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Vip Beauty Shop 6 Colors Nail Art Nailart Half Round Pearl Beads Rhinestones Tips Manicure 3d Decoration Wheel

6 Colors Nail Art Nailart Half Round Pearl Beads Rhinestones Tips Manicure 3D Decoration Wheel

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  • 6 Colors Nail Art Nailart Half Round Pearl Beads Rhinestones Tips Manicure 3D Decoration Wheel

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I love pearls and rhinestones and stuff for nail art and for the super cheap price I couldn’t pass these up. They came sooner than expected. It still took about 3 weeks but as they came from China that is not surprising. I had no issue with packaging.These are 2mm half sphere pearls. There are not nearly as many in my package as there are in the photo. That is where they lost 1 star. For the price I still fell like I got a good deal.I will have photos up on my blog soon. Check that out

Caitlin Perrysville, IN


These are really nothing special. they don’t look that good on ur nails, I like the reg rhinestones better. still cute.

Sonia Etowah, AR

read the reviews

Item did take over a month for me to finally receive it. I thought the pearls would be a little bigger and the colors brighter .. just like it shows in the picture.

Gilda Isle, MN

Not bad

The wheel I received wasn’t quite as full as the picture portrays, but I definitely received more than my money’s worth, which was my biggest concern.

Lula Fayette, MO



Lisa Waverly, PA


The pearls aren’t perfectly round and have blobs of the sideThey r microscopicThe whole container is a half-dollar sizeThere are less than 30 pearls per section

Herminia Marysville, IN


I love that it comes with a lot of little pearls! They’re cute and the right size for nail art. The only thing I didn’t expect was how much static there is (which makes sense, as it’s plastic pearls in a plastic container).Advice? Cover the wheel as you turn it, least the pearls go flying. Other than that, the product was a good buy.

Sondra Mauldin, SC


The packaging was great! None of the beads mixed or poured out. For this price it was perfect! I will buy again!

Zelda Halltown, WV


These look full, you would think they would be full, but they were almost empty, they are beautiful, exactly what i wanted, but not many of them

Jewel Crane Hill, AL


I received a 1.5mm pearl wheel that was the same as another pearl wheel that I ordered with completely different colors in it. I had read in the description before I bought them they were supposed to be 2mm. Now the description has changed. The colors I got were fuchsia, blue, orange/yellow, gray, lt. blue, hot pink, white, red, lt. yellow, lt. purple, black, and pale pink. This is the same exact wheel I ordered on another post, both sold by Sodio. Please beware and take note from this review. Both wheels with the same exact items and them came in the same shipping envelope, but I ordered "different" things. How can you not realize what you are doing, or you know, and are looking to scam. A complaint will be filed. Remember and beware of the name Sodio.

Constance Palisades, NY


cute. not all perls the same size. as pictured and they sit on my nails well so they do their job.

Deloris Mosby, MO

pearl rhinestones

There pearl rhinestone are great size for decorating nails, & even better a great price. On the down side I didn’t get the colors shown on the image. I ordered them for the different shades of pink, & actually just got one slot of pink pearls. Also they do take 5 weeks to arrive.

Luella Maydelle, TX

Just what I needed!

Love these. So cute for nail art designs or a phone case. I will be purchasing again when these run out!

Rosario Crowley, TX

Not as pictured

The pearls were not pastel colors as the picture shows, but rather bright, bold colors. I will still use them, but am disappointed that what was ordered is not what arrived.

Michele Reedsville, WV

So cute!

So cute! The pastel colors are great. They give a little extra to your nail art, and the price can’t be beat! I get lots of compliments on my nails when I use these.

Shelia Conger, MN

Very small

They are a lot smaller than I expected them to be. I haven’t used them yet but I’m sure it’s gonna take me a few try’s to get use to them cause they are so small. But very cute cute. Gave only 4 stars cause of the size.

Laura Brookeville, MD

Not like pictures.

When I got the item it wasn’t pastel colors like the pictures. I had bought these because of the colors on the photos.

Angeline Sawyerville, AL

Cheap and Ugly

Not what is depicted in the photo, most of mine aren’t even cut to be usable, the colors are much darker and they look like toy beads, almost like barbies earrings, they just look cheap and like I said a lot of mine have this "excess plastic" around them so I can’t even use them, I’m regretting this purchase

Alissa Loranger, LA


so pretty

Joanna Ericson, NE

Two Stars

the colors were all mix ..not really cute

Luann Spencer, SD

Looks great

Great pkg and looks great on nails. Only order it if you have about a month or two to wait for it because it took about that long to get to CA.

Claire Bradford, IN

Very very very tiny

They could be bigger and more vibrant, but you get what you pay for. I use them in my nail art on clients

Zelda North Lawrence, OH

Love them

These are soooo cute! And they’re tiny, which I love because I dont like anything big and bulky on my nails. They work great and were cheap, good deal

Catalina Finley, TN

Lovely, easy to use

I enjoy nail art and bought these beads on a whim. Although they took a while to arrive from Asia (I believe they came from Hong Kong), the product is as described and easy to use. I recommend applying them with gel super glue to your gel nail polish BEFORE curing then applying the top coat for added strength.

Deloris Devils Tower, WY


Best thing i bought well worth the money! i would recommend this any one that loves to decorate with anything!

Evangeline Mount Joy, PA


Colors are brighter than shown but its also hard to see colors with the pics online. I have lots of ideas on how to use them.

Charlotte Saint Francis, MN

Pearl beads

Shipping took like 3 weeks but they where well packaged and nothing was leaking or broken. These are very pretty tiny little half pearls. Easy to apply with a strong top coat these will not budge. Overall very happy with the purchase just wish shipping did not take that long.

Grace Flint, MI

Awesome Pearls!

I absolutely love this item especially the colors. There’s a big variety and you can color coordinate with your nail polish!

Kimberley Versailles, IN

Tiny, tiny, tiny

Didn’t expect quite this tiny but all is good. Haven’t used them yet and I’ll find out how happy I am when I try to pick them up and place on the nail.

Dena Portageville, NY

So so tiny, pearlescent shine wears off so fast!

I used these for my nails. Within three days the pearlescent coloring on top totally wore off and now the pearls look like plastic dots. These are also very very tiny and many are stuck together. The container they come in is nice, but that’s the only positive thing I can say about these.

Latisha Fort Hunter, NY