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Vidal Sassoon VS7963 Ionic Thermal All Purpose Brush

The Vidal Sassoon VS7963 Ionic Thermal All Purpose Brush features the innovative ION technology which reduces drying time, creates a glossy shine and helps to eliminate frizz.

Key features

  • Great for all hair types
  • Features the ION Technology
  • Reduces drying time
  • Creates a glossy shine

Honest reviews


Who Buys a Six Dollar Brush? I Do!

In my search for better hair I have purchased more and more expensive shampoos, conditioners and styling products. God forbid the hairdressing shop have a new product in that I don’t have also on my shelves.When my old hairdryer died I happily purchased another one from Amazon, this brush was a tag-a-long product and cost almost nothing. What is another six dollars in the quest for good hair? Well, I love this brush. It does not tangle wet or dry hair, does not frizz my dry hair when I use it, and helps style when I blow dry.The best six dollar investment in styling tools that I have ever made.Also highly recommend my new dryerConair 225RX 1875 Watt Comfort Touch Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Dryer, BlackHappy Styling!

Jeanine Frankfort Heights, IL

Good overall brush

Why I like this brush:
• Bristles do not snag on my hair
• Excellent for use with hair dryers
• Great brush for wet or dry hair.
• Does not cause static when brushing dry hair.
• Has nice weight in the handleI have had this brush for over a year and just ordered 2 more(one for my purse and another for the office).update 11/7/2008Again bought 2 more. One to give as a gift and one to replace one I have lost. This is a great product that detangles without snaging my very fine hair. I bought the gift for my granddaughter who also has very fine hair.

Katina Rockhill Furnace, PA

Another brush

*Shrugs* Seems like most other brushes to me. I gave it 4 stars because it is a nice brush, but not 5 because I don’t see any difference in it from any other cheap brush you’d get at the store.

Ernestine Grambling, LA

More than I expected…

I was looking for an “ionic” brush and decided to pick this up because of 1) the price, and 2) free shipping. I am African-American and have been using the Maxius vent brush to detangle my long, unruly hair. Due to an injury last year, I’ve been on a lot of medications and have lost about 1/3 of my hair’s thickness. Almost everytime I use that vent brush I lose more hair. And, at some point (since I’m not on the meds anymore), you have to ask yourself… is it the medications, the products I use in my hair, OR the brush?? Still… finding a brush that gets down to the root and gives a nice massage on the scalp instead of a scratching is a rarity. So, I just kept using it.I was really impressed with the sturdiness of this brush, the bristles are just stiff enough to hold up all the way to the scalp. Also, there was no tearing or snapping of hair strands which is always a plus. I used it when I blow dryed my hair and I was a little concerned because it’s not vented, but it held up well and did not overheat in my hand. Afterwards, I used it on my dry hair to brush it back into a ponytail. Whereas with my Maxius I would need to pull out a nylon bristle brush to get my ponytail neat, this brush easily transitioned as there are just enough bristles to function as a “regular” brush as well. There was very little hair in the brush when I was done AND after I straightened my hair there was no hair in it at all!It is nice to find a brush that is inexpensive (some on this site are $40!), that works well, doesn’t snag, and gives me that “all the way to the scalp” rub I so love. I jumped online to pick up a spare… just in case I lose this one.NOTE: I didn’t read any of the reviews before I purchased this brush. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that so many found the same qualities in this brush that I did. This is a great buy.

Ericka Barney, GA

all purpose hair brush

I basically bought this product because I wanted to get the free shipping if you spend over $25 and had a few more dollars to go. But, this hair brush has made life so easier… I have long, thick hair and typically don’t like the bristles on these brushes because they tend to snag my hair and hurt my head overall. I was so excited the first time I brushed my hair with this brush just after getting out of the shower. This hair brush is amazing.. it brushes each strand of my hair straight down without pulling out any hair from knots. I haven’t used this brush with a blow dryer because I’m not totally convinced that the brush will hold up as long if I do. I can definitively tell why everyone is giving this hair brush 5 stars and it’s well worth buying this brush for $6.00!

