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Vitamin C Serum – Best Anti Aging Solution! + Antioxidant Treatment – Get Even Skin Tone + Healthy Glow + Smoother Skin – Instantly Softer Hydrated Skin – Potent 20% Topical Formula Absorbs Quickly – Not Watery or Greasy – Wonderful Light Citrus Scent – Exclusive to Amazon – 1oz

Here is what our LOYAL REPEAT CUSTOMERS have to say about RevitaVie (results of our customer survey):-“I have only used this product for about a month and I love what it has done for my skin.” -“This serum is incredible! It just slips into your skin. My skin just glows since I’ve been using it. It works better than the more expensive brands.” -“I think other products are out there that would do the same thing – your product is a very good price point however.” -“Its the only affordable PURE vitamin C I know of the other ones are junk.” Here are the TOP BENEFITS our customers said were important to them (from the customer survey):”Moister skin” “My skin is visiblely smoother clearer I get comments often on the youthful glow.” “Smoother, softer, firmer skin.” “More even skin tone.” “skin tone” “The primary benefit is the healthy glow of my skin.” When asked what they liked most about RevitaVie our customers replied: “Cost. Feel. Smell. Results.” “It does what it’s advertised to do its works wonders on my skin I truly love this product.” “The way it feels on my skin, it also smells wonderful.” “The way it fades out sun dammage, also love the scent.” “smell & texture” “The way my skin feels and looks after I apply it. It also smells so delicious ( not my skin but the serum).” If you don’t like RevitaVie you get your money back – no questions asked! It’s that simple and straigtforward. We are a proud USA based family owned company and we are not here to waste anyones time OR money. We believe in our product and if for any reason RevitaVie is not to your liking you get a refund. Period!

Key features

  • “AT LAST A Complete ANTI AGING Solution with our Unique Micro-encapsulated VITAMIN C 20% SERUM
  • REVITAVIE GETS YOU THE RESULTS + Smoother, Brighter & Younger Looking Skin… or you get your money back! We can’t make it easier or simpler then this.
  • THIS IS THE MOST STABLE (++Highly Effective) + Topical Vitamin C Serum on the Market that will MAKE YOUR YOUTHFUL SKIN RETURN!
  • ONLY REVITAVIE HAS A 2 YEARS SHELF LIFE ► This is the MOST STABLE serum on AMAZON ++ it has a silky smooth (fast absorbing) texture and a lovely soft citrus fragrance.
  • ►►When asked 81% of our REPEAT customer said they would recommend RevitaVie to family, friends or colleagues. Scroll down to see what else our LOYAL REPEAT CUSTOMERS had to say about RevitaVie Vitamin C Serum and why they kept ordering it.

Honest reviews


Scent is wonderful and it goes on like velvet!

I have been using this for just a couple of days – but I really love it! Smells like a creamsicle and feels incredible on your skin! Just takes a very small amount and it is instantly absorbed. I love knowing that it is made here in the US and that it is encapsulated and stable — my face feels so much smoother and even helps my make-up go on better. I am looking forward to seeing a reversal of some the the sun damage that I have had over the years… but for now, very happy with the improved look and texture of my skin!

Shawn Tempe, AZ

looks like a good product

being at certain age now I was researching something to improve the look of my skinwas looking for a decent serum..vit C serum …now this product caught my eye because of other extra vitamins in it A +E …which I consider as extra bonus ……. I am also a big fan of glass bottles which I was happy to see here ….and I have already tried it …so far I like it … is actually well absorb by my skin…..Im hoping it will smoothens it also tightness it …also it has a wonderful delicate scent like vanilla and oranges and it does not cause any allergic reactions ..Im very sensitive and get red and itchy ASAPWill update with results …Now ….my concern is about the value ….I did notice that only few drops will do …which is great !!!!!but I think that maybe there could be a bigger bottle available for the price ?….

Dawn Lowell, AR

great product

Sinks right into the skin, and the instant glow it, my skin feels moisturize all day long. I tried different brand before but this one is the best so far.

Ruthie Chester, MD

Shhhhh … my secret little potion

I have been hearing the so much about the benefits of vitamin C … how that is the key to young skin. I have bought so many things .. some super expensive and had not seen a result … I stumbled on this little bottle and I could not be happier. This is a high potency compared to others out in the market. I am 38 and I have noticed a decrease in some of my expression lines and some of the sun damage. I use it morning and before going to sleep. A little bit goes a long way .. so it last forever. I also use it after I use my derma roller. What I also like about it is that it also contains vitamin E and A. I highly recommend it! A++++ all around.

