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Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains Mineral Bath Soak 20 oz

Let Village Naturals Therapy Aches and Pains Mineral Bath Soak make a house call. Our therapeutic formula is enriched with vitamins, skin softening ingredients and aromatherapy vapors to help you feel better. Relax with ingredients that have been extracted from natural sources. This product has never been tested on animals and does not contain animal-derived ingredients. This product contains Eucalyptus to soothe and revitalize, chamomile to calm and relax, and rosehips to comfort and renew. 99.17% naturally derived.

Key features

  • Relax with ingredients that have been extracted from natural sources
  • This product has never been tested on animals and does not contain animal-derived ingredients
  • This product contains Eucalyptus to soothe and revitalize, chamomile to calm and relax, and rosehips to comfort and renew

Honest reviews


Other than murky water and a nice scent, wife couldn’t tell a difference.

My wife likes to take baths, so I thought I’d order some products to help enhance her weeknights. Along with bubbles, I placed an order for these bath salts, as I thought that would be a relaxing stimulant.She’s used the salts a few times, and I asked her how they affect her baths. She said the salts smelled great, made the water green, and that was about it. I’m not sure what all bath salts are supposed to do, but at least the smell made it nice.

Deloris Renwick, IA

The best product on the market

Ok I am highly disappointed because amazon used to offer this product for $6.95 and free shipping I wanted to buy more and saw amazon doesn’t directly sell it so the price is high and so is the shipping.Now for the product reviewVillage Naturals makes the best line of bath salts I’ve ever used. This product specifically is my favorite because it really works.When you use the product your body will feel cold (even if your bath water is scolding)My muscles felt cool and tingly for about an hour after my soak.Some people may not like the scent because it is a strong menthol I personally like it but that’s a preference and not everyone’s the same.I highly recommend this product.The only con is the product doesn’t last long because its not a big container.

Jamie Sidney, KY

Irritated my Skin

I’ve used several other brands of Eucalyptus Spearmint Epsom Salts with no problem, however for some reason this particular brand irritates my skin. It’s almost like my skin is on fire when I’m in the bath. I now have this jar sitting in a cabinet and it won’t get used.That said, it does smell really good.

Cherie Hancocks Bridge, NJ

Excellent to use when sick!

The only reason I would feel like giving this item less than five stars is because the scent is *so* strong (do not take a big whiff unless you’re sick), and if you use too much (like I did!) your entire body is going to be so cool that it feels like you rubbed mentholatum all over it once you’re out of the bath – and it feels that way for an hour or more. I suppose that’s not a bad thing if you also have a fever, but I didn’t at the time, so it’s just a little weird to get out of the bath feeling cold (my fault, though). It did work wonderfully at clearing my sinuses, so I highly recommend using this when sick.

Latoya Forsyth, MT

works great

This works great in the bath. The combination of warm water and the cooling effect of the soak does a good job at relaxing muscles. Also, once I pulled a muscle in my neck and it was so stiff I couldn’t lay down to take a bath so I put the crystals in my hand and rubbed directly on my neck (in the shower, of course, this was messy) and it helped alot. Taking a bath with the soak is also good if you are suffering from seasonal allergies.

Stacey Forest City, MO

Work Well and Eases Aches

I have a lot of of aches and pains from an old injury and a neuro/muscle disease and I find this to work very well especially for the price especially if you have prime time. I can use a little alone as it is very strong and I like to mix with 2 to 3 cups regular magnesium salts for additional treatment. I have found it to be an excellent product used either way . You only need a little.I have also taken a large pretty glass container but any container will work and added a large amount of the regular epson salts then it mix up then I can just add to tub pre mixed plus makes my bath smell like a spa and it’s attractive especially around holiday season.I have tried many marketed items and this along with the village naturals Muscle Relief Lotion is a great combo to sooth muscles and ease aches.

Courtney Mercer, ND

great for colds

This stuff smells strong and that is just what you want if you have a cold and are all stopped up. It also helps with the aches of the flu.

Gayle Baltimore, MD

Mine! Mine! Mine!

These are GREAT and well-priced. Who wants to shell out $42 for Ole Henriksen soak when you can get these little magic bullets? I typically am NOT a fan of anything with eucalyptus, but I found these to smell mild and feel WONDERFUL. I had knee surgery 1 year ago with some chronic pain there and in my back. I have been using these post-workouts and have found them superb for the chronic pain. Additionally, I pulled a muscle last week and was literally having difficulty walking, and I really do think soaking with these significantly helped.Bottom line: They make the bath feel silky with only a capful. The smell is pleasant and soothing. They dissolve quickly and fully. Very reasonable cost. EXTREMELY highly recommended.

