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Vidal Sassoon Pro Series 1 Inch Touch Control Digital Straightener

Introducing the all new Vidal Sassoon Pro 1 inch touch digital strraightener. Touch slider controls allow you to adjust the temperature setting to your exact styling preference with a touch of a finger. The temperature lock feature prevents accidental setting changes and “memorizes” previous setting. Curling Iron comes with a tourmalince, ceramic plates, high heat up to 400 F, 30 second fast heat-up, rapid heat recovery, auto off, worldwide dual voltageand professional swivel cord.

Key features

  • Touch sliders controls; Adjust temperature with a touch of your finger
  • Temperature lock feature
  • High heat up to 400 F
  • 30 second heat up with rapid heat recovery
  • Auto shut off, with Worldwide Dual Voltage

Honest reviews


Girl, You Better Get Straight

This just might be my fifth hair iron, and initially, found the controls a bit confusing. They only seem to work immediately after you plug the unit in your wall socket, and then the setting locks in. While display is blinking, choose setting by sliding your finger along the temperature bar. Tap the lock symbol to set. Unit heats up very quickly, maximum temp is 400 degrees. So having three settings, assume they would be 200, 300 and 400. Would have been nice if accompanying literature was specific about heat settings.Ceramic plates are rough around the edges so they sometimes slightly snag at your hair. Ouch. Better designed irons have completely smoothed edges, so the plates glide through your hair without any resistance or breakage. Packaging insert recommends first using on the lowest setting. The lowest setting worked fine on my bangs, which are the least damaged portion of your hair. Note: the more damaged your hair is, the harder it is to style. For optimal results, highly recommend using a styling spray prior to ironing (Infusium 23 Leave In and Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp spray are both excellent). These sprays make you hair much more manageable, and cut down on styling time and protect from further damage.For reference my hair is fairly gray/bleached, so it’s very dry and resistant to coloring/straightening. The low setting hardly worked at all for the rest of my hair which has minimal damage. To do the bulk of my mop, had to punch it up to medium. And even then, the results were not as good as I’ve had using other straighteners. Let’s face it – this iron doesn’t get all that hot. Hesitated to use the hottest setting because not looking for pin straight hair, and don’t want additional damage, frankly.The verdict: NOT recommended for hair that’s medium or coarsely textured/damaged and/or hard to manage because the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Digital Straightener just WON’T cut it. Pro? Not really.Three and a half stars.;=UTF8&qid;=1400799425&sr;=1-3&keywords;=tresemme+hair+and+scalp+renewal;=UTF8&qid;=1400799510&sr;=1-1&keywords;=infusium+23

Ramona Gooding, ID

Not Good Enough….

The cons outweigh the pros on this one. I like the swiveling cord, and it heats quickly. However, it snagged my hair, and seemed to heat unevenly sometimes. The heat switch is hard to handle, it moves up and down on it’s on, and is just not reliable. Better products are available for less money, keep looking

Jillian Lake Ozark, MO

Not great, not awful

I have this as my back-up straightener. I have a more expensive straightener that is my go-to item, but (having learned from past experience) it’s always good to have some kind of back up if need be. Straighteners seem to always want to die half way through doing your hair. This one doesn’t get as hot as what I’m used to, and it takes me a few tries to actually get my hair straight, but if you have thin to normal hair, it will probably work better for you. Occasionally it will snag my hair, but it is what it is. For the price, it’s not awful….. but it’s not as high quality as the more expensive brands.

Amalia Starkville, MS

Not great. Uneven temps

I really felt like this straightener didn’t maintain an even temperature. Sometimes it was too hot. Sometimes it was too cool and didn’t straighten good enough. It’s not my favorite by far.

Louisa Grand Terrace, CA

I love that it gets to 400 degrees in less than …

The Pro Series straightener works really well with my thick, coarse hair. I love that it gets to 400 degrees in less than 30 seconds. It also keeps its heat really well, so I can move on to the next section of hair without waiting for iron to heat up. All the switches and temp adjusters are easy to use and don’t get in the way when you use the iron. I really like this iron, and it is sturdy enough that I know it will last for years!

Gloria Easton, WA

The slider control is frustrating

The straightening is about equal to other straighteners in the same price range. It’s not ‘amazing’ but it’s alright. The touch screen heat control……pain in the keester. You can’t tell the temp. It seems like it’s high tech……but it’s not….it’s frustrating to control the heat setting. The swivel chord is nice and works well. The automatic shut off after an hour is a great idea, because my step daughter is notorious for forgetting to turn the flatiron off. Overall, it’s average, but the control slider just annoyed me tremendously.