Esther Murphy, NC

Great product!

This is a great product. It has a great fragrance and just slips into your skin. Not greasy at all. I love it!!

Mattie Pineland, TX


I am not getting any younger and I had some trepidation with products like these, but after starting it, my face feels more firm and I have noticed some wrinkles disappearing!

Melisa Palo Cedro, CA

Love how it makes my skin feel

I really love what this is doing. It just seems to make my skin feel softer and look younger. How it works I don’t know but I think I love the product!

Debora Mount Judea, AR

Quality Vitamin C serum

made In The USA , which is important to me. – FDA approved and GMP Certified – paraben free and uses the Best, Highest Quality Ingredients.Microencapsulation keeps the vitamin fresh. I use vitamin C serum daily with good results so I am getting to know quality. Some vitamin C serums Oxidizes or turn brown and loses its effectiveness. This one stays fresh and keep s working. Vitamin E will eliminate scars and vitamin A will smooth skin and encourages new cell growth.I have a lot of sun damage, growing up playing on the beach with no sunscreen. Vitamin C serum removes the growing brown spots and smooths my skin remarkably. Since using C serum twice a day for months now, I get comments regularly about how nice my skin looks. This C serum is a powerful anti-oxidant, it will lighten brown spots, lesson lines and wrinkles, and while it repairs it protects against sun damage.Good customer service, fast shipping.

Luann Hollansburg, OH

Great Product

I have been using for a few days and my skin looks so much brighter and feels so much softer…this is a great product…a must have for great looking skin

Lakesha Pompton Plains, NJ

I’m Loving this Vitamin C Serum!

Now that I’m in my 30’s I thought I better start taking care of my skin before it’s too late. I had read about the benefits of Vitamins A, C & E and wanted to give it a try. I love that it’s a serum applied directly to the skin rather than having to ingest it as a supplement. That way the treatment can focus on the targeted area. Immediately my skin felt softer and it is radiant and glowing. It feels firmer and already looks younger! I can’t wait to see how it looks after a longer period of time. Thank you so much!

Sierra West Falls, NY

A Drop Or Two Will Do Ya!

A Drop Or Two Will Do Ya! My wife has been using other Vitamin C drop’s for awhile now and decided to try RevitaVie because of the addition of E and A. E we know is a good internal supplement to take for the body and A, I believe is a carotene which is good for the eyes(moisture?). Anyway she is happy with the vitality her skin is exuding and she believes her wrinkle lines may be fading. Only continued use will be the proof in the pudding.

Callie Raymore, MO


This vitamin c serum feels fantastic! There is a "matte" feel to it that I am in love with and that alone would make me want to repurchase. But the smell and the results are just as good. I’ve been using it on my face and it’s just amazing. This may be my new favorite product in my medicine cabinet. I noticed my skin looks smoother and is as soft as a baby’s butt. You will not be disappointed. Be careful when opening the product as it can get messy if you’re not careful and you won’t want to waste it.

Joni Newark, CA


Protects and repairs my skin from sun damage. I work in the garden everyday and need help. My skin looks smoother brighter and younger. I recommend this to my friends and family.

Dorothea Prospect, OR

My wife’s new nightly beauty routine!

I purchased for my wife and she has been loving it. Happy Wife, happy life. She puts the serum on with her moisturizer nightly and loves the way her skin feels in the morning. She’s spent money on expensive serums before this one really packs the punch with all the great ingredients included.

Dena Carson City, MI

Face Lift in a Bottle

I love it! Made my skin "fit" my face better. After losing some weight, my skin has been feeling too loose. Absorbs fast and feels good under make up. Smells good too.

Jodie Pittsburg, OK

Magic in a bottle

I absolutely love this. I will order again when it is gone. I loved from the first use. It goes on smoothly, my skin felt nourished, the most impressive thing from the first use is I noticed my make up looked amazing. Usually my powder shows my crows feet. Today it did not! I only gave it a 4 star, not because of quality but because I would have loved a print out sheet of how to use it and the benefits. But this is a 5 star product!

Jannie Mount Sterling, IA

Not greasy and moisturizes my skin!

