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Vitamin C Serum for Eyes – Best Skin Care Product for Women – Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum to Combat Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Sagging Skin & Wrinkles for a Healthy & Younger Looking Skin Look & Feel Good. Full 60 Day Guarantee

Do Your Eyes Tell The World You Are No Longer 20 Something? It is no secret that skin changes with increasing age. One of the most noticeable areas, are that around the eyes.The following are all signs of an aging skin: – Puffiness – Fine lines and wrinkles – Dark circles The good news is, whilst aging can’t be stopped, the effect to our skin can be slowed down with the right treatment. With Elle Avi’s Superior Vitamin C Eye Serum Formulation You Might Experience Some Or All Of The Following Benefits: – Diminishing appearance of dark circles and puffiness -Diminishing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines -Improved firmness -Revitalized, soothed and refreshing and younger look All the ingredients work together to help creating a healthy, well cared for skin. Buying this product gives you access to two fantastic bonuses : 1.Access to an informative EBook on Skin Care 2.Access to Elle Avi’s Loyalty Program Use this Eye Serum twice daily. Apply after proper cleansing and toning. This product is backed by a full 60 day money back guarantee! Click the “Add To Cart” Button at the top of this Page Now to Order Your Serum and Take Control

Key features

  • HELP COMBAT THE SIGNS OF AGING. The areas around the eyes are often the first to show signs of aging skin. Being the most VISIBLE skin to others, all skin care regimes should include this Vitamin C Eye Serum to combat the signs of aging.
  • Specially formulated to combat PUFFINESS, SAGGING SKIN, DARK UNDER EYE CIRCLES and WRINKLES. Ingredients have been selected to help Revitalize, Soothe and Refresh the look of the areas around your eyes.
  • MADE IN THE USA. Elle Avi Anti Aging Skin Care Products are manufactured in the USA in a GMP & FDA APPROVED Facility. Production of skin care products is highly regulated in the USA. Knowing your product is manufactured in an USA approved facility offers great peace of mind.
  • FULL 60 DAY GUARANTEE: Elle Avi backs its anti aging skin care range with a full 60 day money back guarantee.
  • OIL FREE & EASY TO APPLY: The Vitamin C Eye Serum absorbs quickly and should ideally be a applied twice daily after proper cleansing. CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON NOW TO ORDER YOUR SERUM.

Honest reviews


Easy to use

This is the first time I tried a topical vitamin C. I don’t need any moisturizer on my face so it was relatively easy for me to use. According to Dr. Oz, a topical vitamin C for use around the eyes should contain 3% to 10% of vitamin C.I used this serum once per day at nighty and applied around the eyes. I think this is a commonly recommended way to use it. One of the advantages to this serum is that it stimulates production of collagen. That makes the skin look more plump and it increases its elasticity. When the skin brightens up due to collagen production, it also reduces discoloration.I like this serum and hope to be using it for a long time. Sample provided for review.

Summer Lovelaceville, KY

I can see a difference around her eyes in less than 2 weeks

An excellent product that works. My wife has been using this for over two weeks and even I can see a difference around her eyes. There are less wrinkles around them and the skin feels smooth and looks tighter. She loves these products by Elle Avi and swears by them. I don’t mind as Elle Avi products are made in the USA, and we both love to support American Business. She is sold on this serum for the eyes and has already told her friends about it. I do believe that Elle Avi has a new spokesperson here.

Alyson Valencia, CA

Extremely Productive!

I live a high stress lifestyle, and because of that I get fine lines around my eyes from stress. This serum helped blend those lines in and was very sensitive. I did notice a "warm" feeling when I put this on but it was comforting. Overall, this is a really great product.

Michael Roxbury, VT

A gentle lotion for delicate areas

This vitamin C serum for around the eyes from Elle Avi is non-irritating and is very compatible with sensitive skin. It has a pale yellow color, a slightly viscous consistency, and a pleasant, slightly sweet scent.It should be applied twice a day by gently massaging it into the skin around the eyes after bathing or cleansing the face, but be careful to keep it out of the eyes. It can also be used at the corners of the mouth; again, be careful to keep it out of the mouth. It is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin feeling and looking soft and fresh, locking in moisture.Over a period of weeks, it improves the appearance of the skin by increasing hydration and reducing the visual effect of fine wrinkles. There are also many well-designed scientific studies that demonstrate that topical vitamin C significantly reverses the damage done to the skin by the sun when used regularly for several months.For a refreshing feeling, keep it in the refrigerator to apply after a hot shower.A sample was provided for testing and evaluation.

Kathryn Rutland, VT

Healthier and less saggy

I have using the derma roller for a month now. In conjunction I am also applying this serum, not only around the eyes but on the cheeks and forehead. Unless you are masochistic, it does hurts on some parts of the face as it is hard to maintain always an even stroke. I tend to press harder on the cheeks and forehead. Applying the serum is an immediate relief. The cold and gel like consistency eases the pain at once.The combination is bringing some noticeable results. I do it around 2 to three times a week. My skin looks healthier and less saggy.Made in USA.A sample of this product was sent to me for review purposes.

Celina Carrboro, NC

Active Ingredients for Better Skin

Extra gold star for being made in the USA! I am very glad when something as intimate as a facial product is made right here in the USA.Pleasantly not scented. Goes on smoothly and does not irritate sensitive skin like mine.Besides Vitamin C this eye serum also contains Aloe barabadensis leaf juice powder which is obtained from dried leaves of the aloe plant and functions as a skin-conditioning agent. And plain old ordinary cucumber- you know there was a benefit to slicing one and laying it on your eyes! Cucumis sativus extract (cucumber) soothes irritated skin.

Janelle Hanover, MI