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Vitamin C Serum Anti Aging Skin Care for the Face Using the Incredible Swiss Apple Stem Cells Therapy, Best Age Reversing Anti Wrinkle Skin Repair Product Available.

REVITALIZE YOUR SKIN WITHIN DAYS USING SWISS APPLE STEM CELLS Imagine how it would be to improve tone, texture, firmness & elasticity of your skin simply by adding one small step to your daily beauty routine. Top researchers concluded Vitamin C Serum using Swiss Apple Stem Cells will rehydrate, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin while fighting off free-radicals within seconds of application. 6 BENEFITS IN ONE BOTTLE • Lighten dark spots, brown spots and discolorations • Improve uneven skin tone • Brighten • Increase the skin’s firmness and elasticity • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Rehydrate the dry, dehydrated skin • Provide antioxidant protection There is no other beauty product, that is so light to the touch, easy to apply & most importantly embraces the Rare Swiss Apple Stem Cells that has an ability to delay the aging process. Some of our newest customers have said how much better their skin feels after using this formula for only a short time. The second thing you’ll notice when using this serum, is that the fine lines and wrinkles in your face begin to diminish. The sooner you start using this wonderful formula, the sooner you’ll experience an increase in your skins elasticity and firmness.CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING MORE EXCITING AS BRINGING BACK THE YOUTHFUL BEAUTY TO YOUR FACE? You will quickly be amazed how much this Vitamin C Apple Stem Cells Serum will help you. We Guarantee your satisfaction with an authentic product and a great shelf life of over 18 months. This Formula is Fresh, Original & Sealed. Made in our Advanced Canadian cGMP compliant Facility. Vitamin C Apple Stem Cell Serum is SO good, with benefits positively overwhelming, you should grab two bottles NOW and give one to a friend.

Key features

  • PREMIUM BEAUTY TRIPLE ACTION: Finally Get Ageless Skin Results You Have Been Looking For. Our premium Vitamin C, Swiss Apple Stem Cells, & Vitamin B3 Trio penetrate to beautify your skin fast. It’s safe & effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • WHY SO POPULAR? Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren use Swiss Apple Stem Cells For Anti Aging! Science & experience proves it works…Dermatologists, Aestheticians, & Celebrity Doctors agree: topical Vitamin C With Apple Stem Cells is THE Anti-Aging Secret.
  • HOW IT WORKS: As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C protects against environmental aggressors and neutralizes free radicals. This helps to reverse sun damage, sunspots and skin discoloration.
  • WHAT PEOPLE SAY: Clinical Strength, Extremely Effective ! Many rave about additional benefits from using Vitamin C Serum including: reduced pore size, less breakouts, improvement of minor facial/acne scarring, and hyper-pigmentation correction.
  • BEHIND THE BOTTLE: We pride ourselves on providing our Customers with the best collective experience, from shopping, to product, to follow up. We look forward to serving you and your skin care needs. Our Guarantee:SEE the RESULTS or YOUR MONEY BACK.

Honest reviews


Reduction in lines

I have enjoyed this product. It makes my skin glow, and I have noticed a reduction in fine lines within two weeks of usage. My mom has been using this as well as she has more wrinkles than I do, and her skin looks better than ever. I love this product and highly recommend it!

Sheryl Hye, TX

overall good product

the smell of this is phenomenal and the feel it’s just as great I would highly recommend this to anyone

Brenda Lexington, MS

Love the antioxidants

I have always been into health and always look for products that are high in antioxidants.I was quite surprised to find them in a skin care product. I must say that I am impressed with this serum.My skin feels great!

Esperanza Moulton, IA

Very Fresh and clean feeling. Love this Vit. C Serum

I feel like my skin looks healthier with an awesome glow. I love that it blends in well and smells great! I gave some to my mom to try and she is loving it as well. really great product with great results. Not a sticky feeling. Makes my crows feet look less significant. Great price as well. Good deal!

Abigail Springs, PA

Love it!

Nice stuff! This serum is very light weight, so I find only about 1/2 a pump is enough for my entire face! It does have a light scent, but, as someone that is flower scent sensitive (I get migraines from artificial flower scents), it didn’t bother me at all! The smell doesn’t linger and didn’t bother me at all as I put it on. I’ve been using it regularly for only about a week now, but my fine lines are much lighter already!

Julianne Luray, SC


This is a great product…left my skin feeling and looking great…I have very sensitive skin and had no problems with this product looking forward to great results

Alejandra Walnut, KS

Excellent Apple Stem Cell Serum

I’ve started to use this serum and my skin is beautiful! I’m really seeing a difference- my skin is soft, smooth and firm. And I particularly love it because it’s repairing some of my skin damage from being a sun worshipper for so many years. I can’t imagine how great it’s going to look after using this product over a longer period of time! I’m also ecstatic that this product has been gentle on my sensitive skin while still being effective at making me look and feel younger. I’m glad I ordered this Apple Stem Cell Serum to add to my anti-aging arsenal. Thanks for the awesome products!