Brandy Holcomb, MO


If you have thick hair and especially if you have thick, curly hair, you’re highly likely to love the functioning and style of this brush.(I’m trying to learn to be ”detailed and specific” and write what I would have wanted to know before purchase, hence the length and detail)It turned out the reviewers who kept mentioning still having static and mentioning they had fine hair were accurate, I have ”fine hair but alot of it” and the brush did not work for me in regard to static. It caused more static.Anyone relate to my ”wanting to really like this brush but…”??? It brushes the scalp in a tingling manner (for me, anyway), so invigorating I couldn’t take it. So, if you also like scalp wake-up, it’s a plus. If you’re kinda sensitive, it’s going to either take getting used to or you just won’t like the sensation.I read all the existing reviews at the time of purchase (very recently) and I’m giving this 5-stars because it’s durably constructed and comfortable to hold and yet I’m going to give to my hairdresser. Again, I wanted to like this brush but evidently having alot of fine hair versus dense, thick hair combined with a sensitive scalp won’t work for me. I can totally relate now to the rave reviews about those with thick, dense hair…and to the reviewers who kinda told me ”not for fine hair”.Just to push details to the brink here’s the measurements in-case anyone wants to know if it’s a take-along brush for them or a stay-at-home or both…BRUSH DIMENSIONS:It’s an attractive brush, black and ”chrome” color. Across the head of the brush are nine (9) bristles with those little round tips, down the side of the head of the brush are twenty (20) bristles with the little rounded tips. The total length of the brush is nine-and-one-half inches long (9-1/2 inches long). The nine (9) bristles running across are a diameter of two-inches (2-inches). The length of the brush head itself is four-inches (4-inches). The handle itself is a bit shy of five-inches-long (5-inches-long).

Adeline Glen Easton, WV

Even Mountain Men Need Grooming!

Bought it to brush my beard. Works absolutely magnificently! Well made, comfortable, no prickly bristles. Keeps me looking like an outright respectable mountain man!

Louisa Bear Branch, KY


i loveeeee this brush although the handle fell off very easily i still use it its like the perfect brush to use!!!

Patricia Shidler, OK

great brush

Love this brush. My favorite. I purchased one for my sister and I can’t wait for her to use it

Angelia Triadelphia, WV

falling apart…

sometimes i try to do reviews as soon as i get the product but in this case i am happy i waited a the beginning i was definitely going to say this is a 5 star was sturdy in my hand and managed my bouncy thick hair without too much fussing so instead of just using it to blow dry my hair i made it my number one brush and pushed aside all my other only a few short months later i wish i knew where my combs got to :(i have not used this brush 10 times to blow dry my hair and now almost 90% of the bristles have lost the tips-making it a pain to use.i wish i can find a better everyday long lasting brush.

Robbie Webbers Falls, OK

Liked it

I liked the brush but it only lasted about a year. The little balls on the top of the bristles were falling off, so it became hard on my scalp.

Suzanne Monarch, CO

The brush is a must

Was looking for a brush to use that doesn’t melt(other’s bristles did) while using with a hair dryer. This one does not only withstand the high temperatures but also tends to smoothen and soften your hair during drying and reduces static greatly, even more if you use an ionic hair dryer. Once you’re done, it shines…err your hair does….and all in all so does this product 😉

Julia Collins Center, NY

My new favorite brush!!

This brush is nicely balanced. I like that it has the metal under the bristles that will hold the heat to help style my hair when blow drying. I can get my hair straighter with this brush! The bristles are fabulous! Soft but feel good on the scalp, protected ends as not to tare your hair or your scalp. Excellent brush!!!

Maribel Anderson, MO

Great brush, almost no static

my girl loves it. I like hard bristles but she enjoys this brush. It looks elegant. Unfortunately once it dropped onto the floor handle came flat off and we need to buy a new one now.

Lucia Cortland, NE


My hair is fine and straight, but it still tangles easily. I use this after drying my hair after a shower and it doesn’t snag at all. My hair doesn’t get static-y from using this, which I love. 5 stars.

Danielle Folkston, GA

Great Buy

This is a very affordable brush that helps control static, fits the hand, and is neither to soft nor too stiff. My other choice was a very expensive brush that I know is high quality. But I’m glad I opted for this one. It is up to the task and at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Audra Snyder, CO


First off, delivery was as predicted. This brush not only met my needs but excelled way beyond. I was using a vent brush which was totally feeling like it was pulling my hair out. Lot’s of hair loss and then using a comb I had made to be used on wet hair was still collecting a lot of loose hair. I gave this a try not only because it is an Ionic Thermal Brush but because others had said it doesn’t pull your hair out and IT DOESN’T. I used it on wet hair and was so impressed at how well it worked. Used it to blow dry my hair and used a Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer with this brush and it did make my hair shinier and less frizzy. Not perfect but I could have either at this point tamed the rest of my hair with some argon oil which would have worked fine or I chose to use my brush style iron for styling. I don’t wash my hair everyday. So I brush my hair a couple times during the days between washing and it just gets better and better. More shine, hardly any hair comes out (some hair sheds daily of course), and overall this was a very good investment. It is also lightweight and very easy to use. Love this product.

