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virgin hair fertilizer now wears a new name

Virgin hair fertilizer 125 grams. Anti dandruff and hair conditioning cream. Apply to hair and scalp daily. Conditions broken and dry hair

Key features

  • For rapid hair growth, hair conditioning cream
  • Very good seller
  • 125 grams
  • Anti dandruff
  • Conditions dry hair

Honest reviews


Horrible Smell

Cant stand the smell. Only used several times with no real noticed in change. Actually threw it out. It may be only for certain hair types.

Dawn Silver Creek, WA

Not the Best!

I purchased this product for hair growth and breakage. After about 2 months of regular use, it has done nothing. No additional lenght, or thickness. I have some bald areas and was hoping for some new growth. This product has a very strong smell, in fact the 1st time I used it, I was a little dizzy do not buy.

Brenda Agency, IA

So far so good

I just started using this prouduct after reading so many good reviews, so far, my scalp tingles when I applied it and the smell is no as bad as I thought from reading other reivews. I will be back to give a second review after 30 days of using it.

Marylou Levelland, TX

please repackage this in something else tube not working

well dont get me wrong i love the product but not the packaging..what happens after a while is it starts seaping out through the whole tube and becomes messy the maker of this should really consider putting this in a different tube or maybe like a tub that vaseline comes in or something mine is looking very ghetto wrapped in foil however i like it cause i feel it tingling so i guess its doin something im no pocahontas or nothing but i feel a few pieces of new growth…..this is my 3rd one and they all bust open

Maritza Gansevoort, NY


Don’t like the smell but overall it makes my hair feel and look healthier. I’ve got Asian hair and it works great on my hair.

Liliana Kendall, NY

Hair fertilizer

I really like this hair product but I don’t care for the tube container. The tube is made of a thin aluminum so it tends to get holes if you are not careful squeezing the tube.This product I use only three times a week as a hair dressing and conditioner because it coats the hair really well. It does have a strong medicated smell like sulfur8 so I mix it with my other hair dressing items to tone down the smell.

Diann Mercer Island, WA


I feel this product worked well moisturizing my scalp and keeping it from becoming so dry when I needed it to.

Tracie Pyrites, NY

Okay so far…

Read and watched a lot of reviews on this product both good and bad but mostly good but I wasn’t going to purchase because I was going to start my sulfur/MN challenge and I was still a lil skeptical on whether I would be receiving the right product through the mail so anyway I went in to my local beauty store to purchase some items and low and behold this was on the shelf! So I thought hey why not? Bought it and have just started using it. I will see how it goes for the rest of the month and if it is a decent product I will update my review and the five stars will remain otherwise the stars will go down.By the way I really don’t see what all the fuss is about the smell of this product it honestly doesn’t smell bad to me, I’ve smelt worse like the Mahabhringaraj Oil I purchased a while back, the smell for that product is sooooooo bad I couldn’t even finish testing it out because it became unbearable for me. This product has a peppermint smell so to me it’s fine… Stay tuned I’ll be back with good results I hope!

Angeline Hankamer, TX

love this product

Just starting using it hopefully it will work for me, I have some thinning going onlove the smell of peppermint. have already purchased a total of 6 tubes.

Lorrie Ames, OK


the product works and your hair will keep on growing longer and longer if you keep on using it. it just takes time

Briana Damascus, PA