Zelda Paradise, MI

Confusing controls, but works well.

I got this for my daughter who is forever wanting to straighten her hair. She is 14 and found the settings confusing at first, but quickly adjusted. It heated up quickly, got nice and hot, and did a great job straightening her hair. She’s been using it daily for over a month now, has dropped it off the bathroom counter many times, and it is still working just like it did the first day. No real complaints from us!

Brigitte Elton, LA

Heats Quickly

This straightener does what it should – heats quickly & straightens well. The only thing to note, and I would give it 4.5 stars, is that you must remember to set the lock on the controls (and not touch it) while using the straightener. This is because the controls sit just under your thumb when holding the straightener (both left or right handed). Otherwise, it’s great – buy if the price is right.

Colette Hayfield, MN

It Works for Me Reasonably Well

The Vidal Sassoon Pro Series 1 Inch Touch Control Digital Straightener works considerably well considering the price range. The features that are appealing are many! One that I certainly appreciate is that the cord swivels preventing all those unwanted kinks of a cord wrapping up on itself when you are trying to style your hair. There’s almost nothing more annoying than that, let me tell you! There is no off and on switch, the straightener is on as soon as you plug it in. Considering I can be scatterbrained on occasion, a feature that is highly favored to me is the auto off after use! I’m certain this particular feature will ease the minds of many wondering if they’ve left their straighter plugged in. You & I can worry no more with this one!The digital aspect is pretty neat. You simply slide your finger up and down a scale to set the the heat temperature that you desire. There’s no numbers so you’ll kind of need to figure out your preference on your own though do note that the highest temperature is 400 F. After I found what worked best for my hair, I used the the locking feature to keep my preferred preferences and it remembers them for later use too! My hair is long, thick, and wavy and I found this straighter to work well on my hair. It gets hot quickly so I am able to style and be on my way in a matter of a few minutes!I will note that I did pinch myself a couple of time while using it. Mainly I was holding the straighter a bit low and pinched my hand on the lower area where you would squeeze the straightener to glide down the hair to flatten. I haven’t bumped or unlocked the digital heating settings that I put in at all when using. I wanted to make sure to mention this comes in one of those pain to open plastic packages and there’s no storage pouch to put the straightner in when not in use. There is however a 2 year warranty to be happy about!

Kelli Destrehan, LA

Lots of Nice Features

I love the way I can control the heat settings on this hair straightener, since I’m always afraid I’m going to burn myself on these things. I like the auto shut-off, too. My hair isn’t super curly, just a little wavy, so it works really well for me.

Lacy Lunenburg, VA

Does a good job

The straightener works well at straightening without getting so hot that it burns hair. The only negative is that it squeaks when you press the two arms together.

Kaitlin Travelers Rest, SC


I was impressed with how quickly this flat iron heated up but that’s about it. I have thick wavy hair and it didn’t do a very good job of straitening. I have another straightener that gets my hair perfectly straight right away (and it was cheaper than this one).

Genevieve Sharon, WI

nice looking basic straightener

A lightweight basic straightener. It heats quickly and does a reasonable job of straightening. It looks nice and has a modern (touch-based) control.On the negative, the controls are awkwardly placed where the user’s hands go (and easy to reset). As others have noted, hair can get caught where the bump housing the electronics sits. It doesn’t straighten very hot/fast, and comes packaged in one of those hateful plastic clamshells that takes a lot of effort to cut open.All that said, a basic straightener at a good price. If you’re all about your hair, this isn’t the best choice, but for occasional use or for a cheaper flatiron for your travel-kit, this one is decent.

Hilda Big Creek, WV

Surprising results!

My hair is thick, long, and high maintance. I figured since my Vidal Sassoon hairdryer is 10+ years old this straightner will last too.So let’s look at what this is and what it is not shall we. It is the “average womens” straightner. It can be purchased at most retailers and “civilian” beauty supply stores. It is not a Paul Mitchell or Chi straightner. So expecting it to work as such is unrealistic.This straightner did the trick on my hair I did have to go over it twice. That however can be corrected by using a bore bristle brush when blow drying. I love the swivel cord that’s probably the best thing I’ve seen in a while. The settings are on a touch screen and can be locked. I always hated accidentally turning the heat down on the dial of my Revlon.I have to say my hair looked salon quality when I was done. Something I have never beem able to achieve with a straightner of this caliber. So for the price you can’t go wrong, and the included 2 year warranty is just icing on the beauty cake. Recommend!

Karla Rockford, TN

I HATE this thing.