Hollie Sibley, MS

Great Little Brush

The nice thing about this brush is the small brush tips allow you to clean the shed hair out of the brush easily. The brush feels sturdy and is easy to hold in your hand. A good buy that should last a long time.

Adele Kinde, MI

Great everyday brush, esp. for long hair

My hair is long and thick. I’ve gone through several brushes where either the heft of my hair pulls the pins out of the brushes, or the brushes have needles so close together that pulling them through my hair is torture and a major cause of split ends.This is a great brush just to BRUSH your hair. Gets all the way down to the roots, pulls through the hair easily, and doesn’t hurt! The best thing is the brush isn’t destroyed – it’s still intact after you get done brushing.I know this brush has all kinds of claims for it (ionic, thermal, etc.), and that may all be true, but for me the part that makes a huge difference is that it really IS an “all purpose” brush.For five bucks and change (what I spent), it’s a good, basic, and useful brush if you have long hair and value your tresses.

Louella Coon Valley, WI

No more tangles!

Ok I have to admit, I read the reviews more than the description… so to those of you whom may be a little like me. FYI: There are 3 brushes in this package! I bought two sets thinking I was buying two brushes.Ok on to the review. Wow, no more tangles. I was constantly getting snags and tangles with my old brush. I’ve replaced every single one I have in the house now in favor of these beauties. Its not painful, I’ve noticed a HUGE HUGE difference in static. There is none now!! I’m so happy with these I wish they’d last forever. Since I just bought them I know they will last for quite a bit longer, but still I morn in advance the day my brushes will need to be replaced.

Melva Ferron, UT

Snapped in half

Brush snapped in half after less than two weeks of use…right where the handle joins the brush head. Would not recommend.

Maritza Sardinia, OH

Fine in the beginning but doesn’t last

This brush worked well when I got it but after not too long the little balls at the end of the bristles started coming off leaving sharp bristles that hurt your scalp. Definitely not made to last.

Rocio Hi Hat, KY

So Awesome, I bought an extra!

The best hair brush ever! Moves through thick hair without ripping or snagging. Hair comes out smooth when used with hairdryer. I misplaced mine during a move and was lost without it. The price is so good I ordered an extra one.

Hannah Utica, PA

With the name Sassoon, I knew it was a great brush!

I’ve never been disappointed with Vidal Sassoon products…this brush is no exception. I use it to just brush my hair, but because it’s thermal, I also use it to blow dry my hair when I want a straighter style. A must buy for those with medium or long hair lengths…it doesn’t tangle and that’s a great advantage over other similarly- designed brushes!!

Tricia Cardin, OK

Good product

This brush does an effective job of stimulating the scalp and brushing the hair, without breaking the hair. I’ve never used it when blow-drying my hair — my hair’s long and I like to use a brush with a large diameter, to keep the hair straighter — but my guess is that it would work very well with shorter hair.

Neva Grambling, LA

It’s a brush

I ordered this brush b/c of it’s claim to reduce static. Unfortunately I still have the same amount of static with this brush as before. It is well made and doesn’t seem to snag my hair as much. A great product for the price.

Tania Rochester, TX

Did not hold up well

I liked this at first, but after a few months several of the rounded tips at the end of each bristle came off, creating a brush that is very scratchy. I will not use it any more. My husband doesn’t seem to mind it so he is using it.

Tricia Techny, IL

Works great

I have coarse hair and this brush gets the job done. I’m really happy that I made this purchase and I would recommend this product to anybody with long hair.

Neva East Brookfield, MA

Love it!

I can hardly believe I’m writing a review about a hair brush, but this brush is so awesome, I had to do it. This brush is great! It glides through my hair so well, and doesn’t tangle it. It feels fantastic. (I will note, however, that I use a wide-tooth comb first to comb out any bad knots in my hair while it’s still wet, and then I use this brush). My boyfriend even made an offhand comment that he likes using my brush more than his because it feels so much better than his brush, so that should give you an idea of how good it feels.This brush is also SUPER easy to clean. I used to always have those nasty bits of lint/product that I could never clean out of my brushes. This one doesn’t have that — I just clean my hair out of it every so often and it looks good as new.

Maritza Glide, OR

Best Brush Ever

All the reviews for this brush are true. My hair gets easily frizzy and this brush is an absolute god send. No snagging other than if you already have tangles, and no static build up! I am planning to buy another one for on the go =)

Nadia Lydia, LA