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Vidal Sassoon Bobby Pins, Black, 60 Count

60 black bobby pins for holding back fly aways, bangs, and small pieces of hair. Also great for securing updos and complicated hairstyles. Color: black. Package includes 60 black bobby pins.

Key features

  • 60 black bobby pins
  • Holds back fly aways, bangs, and small pieces of hair
  • Also great for securing updos and complicated hairstyles
  • Color: black
  • Package includes 60 black bobby pins

Honest reviews


straight forward

These are pretty much straight forward bobby pins. The one thing i do like is that they are tight and dont lose their shape fast. They last me a long time because i can reuse them so often.

Gayla Spooner, WI

Bobby Pins

There is no creative way to talk about bobby pins. They are like any other hair pin I have used and I would recommend this product to anyone that needs hair pins. They dont bend out of place, they are pretty tight which is good because I dont have to adjust them throughout the day.

Jaclyn Kenansville, FL


these are typical, normal bobby pins. They stay in well, they match my hair color and they do the job

Deborah Three Bridges, NJ

Multi-purpose pins

These bobby pins have worked very well on my and my daughters’ hair. We all have thick, wavy/curly hair that tends to get a little wild (especially in humidity), and these pins hold our hair in place, they retain their shape, and they are very easy to use.They also come in handy to unlock various doors in the house (bathroom, bedroom, etc), to hold a bed canopy back when you’ve lost the sash that is supposed to hold it back, and can keep a small pile of papers together in a pinch.Good product, great price!

Hattie Mimbres, NM

Vidal Sassoon Bobby pins black 60 count

I bought these because I have lost most of mine and these are an every day necessity for me! I love these! They work so well with my hair! they stay in place and hold all day! Sometimes I spray them with hairspray and let it dry before I use them because it holds your hair better. They are the perfect size as well! smaller or larger ones do not work for me. I’ve noticed that with these I don’t have the crimp line in my hair when I take them out. these are my fav and I recommend them for use by everyone! you won’t be disappointed!

Regina Buffalo, WV

They Do The Job

I do not have much to say about plain bobby pins. They are firm and hold my hair in place when I am securing my twists or when I want to pin a section of hair. They work fine.

Gilda Blencoe, IA


Perfect. You can never have too many of these. For some reason, no matter how careful I am to take them out of my hair at night and put them in a cup that I keep just for this purpose, I can never manage to find any when I need them (I suspect the cat).

Tonia Lake Wales, FL

Just regular bobby pins

Figured if I buy a “salon brand” that I’d get some fancy looking bobby pins, lol. No, not really. They’re all the same to me. Purchased this when it was on sale, so better price than in the store. Free shipping too since I had over $25 in my cart. Hooray! ;]

Cathryn North Falmouth, MA


I use Bobby Pins often on my hair and also my daughters hair and these work well. They stay in the hair well and my daughter has the thickest hair that we put it up in buns. I do recommend these to others.

Jannie Belleview, MO

Standard Product

These do what bobby pins are supposed to do which is hold your hair back. The product is not exceptional but it does the trick.

Camille Cataumet, MA

Works like we expect

I just bought these for my daughter and so far they work as expected. If I haven’t come back to update this review it means they are holding up.

Kelley Arvada, CO

Must Have

Every woman that does up-dos must have these as part of their hair-care cabinet! Keep those short hairs hiding so your up-do looks perfect!

Janine Realitos, TX

5 Star Hold

I am very happy with this pins. Now, I can do an up style and not worry about pieces of hair falling down. No complaints thus far.

Dianna Ark, VA

Good stuff

If you wear bobby pins a lot you probably know that the cheaper ones tend to have really skimpy rubber tips that cause hair pulling and skull poking. These don’t do that. So there’s all you need to know, otherwise they are just like every other bobby pin I wear.

Suzanne Roosevelt, TX

Great add-on item

I purchased these bobby pins as an add-on with another purchase. Great quality and great price. I’m loving the new "add-on" thing to add small items to bigger purchases. Much easier than remembering to add them to my list for next time I go to store.

Shannon Stratton, CO

Good pins; Do their job and don’t break

Bobby Pins aren’t really too hard to master, I would think – but as far as Bobby Pins go these are good. They have a coating that doesn’t come off, are sturdy and don’t bend/break when I use them, and hold well. Recommend.

Blanche Rochester, TX

Bought it for the shipping

Simply put, these were just the extra item for free shipping. The hold isn’t great.. and I have very fine hair. I am just going to recommend the Goody brand. :)-Kayla xx

Nora Lemitar, NM

Too Flimsy

These bobby pins are too flimsy. When you open them up to put them in your hair, they do not go back together as tightly as it should. I would never buy these again.

Nelly Indian Hills, CO


Vidal sasson always has reliable products. these bobby pins are flexible enough to put in easy, and they come out with minimal pulling, yet they stay put! I will never buy another brand of bobby pin!

Robin Pilot Grove, MO

Great for Thin Hair

I love the fact that when you order this product it comes with 60!! More than enough for one person. So I gave some to my sister and still have. More than enough 😀

Regina New Orleans, LA

excellent product

well first off the price was great to me anyway compared to the cheaper ones i buy that evenetually stick me in my head. the bulb at the end is firm and doest come off easily so its definitely worthit.

Willie Fountain City, IN


I mainly only bought this product cuz I was needing it to get to the $25 free shipping, haven’t used them much but they seem like any others you can buy at the $1 store.

Verna Mount Pleasant, SC

Does not stay in hair!

Don’t have the same hold as other brands I have used. Will prob. end up in the trash. Such a waste of money!

Jenna Mallard, IA

Bobby Pins

There isn’t too much to say about these! The work just like they are suppose to. I got these as an add on for a cheap price. It’s nice to be able to add these small items on to your order.

Briana Clements, MN

2 inches Bobby Pins

I needed an add-on item in order to get free shipping so I decided to buy these, since I keep losing my bobby pins. Right now I only have 30 pins lol and I bought these in December. At least they are cheap and holds the fly away hair good.

Liliana Gold Run, CA


So bobby pins… I just needed an add-on. These weren’t that bad, but not the best quality either. They are just used on occasion for me, but they’re not the first thing I reach for to pin back my hair. The price is cheap so there was nothing to lose.

Allyson Harwinton, CT

They’re Bobby Pins

What can you say?They’re Bobby Pins.I got 60 of them, as described, and they were all in good quality.

Vicki Chemung, NY

Not Bad

I had no issues with these pins. They actually lasted me longer than I thought they would. They tend to bend easily, and that’s one of my concerns. I got exactly what I paid for. I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Becky Benton City, MO

Great quality

Great price for the quantity you get. This is usually 4 bucks at regular stores. I can afford to lose some of them now 🙂

Alberta Long Island City, NY

They’re ok.

They’re average bobby pins, but not very strong. They’re fine if you’ve lost all yours I guess, but tend to get bent out of shape easily.

Mavis Jonesville, TX