting up.

Terrie Marty, SD


I took the regular strength vivisical for about a year and stopped. I wasn’t sure if it had done anything for me or not so I decided to take a break and see what happened. I still wasn’t sure so I decided to try the vivisical again but this time got the extra strength. All I can say is watch out! There is something in this formula that really upset my digestive tract and caused major bloating and discomfort. At one point I thought I was having chest pain from the esophageal burning it produced. So… if you are at all sensitive like I am stick with the regular strength if it’s still available. This was a huge waste of money for me and I wanted to be sure to let others know that it could be a problem for them as well.

John North Scituate, MA

Starting this experiment

Okay here goes.I’ve been on ‘BIOSIL’ and ‘BIOTIN’, both excellent supplements for your hair, skin and nails for the past 2 years. They work. I have longer, stronger nails, better skin and better quality hair. BUT the thing is my hair is still menopausal thin and shedding. That hasn’t stopped with either supplement. I’m looking to increase diameter of hair shaft and increase growth rate and volume. I bunch all my hair at the base of my skull and measure it. At the moment it’s at a 2.75 inch circumference and sometimes it got to 3 then back to 2.75. I will KNOW if this works or not. I also measure my hair length using the LHC standards (Long Hair Community online).If this works I’ll post about it. If it makes no difference I post about that as well. I usually give most supplements a good 6 to 12 months as hair is dead when it leaves the scalp. All those people saying they now have fuller, thicker hair after 3 weeks are fooling themselves. At most they might have a new 1/2 an inch of growth.Fingers crossed.

Leslie North Henderson, IL

No difference

I noticed no difference, been taking this for a couple of weeks with no results. I am not sure I want to spend more money just to test this out, it would end up costing way too much.

Rosario Mauldin, SC

Side effect of nausea made it impossible for me to continue with product

My once gloriously thick hair was thinning on top so I decided to try this product based on the favorable reviews. I began taking it at night before I went to bed — only to awaken at 2:00 in the morning with such strong nausea that I thought was catching the flu. I managed to get back to sleep without vomiting and felt fine the next morning. Took another dose during the day and had the same reaction. I kept trying different methods of dosing and paying close attention to my reaction and still had the problem of severe nausea. Have no idea what was going on as I don’t see that complaint here in the comments. I should add that I have a cast iron stomach and can practically count on two hands the number of times I’ve experienced nausea in my life (never even had morning sickness), so this is a pretty bad complaint for me. Weird.

Amy Rio Rico, AZ

Waste of time and money

I purchased a 3 month supply of this product when it was new to the market back in 2008. I bought them in England and it was recommended to buy a 3 month supply in order to see any results.I really had to have a good long think about it as it cost 150 pounds, which at the time with the exchange rate was $ 300. I was desperate, I have such thinning hair due to stress, yo yo weight loss and gain and menopause, that after trying chinese herbs, biotin, Nioxin, etc with no help, I spent this enormous amount of money for a final shot at having some hair again.Nothing. Not a solitary hair has returned. I had no side effects from the product at all and they were easy to swallow, but what was not easy to swallow was losing $ 300 and my dream of not being a bald woman before I was even 50.Worthless product for me. God bless you if it helped you, I am only telling my own experience with it.

Emilia Ivesdale, IL


Can’t say it’s made any noticeable difference, much to my disappointment. I’ve been using religiously for about 3-4 months. Was hoping my hairdresser would say something but she hasn’t made a comment either. After I finish this supply, son’t buy anymore.

Josephine Glen Rock, PA

Enhances Protein Growth!

I have had this product for about a month now, but I am pretty poor at remembering to take it. I have taken 15 so far, so roughly one every other day, and I must say that I can still see results. While it has not been long enough to see any real hair growth differences, I can tell you with 100% certainty that my nails, which are made of keratin just like hair, are growing at a much faster rate. I have fake nails, and I normally get a refill every 3-4 weeks. I am currently on day 12 since my last refill, and I am already in need of another!! This means that the rate at which my nails are growing has nearly doubled! I am hoping for good results from my hair as well as time goes on. I will be buying this product again, as well as recommending it to my friends.

Robbie Kearny, AZ

Amazing for thinning hair.

