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Vita-K Solution Professional Dark Circles 0.5 oz.

INDICATIONS: Vita K Solution Professional Dark Circles minimizes the appearance of Dark Circles. Formulated with ProVita K Complex combines the remarkable proven benefits of Vitamin K with a unique amino acid.

Key features

  • Significantly Improves the Appearance of Tone and Elasticity
  • Enriched with ProVita-K Complex and Mica
  • Minimizes the Appearance of Dark Circles
  • No Expensive Treatments Needed
  • Clinically Tested and Guaranteed

Honest reviews



Seriously, guys if you have very serious dark circles do you really think the diminisher would be this cheap.I have the most horrible dark circles theyre almost black and i tried everything so i decided this wouldnt hurt.I spent about 15$ on this crap and its absolutely pointless.Im trying to get hylexin beauty samples .Im trying things out before I spend my money on it.I hope you all find a very good dark circle cream but this isnt it.

Bonita Eskridge, KS

vita K

I really like this product. Have used it for many years for darkness under eyes. This product really works. would like to buy item in a larger container though.

Luisa Gratiot, OH

A life saver

I have had dark circles all my life (I’m 34). I have tried various creams over the years to reduce my dark circles. Most of them did not work. This one does. There has been significant improvement. It took about a month of using twice daily to notice the difference but my eye area looks a lot better. In addition to dark circles I also had bags under my eyes. This cream has tightened and lifted the bags. I would recommend this to anyone that is like me.

Michell Frankfort, ME

I have had good results with this product

I know that there is NOTHING that can cure dark circles short of expensive cosmetic procedures. But I have had dark circles virtually my whole adult life. I tried this product several years ago and find that I need less under eye concealer when I use it regularly. I used it 2x a day for several weeks and now I just use it once, at night. Is it a cure? No. Does it improve the dark circles? For me, it did.

Freida Drumore, PA

No change.

I saw no change in my dark circles with this product. I did not like the way it dried, either. It felt stiff and sticky. Just an FYI…it has parabens in it. I would not buy this again.

Lula Pleasant Hill, TN

Reduces puffiness for me

I bought Vita-K at Walgreens a week ago. I have been trying to use it consistently morning and night with what I would consider, good results so far. I have noticed the puffiness I normally wake up with under my eyes is reduced. I’m post-menopausal, in my fifties and I work a very stressful job and often don’t get proper sleep and worry alot: the perfect recipe for bags and circles under the I eyes LOL. Only time will tell with the dark circles which I think may be part of my Italian heritage. LOL again. For now, I’m going to adhere to my serum regimen and just see what happens. I have a bad picture my S.O took of me a few months ago that showed how bad the under eye bags are. I’ll have him take another and see if there’s any difference. I’ll post it soon.

Kate La Grange, KY


didn’t work for me not so good to have at all don’t work it doesn’t work at all don’t buy

Dianna Gila, NM

good product

I am now done with my first bottle and will re-order. It slightly lightened the dark circles, but even more, it keeps skin very nicely hydrated, soaks in very quick and leaves no sticky feeling. Don’t expect miracles, but it sure helps.

Lorene Temple, GA

Great product

Just wish I didn’t have to pay and arm and a leg on Amazon. Can no longer find this for sale at Walmart or Walgreen’s. Must be Vita-K’s decision, because I cannot find it anywhere. Boo-hiss….

Laura Millington, TN