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Vidal Sassoon Flex Clincher Comb, Brown

Large flex clincher comb has a wide tooth claw connected with a flew comb. The unique design stretches to hold back everything from bangs to large pieces of hair. Holds hair in place all day without stretching out or falling out. Color: tortoise. Package includes 1 comb.

Key features

  • Large flex clincher comb has a wide tooth claw connected with a flew comb
  • Unique design stretches to hold large pieces of hair
  • Holds hair in place all day
  • Color: Brown
  • Package includes 1 comb

Honest reviews


workks great

I took a chance and ordered two of these. I have long thick very wavy hair. I have the kind that clips together and sometimes they can be a bit tight for my liking. I got these and tried it as soon as I got it out of the package. I really do like it. You can adjust it to fit firmly, or a bit loose. It is great. I would recommend this product. Thank You Amazon.

Tammi Kermit, WV

Did not work with my hair

I never got this comb to hold in my hair (thin hair). I am not sure if I was using it wrong or what. I gave it away.

Lisa Rosewood, OH

Hair comb

I can not get it to latch (stay together) even when not putting it in my hair. When I could get it in, it was a challenge to get my hair to lay down smoothly on the sides and was unappealing to look at. Not the effect I was going for. Plastic is flimsy, not sure if this will prevent it from breaking or break easier.

Terrie Bay Shore, NY


Does not hold my hair (yes it is a bit thick and wavy). Broke on the 3rd wear. It may be cheap but its still a waste of money.

Nora Sutton, MA

Can you say rat nest!

I sooo wanted to like this. For my work I need my hair pulled back but this is not it. I do have fine hair which makes it hard to hold a comb or anything else in my hair but this.. the bottom part of the comb from head tipping and twisting turns your hair into a knotted mess!! TONS of hair conditioning and coconut oil later, I worked out the comb and the knots. Its not comfortable either. NOT FOR FINE HAIR!!!

Kathie River Pines, CA


I thought I could hold my long hair in the flexible part and clip it shut, but it’s too big for the bulk of my hair and I have to fasten the clip part above it and that just looks silly because it’s almost to the top of my head. Oh well.

Juanita Tuppers Plains, OH

exceptional hair clip !

This hair clip is my favorite. The comb seems to be made out of a stronger plastic and it securely stays locked together. I have shoulder length natural curly hair and this gives me a nice draped ponytail look – i receive many compliments.

Jayne Houghton, SD


easy to use very good material do not break become loose like other kinds which i tried before and it looks nice

Vicki Paron, AR

Vidal Sasson Flex Clincher Comb Brown

Doesn’t hold hair like it should, something is wrong with design. Very disappointed – bought two thinking it would work great.

Debora Tunkhannock, PA

alterative for bannana clips

i have really thick curly hair and love the look of the banana clip but thay always pull apart because of how this my hair is . with this most of my hair is in the bottom and just anuff goes in the comb part . once it is locked in place good it stayed all night . the key is to make shere the teeth are together all the way to the end were the teeth come out at .

Allie Rochelle Park, NJ