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Vidal Sassoon Scroll Headbands, 2 Count

A delicate scroll design covers these thick plastic headbands. The headbands are flexible so they will fit almost any size head. Small nubs help hold the headband in place. One size fits most, the headbands flex to fit your head. Package includes 2 headbands- 1 tortoise and 1 black.

Key features

  • A delicate scroll design covers these thick plastic headbands
  • The headbands are flexible so they will fit almost any size head
  • Small grips help hold the headband in place and keep it from slipping off your head
  • Colors: 1 tortoise and 1 black headband
  • Package includes 2 headbands

Honest reviews


Eh, ok

They hurt my head but look good on. One has cracked but I cannot say for sure if it was the headband construction or if it was something else (fell on the floor). For me, i would not purchase again but i would not NOT recommend them.

Lilly Gonzales, LA

Too wide

The plastic was nice and flexible, but they were just a little too wide. They looked a little odd on me.

Gwendolyn Richfield Springs, NY

Comfortable headband

Those of us with thick hair have a hard time finding wide bands. Narrow ones won’t do, as hair escapes or band falls off when bending head. Happy with these, comfortable wearing, even with glasses.

Georgia Kingston, NJ

Pretty but a little uncomfortable.

Very pretty headband but my ears get sore from wearing it after a few hours. Nice and wide, so it is great for holding the hair back.

Jo Granville, VT

Great Head Band

This head band is great for natural African American hair! It is comfortable, it holds the hair back off your face, and it’s stylish. This can stand up to the thickness of natural African American hair.

Noemi Upton, WY

Vidal Sassoon Scroll Headbands

I really like these headbands. I use them mainly when washing my face, but I have found myself wearing them when working out and sometimes just for fun, too. These are really good headbands for the price, and I’m very happy I made this purchase.

Megan Canal Fulton, OH

Wide and showy

You will need to use a dremmel type tool to grind off about half the little points that dig into your skull on the sides. Once you do that, your headband can rate a 4, if you don’t have that ability, don’t purchase this. It will give you a headache unless you have a tiny head.

Althea Greenbrier, AR