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VITAMIN C SERUM 20%, Vitamin C E + Ferulic Acid , Hyaluronic Acid Serum -72% Natural Extracts and Organic Ingredients, Best Anti-Aging Serum , Hydra C Serum, 1 Ounce

Counteract wrinkle formation by increasing collagen production. Protects against and repairs UV damage like discoloration and fine lines. Fortify against sun spots, discoloration, and environmental damage. Improved skin clarity and a brighter complexion. Powerful anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and E, work synergistically for maximum potency and absorption. Paraben and Alcohol Free. Airtight and opaque glass bottles ensure product integrity.

Key features

  • Vitamin C Serum to encourage collagen production to reduce and combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fortify against free-radicals and repair sun damage, discoloration, and environmental damage
  • Powerful antioxidants in this Vitamin C E and Hyaluronic Acid Serum work synergistically for maximum potency (20%) and effective absorption into skin

Honest reviews


can’t review it as of yet

We have been on vacation & will be for another month.I will review it when we return,thanks.Ask me in April

Charmaine Albertson, NY

Great serum at a reasonable price

I am a bit of a skincare junky and have tried many products from cheap to expensive. I was looking for a serum that wasn’t $75.00 to $150.00 as so many are. After researching the company online and reading the reviews, I will describe the product and give my opinion of it and how well it worked. I am 49 years old, have oily skin and, live in a humid climate so I have always taken excellent care of my skin. I have a microdermabrasion and a beta peel every six weeks. With that said, my skin loved this product. It is a serum that has a gel like consistency that went on smooth without stinging or causing redness. There was no fragrance or film left on my face. For those of you who said it made no difference, I wonder If having at least a lactic acid peel first would help with the effectiveness of the product. Lactic acid is very mild and safe for most people. This helps remove dead skin and helps remove spots. It takes time to see results especially if there has been a lot of sun damage and neglect to the skin. I keep mine in a wine refrigerator to preserve the integrity of the product. I will continue to use this as I find it to work well and the price is fabulous. Many of the high end products are overpriced. I hope this review helped, feel free to ask questions if needed.

Priscilla Wilber, NE

Love this product/brand!

I will continue to use this serum along with the pure hyaluronic serum from this same company. I’ve learned quite a bit from my esthetician and vit c serum is a great antioxidant for every day use along with a SPF 30 or more. I also apply the pure hyaluronic acid serum over this vit c daily & then at night before my peptide/hyaluronic acid night cream (Derma e) all natural product. I am 50 yrs old & have been told ALOT this past year that I look like I’m in my mid-30s. Have to say that always feels awesome! I use several other products as well. I will always try to keep up on what is best for my skin as I age. I hope this info helps.

Selina Gallion, AL

Great product Great Price

I’ve added this at night before I moisturize and I notice that my skin looks much brighter and livelier. I use it in combination with other products that exfoliate etc and have had a great improvement.

Rosemarie Center Ridge, AR

Meh. Very thick, leaves a film.

I did not love this serum. I actually sent it back, which is rare for me.I used Skinceuticals or Obagi for years and got sick of the ridiculous prices. I tried another serum prior to this and liked it, but thought I would venture out, as this one was even less expensive.First, it’s more of a gel than a serum. Also, it’s very thick and doesn’t really seep into your skin. It obstructed my moisturizer (really just a sun block) from getting into my pores and left a layer on my skin. Check my other reviews – the other brand is better for not much more!

Valerie Lumberville, PA

I like this

I purchased this to add extra health and glow to my skin. I have uneven skin and vit C is good for evening skin tone. This feels really good on my skin, especially after harsh exfoliants like retinol or peels. It feel like my skin drinks this stuff. I will prob repurchase

Eva Norwalk, CA

I prefer Cosmedica’s Hyaluronic Acid

I had previously purchased the Cosmedica Hyaluronic Acid, and after reading reviews that this blend of Vit. C, E, and Hyaluronic acid worked even better, I splurged on spending the $25 for it. Sadly, it seems to make my acne flare up. I’m going to have to stick with their Hyaluronic Acid, which is wonderful for my skin, and only use this about once a week. Although this isn’t something I can use everyday, it has a great consistency, absorbs quickly, and helps provide moisture.

Amy Mount Vernon, AR

Good combination

I am very pleased with this Vit C Hyaluronic acid formula. My skin tends to become used to any preparation so I alternate this with another serum. Between the two, I am seeing wonderful results. Still not a facelift, but much better than it was.I will continue to purchase this product as the price is reasonable and the product is good.

Lelia Getzville, NY

Nice serum

I like how this cerium is more thick,and not watery like others I had bought.made my face feel moisturized,and great.

Lessie Thiells, NY

loved it

It seemed to work nicely – I dropped the bottle with a 3/4 of it already used – but yes I did like it and will buy it again

Estelle Oakland, ME

Didn’t notice a difference

Haven’t really noticed a difference with my skin so won’t buy again. What you need to cover your entire face is a good amount so you will go through this pricey product pretty quickly. I will stick with my peel masks and moisturizers.

Leann Duck Creek Village, UT


So far, I like it. We shall see if it does anything when I’ve had time to use it more. I like how it spreads easily and then dries quickly. I hope all the positive reviews that convinced me to try this were right:)

Cortney Frankston, TX