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Village Naturals Therapy Restless Nights Mineral Bath Soak 20oz

Essential oils of Lavender, Passion Flower & Chamomile soothe and comfort your body. Our aromatherapeutic formula is enriched with vitamins and minerals to soften skin and calm your mind.

Key features

  • Soothe, Comfort & Cleanse Away Restless Nights
  • Restless Nights contains lavender to relax and restore.
  • Restless Nights contains passion flower to calm and comfort.
  • Restless Nights contains chamomile to ease and soothe.
  • No animal testing/ animal-derived ingredients

Honest reviews


Wonderful, affordable line of aromatherapy products for a luxurious & relaxing experience!

Wonderful, affordable line of aromatherapy products for a luxurious & relaxing experience!This entire line is just wonderful. The restless nights bath is a soothing mix of lavender , chamomile, and passion flower.Recover from a very stressful day with bath I, bath salts, or body wash. After an aromatherapy bath like this, have a great night’s sleep-naturally.Any of these make a terrific and very appreciated gift.Forget going to a spa-recline in aromatherapy at home!

Tameka Newbury Park, CA

Great Soak

These salts smell great, leave your skin smooth and soft, and help relax you after a long day. I recommend them to anyone who loves a good bath at the end of the day.

Connie Almond, NY

Soothes Your Soul

I purchased 3 in May as a discontinued item at a grocery store with 50% off. I had NEVER seen it before at any of the regular h&b; stores, so I have never used it, but I had seen/used 3 others:aches & pains, colds& allergy, stress & tension.Long story short, I finally got around to using Restless Nights on Monday, all I can see is heavenly — the delightful understated scent lingers in the bathroom for hours after taking a bath. Leaves me feeling relaxed, calm, softly scented all over as well skin feeling so soft. I have used it daily. Only have 1-3/4 jar left. WIsh they would stock that item in the local stores in my area.You can’t go wrong, check it out, your nose and overall body will thank you.Enjoy!Gladi D-SInland NW

Estelle Newport, MI


This helps me when I have restless nights. It helps me feel relaxed and ready for bedtime. The lavender in oil really help me feel tired and sleepy so when I get into bed I drift off to sleep.

Rebekah Regan, ND


I love these bath salts! I have a pretty big bathtub, so I use about 1/4 cup of salts.. the instructions say 1/3 of a cap ful, which would be about a teaspoon.. yeeaahhhhh… I need more than that. Anyway… its a great product and I love it. It doesnt leave any icky residue on me and it smells nice and yummy!

Frances Smyrna, NY

restless nights mineral bath

My daughter loves this stuff. I buy her various scents of Village Naturals brand and she says it all smells great and feels like a spa visit.

Arlene North Street, MI

Blissfully happy about ALL Village Naturals products!

I have tried every single on of Village Naturals bath salts, and I can say that I love them all.I do, of course, have my favorites, but the aromatherapy works for each type. This one was truly relaxing and helped my husband sleep better when he used it to help remedy his insomnia. Lovely scent.

Bridget Sicklerville, NJ

Smells lovely and beautiful!!

Worth buying for the relaxation and the soothing ness of the lavender but it just makes me feel relaxed. You feel a little tired when you get out but that’s just because of the hot bath and your muscles are relaxed. But I didn’t get the sleepy calming feeling I wanted. If you want this for the sleepy calm feeling this isn’t what you should get.

Joy Dacono, CO

Awesome product!

I love this product. It smells really food. There’s no overbearing scent and it really did relax me. I used this after work one night and was sleeping within 20 minutes of stepping out of the tub. Maybe I was tired and didnt realize it, but I give the credit to the bath salts! Will order again.

Lucia Forest Hills, NY

Small amt goes a long way…

Smells very potent so a small pinch in the bath tub goes a long way… I find a smell smoothing and relaxing, but if you dislike lavender, I recommend that you stay away from this product since it smells more lavender than camomile.

Gayle Baker City, OR

Restless nights

Seems to be an ok product. I didn’t notice any difference from using it. The way my nights are it would take a Gallon to help me :=).It has a nice mild scent. The salts dissolve quickly and you really can’t tell they were ever put in the water. This was my 1st time trying bath salts so I am no expert.

Daphne Irvington, IL

Wonderful bath salts

I’ve used them, and I enjoyed them! I wish they came in more colors and fragrances, i.e. a pink floral and a blue sea theme. I would buy them again.However, for a gift, the bottle is not that attractive. They shipped quickly.A good $ value.

Bridgette Stanley, NM

Village Naturals

I bought this to give as a Christmas present & ended up keeping it. It’s wonderful. Smells so nice. Very relaxing.

Earnestine Newsoms, VA