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Vidal Sassoon Ionic Styling Comb Assortment

This complete professional styling comb collection is perfect to section, tease, add lift or volume, detangle or smooth hair. the ionic technology creates ultimate shine with less frizz for healthy hair. the multiple combinations of combs provide for a perfect combination for all hair types and lengths. 3 pack includes tail comb, detangling/styling comb and volumizing comb pick.

Key features

  • Salon styling at home
  • Professional styling comb collection
  • Ionic technology for smooth styling
  • Perfect combination for all hair types and lengths
  • Includes tail comb, detangling/styling comb and volumizing comb pick

Honest reviews


Styling comb assortment

I bought these because I needed some styling tools I love doing different things with my hair so these are a necessity. It comes with 3 combs. One for styling/teasing, one is for brushing out tangles, and the other for parting and stuff. The packaging tells you what to do with and how to use each one. they are plastic except the teasing brush which has a metal tail. the teasing comb also appears to be more of the brush style but mine wasnt it was just a regular comb with a metal tail which I didn’t like but it does get the job done! I would recommend to all!

Lara Gilman, CT

Didn’t get the point

I have always been somewhat to very satisfied with my purchases here. This time when ordering this item the deal was to get a rat tail comb so I could take my braids out. The order came fast, but the POINT of the rat tail comb was missing. This particular comb had been broken; the metal part was broken at the tip leaving a jagged short spike, and shipped that way, meaning the point was not in the package and the package was sealed. Maybe a little quality control is warranted here. It was too much of a bother to send the order back, so I just went to my local Duane Reade and bought a new set of combs. But the general idea of internet shopping for me, is to avoid the crowds in stores. Purpose defeated this time around. Funny tho, each time I look at the rat tail comb I laugh. Instead of detangling, this baby would rip your hair right out!!

Jocelyn Combs, AR

great product, great price

these are great, they are combs, they do what they are supposed to do, but they are well made, good quality, and a great price! glad I got these!

Francisca Ravenden Springs, AR


Enjoying my combs. I have long hair and I’m usually doing something to it, braiding or curling and sometimes I need an extra comb.

Delia Rockland, MI

Well-Made, Functional…and I received THREE combs

Copying from the Description: “Includes tail comb, detangling/styling comb and volumizing comb pick”.I received THREE COMBS: The two pictured AND a dual-purpose White Comb.The White Comb is a sort of Detangler comb, it’s a total seven (7) inches in length. There are twelve(12) large teeth and then twenty-eight (28) tightly spaced narrowed ”teeth”. Very sturdy and yet gentle on the hair. I kinda got the impression this particular comb would be great for longer-length hair.Each comb defintely gives a definite, different enhancement to my hair. Never experienced that before now…The Black (pictured) Detangler/Pick Comb is eight (8) inches long, fourteen ”teeth” on the top-end with twelve (12) inter-spersed ”jagged” mini-teeth. Definitely could be used as a teaser comb. The pick has five (5) two-inch long teeth, in my opinion the pick portion could be used on anyone’s hair for lifting while spraying, esp. for bangs.The Black ”pick” comb is about 7-3/4 inches long with the metal pick about 3-inches in length, the upper portion actually has around fifty-six (56!!!) give-or-take a few very tightly-spaced teeth. I noticed the teeth durablility on this one wasn’t quite as sturdy as the other two, but maybe because it’s designed for specific teasing results is my best guess. I’ve used all three and like them all.Surprised at the value/quality and detail. Recommended.

Dayna Marblehead, MA

Great combs =)

Product came on time and was packaged nicely =) I really like to use these combs when I get out of the shower. They are made very well

Ashleigh Salisbury, VT

ok combs

The combs are fine, but shipping took SO LONG. I purchased them for a certain event and everything I needed came in but them. I made do but wasn’t pleased about it.

Jillian Myra, WV

Good set

I ordered this comb set mostly for the white comb in the picture, but since the price was right I went for the set. Good quality and works well.

Allie El Paso, TX

Great handy assortment

I use the combs and love the price and quality. They both have their purpose the rat tail for teasing and lift, the larger toothed for combing out wet hair and tangles, with the pick for lifting and smoothing. Really good prices for great combs.

Heather Newburg, WI


I love these combs! The white one is my best friend. I have long straight baby fine hair that is always tangled and really tangled after washing. This white combs goes right through and doesn’t hurt pull out or damage my hair! The other combs work wonders too.

Elva Otter Rock, OR

combs work fine

These combs do what they are supposed to do, no problem. They seem a tiny bit scratchy on the scalp though.

