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Vidal Sassoon Medium No Crimper Elastics, Neutral, 30 Count

Medium Thickness Neutral No Crimper Elastics have no metal crimp to catch on, break, or tangle your hair. The braided construction also helps prevent tangling and catching on hair. Colors: comes with elastics in shades of brown, green, black, and white. Includes 30 braided construction elastic ponytailers.

Key features

  • No metal crimp to catch on, break, or tangle hair
  • Medium thickness elastics hold hair in place without being too thick
  • Neutral color
  • Colors: brown, green, black, and white
  • 30 braided construction elastic ponytailers

Honest reviews


Great size for all ages

These elastics are a great size. They are not the big bulky ones, nor are they the tiny ones. They really are an in between size and can be used for both adults and children..

Lynn Pelham, TN

Slim hair ties-medium in name is somewhat misleading

Very thin elastics. Would be perfect for braids or ponytails for people with thinner hair or for those who do not want a really thick hair tie-size is like that of a normal hair tie but the elastic is thinner. Colors are fairly neutral-no bright or bold colors, which was as described.

Carmen Sumatra, FL

They work good

I had purchased these to get me over $25 for free super saving shipping and they actually work pretty good. I have pretty thick hair and so far they haven’t broken on me but they were a little thinner than I thought they would be but that’s ok.

Faith Lynchburg, OH

Won’t break your hair

I have "baby fine" hair and these do not cause my hair to break. I may be a little old (69) for "pony tails," but I use these a lot because fine hair is so hard to "put up." I am very pleased with them and would definitely purchase again.

Beatriz Wallace, MI

It works!

The Vidal Sassoon Medium No Crimper Elastics works great. I have medium to long hair and it’s not too thick so they stay on pretty good. They don’t stretch out as much as my other hair ties. I might try the thicker ones next time.

Allison Bath, SD

Vidal Sassoon Medium No Crimper Elastics, Neutral, 30 Count

This turned out to be a very good purchase. Only one has broken so far and the rest work fine, are durable and do not damage the hair :-).

Frances Wheeling, IL

Medium crimped elastics

I bought these because I’m always trying to do new things with my hair and I love these because they don’t leave a crimp In my hair. They do not get tangled in my hair. They dont do any damage to my hair. I’ve used these forever. I recommend these over the kind that have the metal piece any day! these are my all time favorite pony tail holders ever!! The colors I got were the neutral ones. I think the colored ones look odd on an adult so get the neutral colored ones! lol they stretch pretty good. I don’t have thin or thick hair I’m in the middle so I guess medium thickness?? and they work well for me!I must mention that I got these in the mail before the estimated delivery date.

Kristi Fort Myers, FL

thin, durable, flexible

exactly what I was looking for. Thin, durable, and flexible hair ties. Basic and painless. very please with the purchase

Leah Quantico, MD


There is nothing special about these. I have super thick long hair and I cant use it at all. It isnt stretchy enough for me, nor those it keep my ponytail up.

Florence Garfield, MN


My niece is always out of these. So, I bought her this big pack. She likes them. They are hair bands.

Lola Lawrenceville, GA

pretty good

They were a bit thinner than I expected but other than that, they worked well and for a good price.

Rosalinda Delmar, AL

they do the trick

these are your basic run of the mill hair tie. They will hold your hair up that’s for sure. These are the ones I keep in my purse for "just in case" since they’re cheap and small.

Bridgett Glendo, WY

Thin elastic, no metal

These are my favorite hair ties. I prefer the thinner elastic, although they do stretch out faster than thicker elastic ties. The colors are also nice and neutral.

Pam Vestal, NY


Love these bands always have and I will continue to buy them and use them as long as I have long hair.

Roxanne Canyonville, OR

What can I say?

These bands do what the packaging states they do, keep the hair in place without damaging your hair or braking it off.

Lorena Catharpin, VA

Don’t bother!

Absolutely terrible, I might as well be tying my hair with rubber bands. Save your money and get something else.

Kimberley De Mossville, KY

Pretty awful

I don’t know why I thought these hair ties were thicker than they actually are. They’re very thin and break really easily. They also barely wrap around my hair (and I have layers and my hair is pretty thin)Do yourself a favor and just got to the drugstore for your hair tie needs.

Jocelyn Franklin, TX

Nice quality

These are good for a pony tail. They came promptly. I like them a lot as they do not tear or break my hair.

Dianna Northvale, NJ

Not for thick hair at all!

Purchased for my daughter. They advertised "•Medium thickness elastics hold hair in place without being too thick". Good concept but does not work at all with hair of any thickness. After you put it in, within a very short time, the pony tail has drooped. It does not hold. Maybe good for people with extremely thin hair. Waist of money for us.

Brandy Reubens, ID

Satisfactory purchase

I like these because the colors are neutral and go with most things. They are thin though, so I don’t recommend them for people with very thick hair. But I haven’t had one break yet!

Esmeralda Powers, OR

Too big

These are too big for my hair and they are lose. I would not purchase them again. You really have to have a lot of hair and super thick hair to use them. Other than that, they are not worth it.

Hazel Ben Franklin, TX

Goof for the price and quantity

Overall I am happy with these. I would’ve gave five stars but I think they could be a little more stronger. Just don’t pull on them too much.

Julia New Hartford, IA

I love them, but I have thinner hair

I am seeing a lot of reviews claiming these bands are thin and are not suited for thick hair. I have a lot of hair but it’s very fine, and I’ve found that these bands are perfect for my hair. I actually love them more than any other hair band I’ve tried. In my opinion, these things are thick (much thicker than anything I’ve ever had in the past, anyway) and I can’t imagine ever snapping any of these in half.A lot of hair bands I’ve used have simply slid out of my hair by the end of the day even if I wrap them a million times over. These have a firm hold on my hair even though it’s really fine and can get oily, and don’t budge AT ALL. Even better, they never tug or pull when I remove them. No issues here… very happy with this purchase!

Karin Oak City, NC

overall, pretty pleased with these

Like mo3pal said, these are a bit small especially if you wear them around your wrists. I have very thin wrists but they still start to cut off my circulation if I have more than one around my wrist.Nice colors (marroon, dark brown, light brown, black, army green, cream/white)–I gave the white ones to a blonde friend because I have very dark hair and they don’t work well with my hair, but all the other colors are great with by black brown hair.I haven’t had these long enough to comment on their durability, although in all honesty they look like what you’re paying for. not really high quality, but they’ll do.

Rosalyn Georgetown, GA

Thinner than expected but great product

I thought these were thicker from the picture, but they are still great. No metal, minimal crimping after wearing for a little while and nice neutral colors = win! 🙂

Francesca Hellertown, PA

Best hairband ever

I absolutely swear by these Hairbands! I cannot go back to any other, They are slim sleek and just perfect

Shanna Ravine, PA


I like these but i just wish they were a bit thicker. Not recommended if you have a lot of hair.

Suzette Gambrills, MD

Quality bands

These bands are thin and don’t break easily. Around my wrist I can barely feel that it is there. The color assortment isn’t bad; neutral.

Sandy Negaunee, MI