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Vitamin C Skin Serum 25%

We carry five different strengths for different skin types:Vitamin C 10%- for sensitive skin,Vitamin C 15%- for dry skin, Vitamin C 20%- for all skin types,Vitamin C 25%- for oily or mature skin or skin with clogged pores, andHigh Potency Vitamin C 25% pH 5- for extremely sensitive skin (those too sensitive for pH 3.5). Many leadings scientists highly recommend applying vitamin C onto the face daily to protect against UV-induced cell damage. This sun damage not only causes premature aging, but also many forms of skin cancer. Vitamin C has many other beneficial properties, including being one of the few ingredients that has a scientific base to show that it reverses signs of aging for your skin. Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid) has been shown to stimulate collagen, decrease wrinkle depth, and have lightening effects on pigmentation.Hyaluronic acid, also known as HA, is a natural compound found in skin that has many important functions, including holding in moisture, providing cushioning, aiding in tissue repair, holding together the skin’s structural components (collagen and elastin), and helping create a protective barrier against microorganisms. Vitamin C Serum 25% with pure hyaluronic acid is effective at moisturizing skin cells, which prevents water loss and protects the skin from dirt and other pollutants. Hyaluronic acid delivers AND holds water in the skin. Hyaluronic acid based products are considered extremely safe. There are few allergic reactions or side effects involved with using hyaluronic acid, though some people may experience a mild, temporary redness or swelling after an injection. We keep our product for topical use only so as to reduce the chances of this! Repeated use of hyaluronic acid will maintain moisture levels in the skin, preventing skin dehydration.

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Feels Like it Works

Saw this on Dr. Oz show and decided to try it out. So far I believe it is working. It certainly seems like it is tighening your skin. It wa noted that it might be a few months until you can be sure but in just three weeks I believe there is a difference. I’ll continue till its gone and make my full assessment than.

Georgia Melmore, OH

Great product

I just reordered this one and liked it alot. There are too many words required and the reason I never fill these out. Who has time for all this?

Neva Poolesville, MD

Bought this before

It worked so well. I bought more. It is especially good after exfoliating skin. It may sting a little, but it heals the skin well. Would highlyrecommend this product.

Tasha Bethera, SC

Do it your selfer

I am in the process of making my own face cream and want to eliminate many of the fillers and unecessary ingredients which manufacturers add to make more profit by cutting back on the amounts of the active good ingredients. One of the ingredients is Vit. C and the other is hyaluronic acid. So this product will fill both needs.

Georgia Republican Grove, VA

Powerful product

I was looking for a high vitamin c concentration serum for a good price and subsequently bought this to eradicate nodular basal cell carcinomas on my arms. I’ve used this for approximately one month and it is doing its job.

Celeste Halleck, NV


Very sticky feeling and it stings my face.Didn’t bother to finish the bottle, a waste of money for me.

Florence Friendship, AR