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Vidal Sassoon 2 Piece Omega Claw Clips, Large

Pack of 2 large omega claw clips that are great for clipping back small pieces of hair. They have a strong grip so they will stay in place all day. Great for thin to thick hair without being too tight or hard to use. Size: large clips. Package includes 2 clips, 1 each brown and black.

Key features

  • Pack of 2 large omega claw clips that are great for clipping back small pieces of hair
  • They have a strong grip and adjust to hold all hair types from thick to thin
  • Suitable for thin to thick hair without being too tight
  • Size: large clips
  • Package includes 2 clips, 1 each brown and black

Honest reviews


Have not broken them yet…

I use hair clips daily, I won’t even sleep without them, so they usually don’t last very long. I always end up dropping them and breaking them or they snap at the spring because I can’t leave them alone..these are better made than the others I have bought but they are bigger. I usually use these to pin a pony tail to the back of my head if that makes sense.

Alissa Soledad, CA

Not very adaptable

I was looking for a new kind of hair clip. These aren’t big enough to make it around a bun containing all my hair but they are too big to hold up all of my hair if I twist it up into a line instead. To be fair, my hair is fine but thick and hair dressers remark that I have a lot of hair. It is likely a great fit for certain people, but it isn’t very adaptable to different situations so hopefully it fits well for most people.

Tina Wishon, CA

Love these! Comfortable and affordable!

I have very long, thick hair and these hair clips hold ALL my hair up comfortably! No pinching or hair coming down at all. I’m in Aruba right now and the island tends to be windy and my hair stayed up all day. I’ll even say I don’t make my twist tight and it still stayed in. I’ve tried several types of clips and they don’t work because of the thickness of my hair. I’m definitely going to purchase another set to keep on hand. They arrived on time and packaged in bubble wrap henceforth, no damage to them at all.

Sophia Greybull, WY

They are BIG !!!

I broke one by laying my head on my headboard ….. I do like them very much …. must take them out of hair before getting into bed !!!! I plan to order a couple more in the event I break them !!!

Dorothy Emporium, PA

I have fine hair and it’s slightly wavy

My hair is down to the center of my back. I have fine hair and it’s slightly wavy. Regular clips were becoming tight and slipping so I ordered these.These are BIG clips. To give an idea you can easily fit a toilet paper roll into them with room to spare.They are indeed TOO large for my fine hair but I can JUST get them to stay if I pull my hair into a bun.These clips are better for THICK hair I think. If you have thick hair these should be perfect. They do have a great hold too.

Colette Violet Hill, AR

A bit of a trick to get hair in them neatly, for me. Look just like photo, sturdy enough,…so far.

The photo is quite accurate, and they seem sturdy enough. I probably would not buy them again though, because it takes just an extra minute that I won’t share to get this claw neatly in place, but that’s just because of my fumbly fingers! You may not have the same experience. Good for thin hair.

Luz Manning, OR

These work well for my thick, wavy, fine hair

I bought this two-pack, hoping I could use them to clip up my mid-back ponytail during workouts. They’re not quite strong enough to keep my hair up while jumping around, but they do work well for regular use. I have fine, wavy hair, and these hold it up and off pretty well.The photo looks a bit odd, but really they’re just giant clips (kind of like jaw or octopus clips) that have a lot more room inside the mouth of the clip.The plastic does look a bit cheap, so these aren’t the nicest things to wear out, but for around the house they’re great.

Barbara Cocoa Beach, FL

Vidal Sassoon

I like these alot and wear the black one almost every day! I am looking to sharing the complements I have gotten on the Black one very much.

Jill Parryville, PA


My hair shattered these after a few uses, don’t bother! Also, I have A LOT of hair and these were very big.

Teri Milo, ME

For long and thick hair

I have thick,below shoulder length hair and these clips do not work for me. When I do a twist with one of these clips,my hair slips out within about 30 minutes or less. These would work for someone with really long,wavy hair,perhaps.

Antonia Bethlehem, CT

Perfect for my length of hair

I really like this claw clip, especially because it is wingless. I had a couple that broke, but I returned them and Amazon replaced them without any hassle. The look is lovely in my hair too.

Rosella Fergus Falls, MN

Great for my daughter’s hair

My daughter has shoulder length hair, but it’s super thick and wavy. One of these will hold her hair up in a messy twist updo for hours without having to be repositioned. It’s an easy hair style for her to get her hair out of the way and she loves these clips.

Earnestine Joiner, AR

SO happy these are sold on amazon!

My sister introduced me to these clips and I remember first thinking that they looked funny and like they wouldn’t hold up your hair. I was wrong and was sold on buying one but then I could not find them anywhere in stores. I was SO happy when I found them on Amazon! I have medium length wavy hair and when I roll it and spin it into a bun these clips hold the bun perfectly. They are a great size and hold so much more hair in a round bun than any other clip I have tried. It is a strong, useful clip so don’t let the odd shape of it mislead you!

Vilma Welch, WV