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Vidal Sassoon Clix Contour Comb Clips, Large, 4 Count

Large Clix Contour Comb Clips. Comb teeth securely hold hair in place. Includes 4 clips. Includes 2 black, 2 bronze.

Key features

  • Comb teeth securely hold hair
  • Large style contour clips
  • Square shape
  • Assorted Colors
  • Includes 4 clips

Honest reviews


Sassoon Clips

These clips do keep hair in place well. They are 4 different finishes and I would like to wear one on each side sometimes so I am going to order another set so I’ll have two of each finish. They are much more attractive than bobby pins and not childish looking. They work!

Nelda Howe, TX

They Provide A Secure, Comfortable Fit

These are a great find. I have used the smaller versions of these clips also, and both work well. I like these large clips particularly when I pull back my hair. They hold it in place beautifully. I find that I do not need to adjust these lips at all during the day. This is the way that hair clips are supposed to work…pretty, secure, comfortable, and functional! I highly recommend Vidal Sassoon Clix Contour Combo Clips, Large, 4 Count.

Sonya Hillsboro, TX

Large Clips

I needed some clips to hold the little pieces of hair off my neck when I put my hair in a ponytail. They’re big enough that one holds the hair up like I need.

Lorene Frenchville, PA


these are the best clips for my hair i have found! i have very fine, whispy hair. these clips catch and hold the sides up off my ears. i am very pleased. they close almost flat all the way across the clip, unlike some which have a larger space which does not hold anything and one end. they are large, but not too large and take the place of 2 smaller clips that i used to have to put in.

Amber Alderson, WV

Great Clips with problems

Holds my hair well but the paint chips off very quickly.Also amazon description says 2 black and 2 brown. That’s not true. It’s 4 different colors so if you want to wear 2 at a time and have them match, you have to buy multiple packs, like I did. Since they are chipping, I will try to spray paint them all black so they match.

Nan Kahului, HI

nice clip

a little big but they do work well. easy to put in and they stay put. two of mine look like they are the same color so could wear as a pair, but i usually only wear one at a time anyway.

Marcy Pontotoc, TX

Great clips for fine hair

Really enjoy these clips because they hold my fine, Celtic hair without cutting it. A really great product for me!

Ellen Shandon, OH

Wish these came in matching-colored pairs, but are otherwise great

Someone on a fitness forum had recommended these to me to use to hold your hair in place while working out, and I really like them for that purpose!They have a great grip and are really strong.My only wish is that they came in matching pairs of two. With this set, you get four different colors, which looks odd if you do want to wear two of them at a time.These also don’t snag your hair or get caught on it. I have fine, wavy hair, and these hold it (and my layers) in place.

Catherine Slaughters, KY


Why is it that no barrettes can stay in my hair? First of all, these hold hardly any hair. The hair cannot go through to the back of the clip, so it has barely any hold. Maybe it’s bc my hair is so fine…so frustrating…These also pull out your hair…it gets stuck in between the bits of metal on the front point. The only thing I like about these is the size. They look very pretty, but they just don’t stay put!

Melanie Hermansville, MI


I have some trouble clipping my hair up because it is on the fine/thin side but these really do the trick. I wish you could bu a pack of one color, but minor detail.

Laura Belk, AL

4 different colors

It’s nice that they hold thick hair, not many barrettes are large enough to. They do slide out over the course of the day. Also, they are all different colors. I was hoping they’d be two matching pairs.

Hattie Arvilla, ND

It works!

It does a good job holding my fine & silky hair. Now I am waiting to order another set (this item will be my filler for free shipping) so I can have a pair of each color.

Kristina Goodwell, OK

love it

i have very thick hair, so i needed a clip to pull back my bangs, and i read the reviews on these clips, and decided to purchase it and glad i did. great clips..totally recommend it..

Elnora Grampian, PA


I have some of these already but they are smaller. I didn’t realize they would be this big and frankly they are just to big.

Juliet Wolfe City, TX