I wasn’t really sure this product would amount to much after being let down by so many other Vitamin C serums on the market. But given the affordable price, I decided to give it a try. Well…it’s only been four days since I’ve started using it, but in short I am extremely happy with it. First, I love that it isn’t watery thin like many other vitamin c serums, which can dry out my skin. It feels hydrating, but not oily or thick at all. But most important, it has given my skin a glow that I haven’t seen in a very long time. Just a few drops in the morning (followed by my sunscreen) and then a few drops at nighthas made my skin look so bright and clear.The serum is crystal clear, which I believe is an indication that the vitamin C is stable and safe to use. To keep it from turning into a yellow/orange color (which indicates that the serum is no longer effective), I store mine under my sink with a cloth wrapped around it.So far, I’m super happy with this purchase and if it keeps performing as well as it has been, I will definitely be a repeat buyer!

Jeanine Somers, MT

Happy Face!

I have started using this Vitamin C Serum very recently and I already see a difference in my skin. My skin feels smoother and brighter. I am glad I started using this as my skin was badly affected due to the sun. I have been trying to get rid of this real harsh deep tan for a while and this product seems to fade the horrible tan.So far I am very pleased with this serum and I am sure my face is loving it. Thank you.

Jannie Daingerfield, TX

AMAZING My skin is so much Softer!

I am THRILLED with this product! The two things I noticed right away was the smell, it is a light yet beautiful Citrus think almost Cream-sickle scent, and secondly, as soon as I put it on my face and neck I could feel it going to work making my skin super soft! I do have generally softer skin so to use a product that gives me even more hydration and softness is great! I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking improve their skin and to hopefully give it that healthy glow! For the price, this is such a deal!

Heidi Welda, KS

Works like a Charm!

I had my doubts on this product and claims as I had been let down in the past with a few similar products. So I followed the directions to the letter and behold I am very pleased! I can look in the mirror and see the difference this product has made on the wrinkles on my forehead. A tough area for me. And my wife also noticed the difference. This does work. It is not a miracle but keep on using it as directed and over time you will see improvement in your problem areas. Kudos to whomever made the formulation.

Twila Wiley, CO

Great product fades wrinkles

have been using this now for a week now. I am very impressed with the results. Used on my face and neck area and my face looks so much smoother and the fine wrinkles have started to fade away. Awesome product

Jana Johnsonville, SC

Great Vitamin C Serum

This Vitamin C serum with Vitamin A & E, glycolic and salicylic acids performs as well as any Vitamin C serum I have tried at a very reasonable price for all of these skin-loving ingredients. I’m pleased that it is made in the United States, and am very impressed that the manufacturer bore the extra cost to package this serum in dark glass to preserve its vital ingredients. Great serum; great price. I would highly recommend this! Skin feels more nourished and repaired with continued use.

Ebony Amston, CT

Vitamin C Serum

SO far I am happy with this product it is not watery but not to oily leaves my skin feeling fresh and is a affordable price compared to other vitamin C serum.

Rene Iron Springs, AZ

I love this Product!

I have only been using this product for a few days and already I have noticed my skin is brighter and my fine lines are less prominent. I have also added a few drops to my body moisturizer and I feel it gives me an all over glow. I highly recommend this product. It is a must have for my skin care routine.

Leonor Albion, WA

first time user !!

I first used it on around my eyes and noticed the "fine lines" disappearing now I using it on my whole face andmy neck.Just a little dab goes a long way !!!

Bettye West Roxbury, MA

wonderful for skin

This stuff is amazing.I ordered this for my wife and she said:(I am very pleased with this product. I added 2 – 3 drops to my body lotion for my "facial moisturizer". Since adding the oil to the lotion I have noticed a decrease in the lines around my eyes & lips. Adding the oil to my moisturizer keeps my skin softer and well moisturized longer than just using the lotion.)I have just purchased more of the Amazon C Serum and it is on special now.Great product.

John Stratford, WI

very good product!

i start to put on my skin and 5 minute after i starting to feel it. i don’t us it for a long time ago but is feel your skin change i like it!

Laurel Saratoga Springs, NY


Used for 1 week so far and have noticed a change in the look and feel of my skin. So far, so good.

Lakisha Tecumseh, MO

I actually like it

This product in conjunction with a lightener cream and kojic acid soap is great. This product even helps with melasma and is light-weight on your face so you can wear it under make up. I recommend it and if it didn’t work, I would inform you so you wouldn’t waste your money.

Betty Pinon Hills, CA

Simple addition to morning routine; just in time for summer

Vitamin C helps with Age spots & Sun Damage as well as Signs of Aging Caused by Free Radicals. You can use serum & the body takes what it needs. Really like GMP seal & Paraben Free!

Patsy Ordway, CO