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Vidal Sasson VS505 1875W Fast Dry Turbo Dryer

Vidal Sassoon 1875W Fast Dry Turbo Dryer with diffuser features 3 heat and 2 speed settings. There is a rubberized handle and nozzle for easy holding. It has separate heat/speed controls for added styling flexibility. There is a cold shot button for setting style after drying. The finger diffuser attachment disperses airflow for gentle drying. There is an airflow concentrator for focused drying.

Key features

  • Rubberized Handle & Nozzle for Better Control & Grip
  • 3 Heat / 2 Speed Settings for styling flexibility
  • Cold Shot Button releases cool air to set the style
  • Removable end cap for easy lint cleaning
  • Dryer comes with Concentrator & Diffuser Attachments

Honest reviews


Easy Hair Styling from Vidal Sassoon

Hair dryers are one of life’s necessary products and even though I rarely use them, I still recognize the need and that is part of the reason I own this hair dryer from Vidal Sassoon. I rarely use a hair dryer but even with my limited usage, I can clearly see the advantages of owning a hair dryer like this one. First, it is nice to have three different heat settings and two different air flow speeds. I have owned simpler devices before that only offered two heat settings and one speed. On warm heat and high airflow, my hair is completely dry in about two to three minutes. There is a higher heat setting that would probably do the trick even faster but I avoid this setting because it is too hot on my head.Vidal Sassoon Professional also offers special attachments and added features that make it a good choice for those with longer hair and special hair problems. One added feature is the ionizer. This is easily turned on or off using the switch on the top of the hair dryer. Ionization, I have been told, seals in moisture, makes the hair dry faster, and eliminates frizziness. This feature is very nice for those with longer hair because it can help lessen the need for conditioner and other hair products.The diffuser that comes with this hair dryer is very good and quite large in size. It is very effective because of its size and because it has so many prongs (12 in total). It makes curly hair look very nice, diffusing the heat in an efficient manner so that no small area is getting blasted with excess heat.Other features on this hair dryer include a cold blast feature and the straightening device. The cold blast is designed to quickly blast the hair with cold air to help hold a style in place and it probably works best on those with long, straight hair. The straightening device is, again, for people who have straight hair, want to straighten their hair, or want only a small amount of wave. It isn’t useful to us but it seems to be a good attachment and it easily snaps on and off the front of the hair dryer.Overall, this hair dryer is a very good device that performs to near perfection on people with short hair (like most any hair dryer) and works well for those with longer hair thanks to the additional features and extra attachments. Add to that the three heat levels, two speeds, and 1875 watts of power and you have the makings of a professional hair styling device- one that offers the essential features to give most people the final results they want at a low cost.

Juliana Acra, NY

hair dryer

I love this hair dryer and the price was right.I would use this company again.

Maricela Statenville, GA

Great blow dryer

I purchased this dryer in August of 2011 and I still use it almost every day without any problems. I love that it has the option of the cold shot button, I have used this to dry my lashes after applying mascara, to dry my nails and to set my hairstyle after drying it. 🙂

Ingrid Wilkes Barre, PA


There is NOTHING Turbo about this hair dryer. You definitely get what you pay for. I should have known better to buy a $15 hair dryer. So, it’s my own fault. I didn’t bother returning it, I just went to the store and bought a new one.It’s extremely loud. The cord is stiff and plasticky. There’s no power to it. Even on the highest setting, someone could probably blow in to my hair with more umph!Spend the extra few dollars and choose a better one.

Ramona Roachdale, IN

Favourite Hair Dryer

Bar none, this Vidal Sassoon hair dryer is the best I’ve used. I’m quite picky about my dryers and this model (VS505) offers everything. Cold shot, warm & hot setting. It also offers the different speeds. I like the air flow. Nothing worse than having a poor stream of air to dry your hair! I haven’t really used the attachments so I won’t comment on them.This particular dryer lasts a good long time too! Some brands conk out after a year or so and the Vidal Sassoon brand is one you can trust. I have a duplicate Vidal Sassoon VS505 in my closet just waiting incase my current one ever decides to peter out on me! I’ve tried others and they’re not the same!

Manuela Copalis Crossing, WA

Vidal Sasson VS505 hair dryer

This dryer is great. Has good heat with 3 strengths. I’ve only had this 2-3 weeks but so far it’s done it’s job. I have curly hair and only have used it with the diffuser.

Leola Vestal, NY

Awesome Blow Dryer 🙂

My wife just used this today for the first time. It shipped very fast. She said it was a lot lighter than her previous dryer and she dried her really long, thick hair in 10 minutes. She used the diffuser attachment and her hair turned out great. She got a lot more curl using the diffuser than just letting it air dry. She used it on the low setting at medium heat. It usually takes her 30 minutes to dry her hair. She said she actually enjoyed it. The noise was a bit more high pitched than her previous dryer. But, hey its a blow dryer its not supposed to be quiet, its supposed to dry your hair. She also liked the grip on the nozzle. She said that would come in handy for when she blow dries her hair straight and she won’t have to worry about burning her hands. The concentrator attachment can be placed vertically or horizontally and she thought that was a big plus. Both the attachments were easy to put on and take off. Overall, a great blow dryer at a great price 🙂

Erin Polkton, NC

Turbo Hair Dryer

Great and it replaced another brand I had. Especially like the Turbo Dryer for keeping the fuzzy hair at bay

Lashonda Central Bridge, NY

(Update) Awesome!

When I first tried this, I did not like it. I felt it was not working on my hair and my hair was still frizzy. After getting use to it I think it works very well. I’m African American with thick hair and on high heat this straightens my hair very well. I use this with straightening elixirs by John Fredia to help eliminate frizz . The attachments are tricky I just duct tape the one I use most. I recommend it I really do. Just have a good round brush, heat protectant and depending on your hair other products to eliminate frizz.

Brandie East Dover, VT

Not too bad

The air flow is a little weak. I have thick hair and it takes longer to dry with this particular dryer. I gave it to my daughter and she loves it. The diffuser is perfect for her curly hair. It arrived on time and was packaged perfectly.

Maryellen French Settlement, LA

Not that great.

There isn’t much air flow. It does get hot and it does dry your hair eventually. However, if you have thicker hair, it would take a long time to dry it. I should have paid a little more and gotten something better.

Janell New York, NY

it’s ok…

I wish I would have spent the extra money on a hairdryer with ions. This product works well, but sometimes the diffuser pops off. I have very long hair and it can also get sucked into the back, and pulls my hair out. I like the hook because I hang it on the side of my vanity, so it stores nicely. I have thin hair, so it seems to dry my hair quickly, 10-15 minutes. To big to travel with. Not bad for the price. Next time I will spend more.

Myra Coushatta, LA

Love it

Does everything I want! I love this hair dryer! the attachments are easy to put on and remove. Great quality product!

Christie Shavertown, PA

Works Well – But With Issues

This works fine but has some issues. First – the attachment doesn’t stay on. I use the smaller one and if I even touch any part of the attachment, off it goes into the sink. Also problematic is that the buttons on the front are very flush – making it nearly impossible to move them with wet hands or if you have some hair gel on your hands. I had to give up using this and go get a different hair dryer.It does work well – and doesn’t have a high whine that can be death in a small bathroom like mine. Hence, 3 out of 5 stars.

Earlene Elrama, PA