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Virgin Hair Fertilizer

It is petroleum base. It has a strong odor of peppermint. It is 125 gram tube.

Key features

  • This Product Is for Rapid Hair Growth And for Treating Dandruff
  • it strengthens hair
  • It is recommended for mostly African American and any one with the African American hair type
  • It has a strong odor of peppermint
  • It is petroleum based and it does it work effectively

Honest reviews


This product is good for thick hair.

I am a male and have fine hair. In my opinion I think this product is better suited for thicker textured hair. It’s too thick and heavy for my hair.I think it will definitely help hair grow considering the ingredients as they are known to assist hair growth however, be careful about using this if your hair is fine and thin or you already have an oily scalp due to excess sebum or natural oils as it will make your hair weighed down and greasier. I must say though that this got many positive reviews and I can see why it would. It’s not easy to find so if you can find it and have a use for it then by all means purchase it for the health of your hair.

Julie Brookfield, CT

It’s just okay

I’ve come to realize that there isn’t just one product that will give you long beautiful hair rather than your own personal up keep of your hair. I must admit that the smell isn’t the best, and a true turn off. I was consistent with the product and the only difference I saw was that after a month my hair seemed and appeared to be thicker but not longer. At any rate , it’s okay, but it’s not a MUST HAVE item

Leta Mc Carr, KY

It Works

I purchased and used on my daughters edges and her hair started growing back so I came back and ordered more.

Anastasia Birds, IL


I don’t know if the seller sent me the wrong brand or what. But the name on the box & tube is spelled VIRGO, not Virgin. So I didn’t get what I ordered. The color of the box is the same as Virgin Hair Fertilizer. The reason I am giving it 2 stars is b/c of the deceptive in the description b/c it is very obvious that this stuff has some kind of sulfur in it. I do not apply it all over my hair & scalp, but on the thin places and when my scalp gets warm I can really smell this and it smells just like Sulfur 8, just not quite as strong. HORRIBLE ODOR!!!!

Maribel Locust Gap, PA

New growth is fighting me!!

Haven’t used it long enough (3 weeks) but I can say I do have new growth and it’s TOUGH. This stuff smells great to me. It freezes my scalp all through the night though which I find to be bad since I’m constantly cold anyway. Still I can’t wait to see what happens after two more months. Also It does make my hair slightly crispy.

Ruth Shiloh, OH

Love this product

Have purchased a total of 12 tubes. love the smell. have rated this product previously. Have purchased enough to last for maybe 1 year.

Lara Sergeantsville, NJ