Ursula Lake Havasu City, AZ

Serum that does what it says

I did have some hyper pigmentation and this product has worked miracles. It has totally cleared it up. I would recommend this product to others for that and the overall use of this great serum. It is not too heavy of a serum, the consistency is just right. I would recommend this product.

Latisha Caledonia, MS


Just like the title it leaves my skin feeling so renewed and refreshed. I love this because its light and it has vitamin c in it. I feel younger by the day.

Frieda Galena Park, TX

Would recommend this item!

Very good product! Helps rejuvenate skin to look more awake and vitamin C is all the rage for skin these days. The texture is smooth and creamy.

Lois Drakesville, IA


I started using this the day I got it about a week ago. So far I have noticed less fine lines, less sun spots and my skin just glows "HEALTHY". I am very pleased with this product that I plan on continuing to use it for a long time. I recommend this to anyone.

Minnie Knox, IN

Great Vitamin C serum

Nice pleasant feeling on skin. A great vitamin C Serum for the face and hands. Nice thing about apply vitamin C to your skin is that it get absorbed and can be used by your whole body. I take vitamin C in my supplements, but by applying right to an area I want to concentrate the strength can really only be done topically.

Kris Condon, MT


Nice ingredients, cute label, and leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth for the price and results this product is worth it. I would recommend this product to someone who is looking to improve their skin without having to go under the knife or spend way too much money.

Corine Kenney, IL

Highly recommended anti aging serum!!!

Great anti aging serum..already helping my skin . Feels great when applied. I highly recommend this product

Taylor Gouldbusk, TX


good product no complain

Wendi Key Colony Beach, FL

Bye bye fine lines

Very nice. I have used it twice a day for the last 3 days. It has a lovely very light scent that you barely notice. The pump bottle dispenses the perfect amount for my entire face. It is light and silky feeling and absorbs into my skin very quickly leaving it very soft and supple feeling. My fine lines are definitely diminished and my skin looks radiant. I am very pleased with my purchase. I do recommend this product.

Camille Talkeetna, AK

Love this!

This vitamin c serum is wonderful! I am just starting to get a few wrinkles and fine lines and I feel like this serum is helping lessen them. It feels wonderful on my face and doesn’t irritate it in any way. Very happy!

Mary Jacksboro, TX

The Best Age Reversing Formula That I have Used

This Vitamin C Apple Stem Cell age reversing formula is a great product. I have noticed a difference in my fine lines in a short amount of time, especially the appearance of the wrinkles around my eyes. It arrived in a white pump container to keep the light out to keep the vitamin C from breaking down. It is easy to apply as it is not watery thin due to the apple stem cell such as other vitamin c serums I have used in the past. I will continue to use this product.

Karla Gordonville, PA

Amazing serum

First of all let me mentioned that my aunt love the fact that it contains vitamin c apple stem cell which is natural . My aunt has been using this and has noticed a huge reduction in her wrinkles and she love it . It is easy to apply . Her skin feels smoother and firmer and also a reduction in he fine lines . She highly recommend it .

Aline Goldston, NC

Skin is softer, very good quality and great packaging

Nice scent, love the ingredients, cute packaging.

Tisha Dalton, NE

wife loves it!

my wife is very happy with this Vitamin C serum – there is a reduction in here fine lines – her skin feels smooth and firmer and sometimes certain products can bother her skin but this was very sensitive to her skin –

Melody Herman, MN

enjoying this serum

There are a couple of family weddings coming up and I really wanted to find an anti aging serum to help improve my skin. I was drawn to this serum because how appealing the product looked, the statements proving this product and the guarantee. I haven’t been using it long enough to rate long term use, but I really enjoy how it makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed!

Shelley South Lee, MA

Love It…

Excellent Vitamin C Serum. From the very first application I felt it working. I have felt increased elasticity and firmness in my skin. It also improved my uneven skin tones and brightened my skin. Also with just a few uses, I have noticed a diminish in fine lines around my eyes. This is a really great product and I am really happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great Vitamin C Serum.

Angelique Uniondale, NY

vitamin C

I’ve been applying this product 1-2 times a day after I wash my face.There is no scent to this product. I apply it all over simply.My dark spot seem to be getting lighter & more firm. Skin feels soft. I tend to apply a separate moisturizer of BB creams with it.

Katharine Hampton, AR