60 million Americans experience some form of hair loss or thinning hair. I didn’t know that there were this many Americans suffering from thinning hair or it falling out. When people think of thinning or balding hairlines they think of men, yet it’s just as true for women.When a woman starts experiencing hair loss, she thinks of herself less. Her self esteem hits rock bottom and she can’t stop thinking about how much hair she has lost, or will continue to lose.They let their hair loss run their lives. They stop doing certain activities that they may enjoy because it can add to their hair loss or thinning hair. They feel ashamed about it, and therefore keep it to themselves- feeling reluctant to tell other people about it.My hair before I became pregnant was a little on the thicker side. Not too thick- but just the way I like it to be. It wasn’t thinning, it wasn’t falling out in large amounts every time I’d take a shower or wash my hair.After getting pregnant with my son and him being born 16 weeks premature is when I first noticed that my hair was beginning to thin out. Every time I’d wash it there would be hundreds of hairs on the bottom of the shower when I was through.I seriously thought there was something wrong with me. I didn’t know what to do. I actually went to the doctor about it and they told me it was pregnancy hormones making my hair thin out.Not until later did I find out that this might be true, but the stress was also a trigger into hair thinning. I’ve been very thankful that it wasn’t the “patchy” hair loss. Nobody seemed to notice a difference except me. There wasn’t any bald spots, so I just kept on with my life.My hair always and still does grow quickly, but has been thinning since my first pregnancy. Even going to the doctor welded no results to helping me. I’ve longed for a thick head of hair since post-pregnancy seven years ago.It didn’t help that I would dye it, blow-dry it, and straighten it- adding to the damage. I hated the washed out look my hair would get WHEN I didn’t dye it though.Now that I have found VIviscal Extra Strength, I can already see a slight difference even though I haven’t been using it for the entire month. Every time I take a shower, I’ve noticed less and less hair falling out. It’s gotten thicker with more body!You take 2 extra strength pills on a daily basis for a minimum of 3-6 months depending on how bad your hair is thinning/balding and you’ll see a big difference.It helps that the pills are easy to swallow and don’t smell or taste funny. Although I’ve never had an issue taking medicines, I know people who can’t swallow some larger pills or if they have a weird smell or taste.I can’t wait to see what the results bring after I’m done with the entire box. Healthier hair? YES, Mam!

Antoinette Mchenry, ND

This product is known to cause horrific skin break outs !

I have not had a zit since I was 14 years old ! I took this product and within a week my face broke out in horrible looking water fluid filled bumps! Not even real zits, just bumps filled with fluid, looked like boils or something ! I stopped taking this to see if this caused it and the bumps stopped. A month later I took this product again and the weird bumps came back. I read online this happened to a lot of women taking this product, it screws up oil secretion in the face. This is coming from someone who is not even prone to acne or break outs at all !

Jordan Ouaquaga, NY

Not really sure…

I have been using the product for three months now and haven’t noticed much of a difference in terms of growth. I think my hair is a little bit stronger but it isn’t growing any faster. That was my primary reason for purchasing the item!

Odessa Prichard, WV

Worked For Me

After being on this product for 5 months my hairdresser this week told me there are new little hairs growing all over my head. I had seen them around the edge in the front but could obviously not see the rest of my head and I was happy to hear this. I am a 60 year old woman who is experiencing hair loss for who knows why. Could be age, could me menopause, could be stress. Just glad this is working. Actually felt like I would get a transplant but $30.00 a month is much better than that. Cannot guarantee it would work for anyone else but it did for me and grateful to have it. Also, it is not doing anything for my fingernails, but that is not why I purchased it.

Elisha New Milton, WV

saw no improvement after 8 months

I had such high hopes for this product. I am a 34-year-old woman. My hair started to thin in my 20s and so I tried different hair supplements (GNC and Andrew Lessman). those didn’t work after a couple years so I tried upping my protein intake since I don’t eat a lot of meat, that didn’t help. About 5 years ago, my hair thinning got so bad that I needed to start using those scalp coverup makeups at the front several inches of my hair on the days that I work (because I had several coworkers who would always stare at that spot that they could see, how rude). you can EASILY see my scalp on the whole top of my head and above my ears. I am hypothyroid and tried both synthetic and natural hormones, none of those helped my hair either. I tried biotin but got such bad cystic acne, so had to stop that. I first saw ads for Viviscal about a year before I bought it, but I didn’t think there were good enough reviews at the time. When I was reviewing the reviews again the 2nd time i thought about it, I saw a lot of good reviews so decided to give it a try. I have now been taking the viviscal supplements, very faithfully, twice a day, for 8 months now and see no improvement. thinning hair is not filling in, and I don’t see an improvement in my hair condition either, and my hair seems to grow the average (half inch a month). very disappointed that it didn’t help my thinning hair. 🙁 also, it did not make my hair oilier as others said. I did get a little bit of cystic acne the first couple months – I emailed the company and they said that can happen the first couple months until your body gets use to it. and after a few months, that did go away.

Molly Bessie, OK

Really works!

I love Viviscal hair supplements, have used them for more than a year. I have medium/thick hair but it was thinning from a lot of highlights and color. Really worked to make my hair grow faser and get healthy again. Takes about 3 months to see some results though.

Lula Bear River City, UT

Still on the fence

My hairdresser has been telling me to try this. I tried it for a month, but was unable to find it again so I have not seen any results. The packaging does say to use for six months. I have a new shipment coming next week and hopefully I start to see some results. My hair has thinned out a little with age and styling products so I am hoping to see some fullness back to my hair.

Jackie Flat Rock, IL