Doreen Gary, IN

A comb set

just ot for a stocking stuffer for Christmas, Just a comb set so what more can you really say, Its a nice set

Flossie Tieton, WA

Great buy!

Amazon Prime shipped this instantly! It came in perfect condition. I bought this item for the rat tail comb, and got the other 2 items as bonuses. Everything works lovely and are very durable. If you style hair, these items are a must.

Aida South Fork, PA

Didn’t notice the comb at first!

but, now that I look closely I see it lol like a ghost!anyway I bought this for the rat tail so I can straighten my hair seamlessly. I didn’t straighten my hair just yet but when I do I will update my reviewanyway 5 stars because the combs are useful.I just don’t like that they are not seamless which is’nt safe for anyone’s hair. but still, doable.

Bridgette Grapevine, AR

styling comb assortment

These combs are great for the price! They provide a wide variety of styling options. Overall, I would definitely recommend them!

Dora Walnut, MS

Nice combs

It’s a sad world indeed when you need more than one comb to fix your hair. But it is, in fact, true and since you need them you might as well get these. They will do the job nicely.

Kristen Camden Wyoming, DE


Needed combs for my hair, and these fit the bill. They’re basic but why would you need anything more to simply untangle your hair?

Marietta Jekyll Island, GA

Hit and miss…

These combs were packed well and arrived in a timely manner. The potential for good quality is there, but one of the combs was severely deformed. The other two are sturdy and meet expectations, but the third looks as though it did not receive the proper amount of plastic in the mold in which it was created. Not worth sending back. Poor quality control.

Deana Karlstad, MN

Perfect combs for long hair!

For anyone with long thick hair, these are all the combs one will ever need. They are thick and strong and do all they are supposed to do. I also like that on the package, it tells what each combs purpose is and how to use it. For the price, one can’t go wrong!

Brandi Grassy Meadows, WV

Great quality!

My husband is a licensed stylist, retired, so i get free hair cuts at home. But After having my scalp scraped up from the cheap combs from wal Mart, I knew we needed better combs. These are high quality and the teeth are smooth and rounded. Great item.

Leanna Cambridge, NE

Perefect stylist comb set

Perfect high quality comb set, not the cheap hard plastic that breaks off in your hair, these combs are flexible and strong. Great to use when highlighting hair with foils, the metal tipped comb hold the foils tightly, and is also great for weaving in color or braiding.Excellent comb set to keep in your supplies

Adeline Woodward, PA

1/3 ain’t bad

I love the rat tail comb but I feel like the other 2 combs make a lot of extra hairs fall out though. Great value for the combs though.

Rosetta Calvin, LA

Great combs with a brand name I trust!!

I love Vidal Sassoon products and although he is now gone, the quality he demanded in his products carries on by whomever has taken over the line. These combs serve specific purposes by their design and are extremely tough and well made.

Alexandria Grand View, ID

nice combs

I do not like to run a brush through my hair because I feel like they cause a lot of breakage. I had a comb for forever that just recently broke (even more than it already was), so I decided to find a suitable replacement. The white comb is amazing for getting the knots out while not pulling the curl out of my hair. The black comb on the right is great for a bit of teasing to add some body when my hair seems kinda heavy. I haven’t used & doubt I will need the black comb on the left…well, it might be good for putting my hair in a pony tail, which I rarely do. I like to leave the house with salon quality hair.

Amparo Roxbury, NY

Nice set

It’s a nice little cheap set and the brushes are pretty sturdy so it won’t bend easily which is good if you have thick hair.

Elinor North Java, NY

So easy, I love it.

I bought these as an add on. They are great. Combs my hair great and teasing it is so easy. Yes buy this.

Jodie Ellinwood, KS

Does what it is suppose to do!!

This a cute little set for my hair, its perfect for sectioning and combing while straightening or curling your hair. I’ve found these three useful and will be purchasing again!

Avis Jaroso, CO

Nice set

Not much to say except they are solid, sturdy plastic and does the job! I would recommend this product. Yep.

Valerie Berlin, WI

Ionic hairdryer GOOD, ionic comb BAD

Should you buy this: Nah.Pros: It combs hairCons: It statically charges hair and causes frizzingI wanted a cheap comb to avoid burning my fingers when I straighten my hair, and these fit the bill. However, I can’t use them to actually comb my hair because the “ionic” effect causes my hair to become statically charged and frizz, which is kind of the opposite of what I want to happen when I comb my hair. They work well for my purposes (something between my fingers and my straightener), but I wouldn’t recommend anyone looking to actually comb their hair buy these.

Anne East Rochester, NY


These combs are a little more lightweight than I imagined they would be. I figure they will probably not last a real long time; however, they do what they are supposed to do.

Evangeline Dane, WI