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Vidal Sassoon VSIR3250 3/4 inch Answers Root Volumizer for Fine Hair

Vidal Sassoon VSIR3250 3/4 inch Answers Root Volumizer for Fine Hair is made with nano ceramic, so it is better for your hair. It has multiple heat settings and only takes 30 seconds to heat up! This product also has an auto-off feature for your safety.

Key features

  • Multiple heat settings
  • Has Nano Ceramic Technology
  • Has an auto-off feature
  • Designed specifically for fine hair
  • Has instant heat recovery

Honest reviews


This works for my fine hair

I have very fine hair. I’ve tried volume shampoos, colorants, perms, texturizing haircuts, mousse, you name it. Those work, but so does this (and quite well I might add). I use it to give volume to the roots in between hair treatments. Am on Amazon buying a second one for my travel case right now. : )PS it gets SO hot your hair doesn’t have to be all the way dry. Nice.PPS. I also recommend Helen of Troy professional curling irons if you have fine hair. I thought they were all the same until I tried my friend’s. They get to like 450 degrees F, but make sure you get the PROFESSIONAL GOLD series from a Sally’s Beauty Supply. The lesser ones, available on Amazon, not so good.

Alfreda Killington, VT

totally worthless

I am debating whether or not to return this utterly worthless item. It adds such minimal volume compared to literally any other method (blow dry hair up-side-down, hair spray the wrong side while brushing against the direction hair grows, teasing, extensions, etc), that this method is not worth the money for a new product or the space it will take in your shelves.Does it get hot enough? Yes.Does it crimp your hair at the roots? A little. Not enough to create any noticeable change.Stupid concept poorly executed. Try literally Anything else.

Brigitte Gap, PA

Lasting volume

I think this works really well, and takes a very short time to heat up,inexpensive, and easy to use. It gives just enough volume (not bump its, or beauty pageant style, lol) and it stays like that all day, and takes about 2 seconds to do. I use it under the top layers of my hair near the crown, and it doesn’t show at all. The only time I saw a “crimp” look is when I did it too close to the top layer of hair, and it showed through. Also, I noticed even then that it didn’t show on my brunette hair, but it did show up on my highlighted parts.It works well on me because my hair is pretty thick, and needs volume because it is heavy and straightened. I would think that if you have thinner hair you may need to be extra carefull of the placement of the crimps to make sure it doesn’t show through, but it is worth it to give it a try if you want volume that lasts, and doesn’t fall flat.

Christie Glasston, ND


after searching (yet again) for an alternative method to the tried and true (and yet incredibly damaging) method of teasing and backcombing my hair to create volume, I stumbled upon this video of a small crimper that was placed near the roots to help stand to stand out and create a sort of bump for smooth hair to fall over. I was speculative at first because honestly it just sounds strange and to weird but….then I saw the video. it totally makes sense that it would/could work and…it does!This thing is GREAT! I just place the crimper at the roots of my hair at any place that I want volume. A little pointer, the more crimps you do in a row the more volume you get HOWEVER, you want to be careful that the crimps don’t show. Although, a person would really have to be looking to see any sign of a crimp coming through your hair so don’t stress too much over it. The higher the setting seems to give the “better” crimp, but then again it’s higher heat which is more damaging to hair in the long run. You have to be the judge of that.All in all I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is desperately seeking a way to get voluminous hair. And if you tease just a little after you crimp, the volume will be through the roof.I love this thing and will not go anywhere without it! I’m convinced that this is a Hollywood secret to all of those celebrities with fabulous hair 😉

Dee Lando, SC


this was a waste of money and time, and i kept noticing little hints of crimped hair peaking from under. I have long hair that is heavy and moves around alot; this may work better for someone with shorter can do the same thing with a teasing brush. try a spornette little wonder brush. Hold hair up and back comb down in ONE direction (not back and forth).

Edwina Sarah, MS