Lillie Zachary, LA

good stuff

after a long work day my back and ankles were popping and creaking. I sprinkled a handful of these bath salts in the tub and proceeded to fill the tub with warm water. The bathroom was full of soothing minty smells and when I soaked in this water I felt as though my aching muscles just loosened right up. The price is cheap for how this stuff makes you feel.

Brigitte Hillsboro, IL

Blissfully happy with ALL Village Naturals products!

I have tried every single on of Village Naturals bath salts, and I can say that I love them all.I do, of course, have my favorites, but the aromatherapy works for each type. This one is great for those post-workout aches and pains. Lovely scent.

Adele Paradise, TX


I had a very bad sprain to my foot and ankle – and the doctor told me to soak my foot in ice water frequently. I used this in my water when I soaked my foot, and it worked great. Even dissolved very well in the cold water! This worked well in COLD water, and so I am sure that it would be GREAT in a hot/warm bath! Although I am not a big “soak-in-the-tub” person, I would purchase this again just because it worked so well on my injured foot!

Melinda Liberty, NY


The best menthol aches and pain soaking salt bath ever! Get ready for a burst of chill. I also follow up with the body lotion after the bath to keep the menthol relaxation going.I have always loved their products.

Fay Grottoes, VA

Really works

I run marathons and this is perfect for a nice soak after a long run. for me it seems to prevent sore muscles if I use it after a run.

Imogene Aubrey, TX


If you like strong menthol like bath thus s for you. It does not leave your skin smelling like that though. Works good for all if my aches and pains. I have several other types of salts by village naturals and I also like to mix them based on my mood/needs.

Francis Bellingham, MN

Best bath salts-relaxing aromatherapy. Shoulder like new!

This entire line of bath salts is just wonderful. We have tried many of them-each really does seem to have its own special qualities and usefulness.The Aches & Pains bath salts really did help a bad shoulder sprain -after one soak, the shoulder was more than 50% better.The aromatherapy of Aches & Pains is really revitalizing. The scent is so nice that we tried to trap it in as long as possible. Great for the sinuses as well!The price is terrific-better than any bath salts costing much more-at this price one can really have a luxurious, plentiful bath!Give these bath salts a try-I recommend starting with Aches & Pains!

Vanessa Roanoke, IN

I think it works.

I can’t say this is the product for everyone, however since I was never a fan of taking a bath, only showers, I did want to try this for my body aches. Seems to help for a little while, but let’s face it, when you get older we are just going to accept that we have aches and pains. 🙁

Alisa Lopez, PA

So helpful!

This really helps soak away all the aches and pains that I get from being on my feet all day.

Randi Englewood, NJ

Actually works for injuries! Helps pain

These bath salts are a unique combination of being affordable, smelling good, and actually doing what they claim to. I would have settled for just smelling good. I honestly thought the aches and pains part would just be a placebo. But my husband, who was in pain waiting to have knee surgery, used these up fast taking baths every night to sooth his knee pain. He’s the kind of person who balks at me using Lavender oil for allergies and barely believes in the value of taking vitamins, definitely not a natural medicine kind of guy, so for him to say these worked actually meant something. The scent is subtle and was appealing to a man. I also liked the scent (I’m a woman). These didn’t dry out his skin or negatively effect his skin in any way (a new cheaper replacement has, so I need to go back to buying this brand). The packaging is also nice. Lid fits well and plastic container is nice, even reusable, so this is a high enough quality for gift giving. I’m not big on baths, but I got into them while we had this on hand because I felt significantly more relaxed after soaking in this. Would highly recommend a try!

Claudine Decatur, IN

Very Relaxing.

Before I go to bed I soak in a hot bath with this product along with some oil and bubbles. I have done it with JUST the oil and bubbles and notice my skin isn’t as soft as it is when I add this in. Not to mention the smell is a gentle soothing aroma of chamomile. It is not a strong aroma at all to me and I am sensitive to strong smells. It leaves my skin very, very soft and radiant and I also get few break outs on my chest and back, this has no harsh effect on that if anything it takes any bumps away. I have somewhat sensitive skin and I do just fine with this bath soak.I gave this four out of five because the claim is for Aches and Pains, I do not notice a difference in my pains ( I have an ovarian cyst plus lower back pains) but just the hot water alone soothes any muscle aches I have so this doesn’t make a difference for me personally. The smell is nice and Chamomile is great for helping you sleep as a natural relaxant, that’s why I use this mostly and before bed. They say to soak in a warm bath for twenty minutes before bed and drink chamomile tea. I do all of this PLUS this mineral bath soak and I’m ready to sleep! I do love this stuff and as for the aches & pains…. I think it may be misleading but some say it helps them so that’s awesome for them!

Sabrina Mitchell, NE