I always try to find some good to go with the bad when I’m reviewing a new product, but I honestly can’t find a single nice thing to say about this straightener. Well, I take that back, I like the color and it has a nice swivel for the power cord.Offsetting those two minor good points, here’s the bad:The controls suck. The lock feature is impossible to lock/unlock easily when needed, and then is too easy to unlock in use. The stupid slider heat control is difficult to work and unnecessarily fussy.I would put up with crummy controls if the straightener did a good job, but it doesn’t. Actually, that’s not true, it does a good job of straightening my hair, but it does a better job of pulling hair out of my head. Hair gets easily caught between the wand and the heated blades, and then is trapped. Removing trapped hair is difficult to near impossible, especially if you’re working at the back of your head. I do have very fine hair, so users with thicker hair may not experience this issue.Add to all this a bulky foot-long design and tiny heating plates that are only 3.5" long. I have a travel straightener that’s a diminutive 6" long with generous 3" plates, why would I want all this bulk for only an extra 1/2" of heating surface? No thanks.

Belinda Cochecton, NY

Hair snags during use. Fundamentally doesnt work.

There are a couple good features about this straightener but these are far out weighed by the bad.The good:a) Clever swivel for the power cord keeps it from twisting around itself.b) Has automatic shutoff after 1hr of non use.The Bad:a) When closing and sliding through hair, it caught in the lower half (below the heating plates) where there is a bump and a corresponding depression to house the electronics. So fundamentally it doesn’t work as a hair straightener.b) The heating plates are too small only about 4-5 inches long and 1" wide and using only the top 1/2 of the straightener blade.c) No lock to keep the plates closed for packing in a suitcase for example.d) The heat control is in an awkward location and since it uses a touch sensitive electronic screen, I found myself inadvertently changing the heat settings during use.e) Its delivered sealed in heavy hard plastic requiring a knife or heavy scissors to extract it.It only took me one or two tries to to realize this unit wont work. I have shoulder length hair. If they fixed the hair snagging problem it would probably be a serviceable straightener.

Berta Cedarville, AR

Good price.

This is a decent hair straightener at a very reasonable price. Is it perfect? No. I think the controls are more complicated than they need to be, and, my preference is for a 1.5 inch straightener. However, it did hold the heat well and my unit had even heat. It definitely heats up quickly and I appreciate the auto shut-off feature, as I am usually in a hurry in the morning. It straightened my hair well, and I do have naturally curly hair, so it passed the test. It is lightweight so it does not get my arm tired, either. A good, but not great, product.

Miriam Watkins Glen, NY

Quality but has room for improvement

This Vidal Sassoon Pro Series 1 Inch Touch Control Digital Straightener is a quality product. It feels well made and is easy to use. I like the design. But there are a few features that could be improved upon. I wish there was a temperature option above 400F. I have very course hair and often go to 425F or even 450F on my other straighteners. A wet to dry feature would also be welcomed. All in all, this is a nice quality straightener, but it doesn’t have the added features to replace my current favorites.

Hillary Rocky Mount, MO

Easy to Use

I found this straightener lightweight and easy to use. It heats up sufficiently. It has an autoshut-off which I like very much. It did a nice job of giving me smooth, straight hair. I did veto section my hair off first, then straighten smaller sections in order to get good results. If youhave very heavy or corse hair, this may not work for you or it will just take too long. My hairis slightly thick and fine. Also, I had to remember to set the lock on the controls while usingthe straightener. The controls sit right under my thumb when holding the straightener. Oneother point – the straightener is rounded on the sides, so it won’t sit on a counter top; it rollsover.

Queen Saint Charles, IA

Best for fine-med hair, not coarse.

This is a very nice looking straightener. The looks are very professional and it’s easy to use. The straightener has a long cord (six feet) and it swivels at the base. It really doesn’t show when it’s up to temperature but I could tell that it only took a couple of minutes to get ready. The temperature is shown in bars but the description paper describes the range of degrees. Once you lock in the desired temperature, you can go ahead and use the straightener without having to worry about turning it off or changing a setting. To change the setting or to turn it off, you have to hold the lock/unlock button for 3 seconds and then it’s ready for a new setting and be locked in again.My hair is fine-med texture so it was very easy to work with. The iron glided down without a problem. This straightener is not suitable for very coarse or rebellious hair. It won’t get hot enough and it won’t slide down so easily. I also tried a curling style which worked great with the length of my hair (about 2-3 inches below my shoulders). It cools off in about 10 minutes once it’s turned off. Recommended for fine-med hair (texture) and shoulder length + or – a couple of inches.

Deirdre Waynesville, OH