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Vidal Sassoon Memory Foam Jaw Clip, 2 Count

2 memory foam jaw clips with wide tooth claws and small grips. They have a strong grip and adjust to hold all hair types from thick to thin. The memory foam helps hold the clips in place. Includes 2 clips, one each in black and brown.

Key features

  • 2 memory foam jaw clips with wide tooth claws and small grips
  • They have a strong grip and adjust to hold all hair types from thick to thin
  • The memory foam helps hold the clips in place
  • Colors: 1 each brown and black
  • Package includes 2 clips

Honest reviews


two issues

The price was fine for the 2 clips in good basic black and tortoise shell colors. I’d rate them a 5 but the clip is difficult to open: while the small area to grasp makes the clip look nice, it makes it hard to grasp especially as it is a strong clip. Also: the design with missing central ‘tooth’ allows hairs to stick out a bit and look messy.

Georgia Kamas, UT

Wife Loves the Strength of These in her thick, Heavy, 4′ long, Hispanic Hair!!

If these work for my wife’s hair, they will truly hold "anyone’s". She is the test for "all" hair clips/products. I’ve never seen "anyone" with thicker, longer, heavier hair than her and the women in her family, so these are "excellent". The plastic is thicker and the spring is stronger than "any" of the others she’s seen in 9+years.

Rosalinda Durham, ME

Very springy, very useful

Perfect for my hair. They also haven’t lost any of their springyness even though I play with them all the time. I like them.

Lydia Sophia, NC

Love these convenient little clips

Regular size clips are too big for my long, thin hair (unless it is curled), so I thought I’d try these tiny little things. They are a perfect fit for my hair and barely show in my hair. Just a perfect size, I just bought more the other day.

Miriam Normantown, WV

Work well – could be a little more stylish

These clips are amazing for staying put all day. They’re very comfortable and easy to use. My only complaint is that they look rather dated.

Alana Park City, MT

Works Well for My Thin Hair

I have long thin, fine, slippery hair that is a challenge because clips and such are forever slipping out. I don’t like to use smaller clips because the minuscule size that I need tends to emphasize the lack of volume and make my hair look bad.This ingenious solution of simply putting a little grippy, rubber-like pad inside the clip allows me to use something a little bigger to give my hair the appearance of more volume. I used it yesterday for the first time and was pleased that at the end of the day it hadn’t budged. My hair looked nice all day long!

Leslie Fort Atkinson, WI


Great for hair to wear everyday and keep the hair up in back. I like this because they are the right size and good shape!

Penny Viola, KS

Waste of Money

Unless you don’t have a Walmart or a dollars store that’s the only reason purchase these for more than a dollar. They are tiny and flimsy and certainly will not hold any hair that is not extra fine. I was very disappointed and returned them immediately for a refund. Walked into Walmart and found better bargain.

Graciela Burlington, KS