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Vidal Sassoon VS184C Three-Barrel Waver

Vidal Sassoon Three-Barrel Waver creates deep luxurious waves in all hair types.

Key features

  • Triple-barrel design
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Creates smooth waves
  • 60-second fast heat-up
  • Power indicator light

Honest reviews



You know, I was watching GILMORE GIRLS the other night and really loved the way that Lorelei was wearing her hair. I wondered how she did that.Well, I happened to be in CVS today and saw this triple barrel waving iron and I was thrilled. I figured that it would achieve the look I was eager to try.I have already been completely amazed at the VS volumizing line of products for hair which accomplish what NO OTHER HAIR CARE SYSTEM OF ANY PRICE HAS BEEN ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH EVER.Well, let me tell you. When you combine the VS volumizing line of products with this amazing iron, the results are nothing short of SPECTACULAR. (if you use the products, let the company know, they are thinking of discontinuing them, because of lousy advertising-hardly anyone knows how amazing they are)Baby fine hair is what I have. After using the combination of the hair products and this three barrel waver iron, I look like I just got a perm and have thick hair. And it stays like that all day, in fact so far up to three days without rewaving.The iron is easy to use. Because it only does a single layer of hair at a time, you do not need to leave it in as long as a curling iron. 10-15 seconds and you are able to move on to another part of the hair. To do my complete hair, it is 10 -15 minutes tops.There are two heat settings. Either setting is fine.I can not rave about this iron enough, and the VS products which make it work especially well with thin fine hair.

Freida Woodstock, AL

Depends on your hair type…

I have really thick, hard to curl, dry, asian hair. This iron did not work for me at all. The iron did not get hot enough to do anything. I guess it would work if I did small one-inch sections, but I have so much hair, it’s just not worth the time. The waves it did create were fizzy and ugly.My friend, who has thin hair, uses this iron all the time and it works great.I recommend the Hot Tools Deep Waver. It worked a lot better on my hair and created well defined waves.

Serena Hobart, IN

Really Works

This is a really cool waver-it doesn’t create curls, it creats really cool waves. I used this for new years and my waves stayed the entire night! didn’t have to hold it for long on my hair, Love it!

Raquel Eagle Bay, NY

Love It!

I also saw this product used by Paula on the Real World Key West and I love her wavy hair so I thought I’d try this out for a cheap enough price. I have super thick hair which can be slightly wavy if I let it dry naturally but I also have some straight sections too. This waver made my hair look like I have a loose perm, I love it. And if you want to have more defined waves/curls you can scrunch in some mouse or whatever styling product you prefer. My hair is about four inches past my shoulders and it took me 30 minutes to do all of it, but like I said my hair is very thick. This is a great way to get wavy hair without getting a perm.

Anna Paynes Creek, CA

Volume For Fine Hair

I’ve always had fine, straight hair. In the 80s, I used perms to help, but I didn’t want to fry my hair the rest of my life, so I looked for alternatives.I went through all kinds of styling tools fromRevlon RV261 20-Roller Ionic Professional HairsettertoConair CD103JCS Satin Finish 1-1/2-Inch Ceramic Curling Iron, and then some…even hair products like Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray Extreme 7 oz..I finally stumbled across this triple-barrel iron. While it takes much longer to style my hair, it doesn’t fall flat after only a few hours…in fact, I’ve had my waves last overnight.I would not recommend it to someone who is in a hurry, or anyone with shoulder-length or shorter hair…if you don’t have long hair, using this iron will make you look ridiculous.

Muriel Leonard, TX