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Visco-Gel Toe Spacer

Visco-GEL® Toe Separators gently divide crooked or overlapping toes to relieve between-toe corns, pinching, and cramping. These soft, anatomically-shaped cushions are made from a vitamin-enriched gel which absorbs pressure and friction while releasing mineral oil to moisturize and soften skin. Makes shoes comfortable. Effective for months.

Key features

  • Size Medium – 2 Pack
  • Ease pain of corns, irritations, crooked, overlapping toes & more
  • Absorb pressure & friction between toes
  • Gently cushion, divide & align problem toes
  • Soft Gel Separators relieve various between-toe irritations, divide toes gently.

Honest reviews


Great if you have a problem with bunions

I’m a runner, and flat footed, so I have a problem with my bunion getting worse with each step.These spacers are great to prevent pain. I never run without them.

Shana Monroeville, NJ

Too soft and narrow to be effective for my widely spaced toes!

If your toes are very close together and you prefer ultrasoft spacers, these may work for you. I found them to be very narrow but unusually tall compared to the ones I’ve found at my local RiteAid. I wear size 12 shoes and there is a very large gap naturally between the base of my big toe and my second toe. I noticed that these were size Medium and I called the manufacturer’s toll-free number on the package to ask about size Large. The person who answered at PEDIFIX knew their product line extremely well and told me that the Large size of this product probably would not be large enough for me. She directed me to a larger and firmer (flesh-colored) toe spacer called a “Bunion Reliever” which Amazon has in three sizes. But she also was able to give me two nearby local retailers who definitely stock the product — in size Large! How often can a company do THAT! Excellent! PEDIFIX is now my first stop whenever I need anything like this.

Evangelina Spring Glen, NY


Stays in place, keeps first and second toe from overlapping and squeezing together, preventing pain and ingrown nails. I have bunions.

Betsy Wahkiacus, WA


These do an exceptional job separating my toes and easing the pain. They’re so soft, I forget I’m even wearing them. I wear a size 10 shoe. I ordered the medium first. They fit quite well, but I like the large size better.

Dora Ralston, WY

These are great

Very comfortable. I’m wearing one between my big toe and the next toe. I used to put cotton between those toes, but the cotton doesn’t stay in place. These are rubber. They stay in place, and are so comfortable that I’m not aware I’m wearing them. They keep their shape after washing. The shoe store near my house sells these for a higher price plus tax.

Jesse Black Hawk, SD

Great relief

These toe spacers are great for winter time especially when everything we were is closed toes. The spacers actually help relief the pressure point which is usually the bunion on your feet and instead help straighten your toes in order to create a bigger surface area onto which your shoes touch your feet thus distributing the pressure all along your foot instead on the first point of contact, your bunion. Its washable and reusable for a very long time.

Maricela Raymond, KS