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Victoria’s Secret Pink with a Splash – Fresh & Clean – All Over Body Mist 8.4 Oz

Victoria’s Secret PINK with a splash FRESH & CLEAN Lot of 1 (ONE) bottle of ALL-OVER BODY MIST @ 8.4 fl oz. (new/unused/smoke free home) (just as pictured)

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  • Victoria’s Secret Pink with a Splash – Fresh & Clean – All Over Body Mist 8.4 Oz
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Honest reviews


Very nice!

How I came about ordering this is. Was I listening to this talk radio morning show one day while at work. And someone commented on a ladies scent she was wearing. How light and pleasant it was. Very nice they said. She responded with it being from Victoria Secrets. She never did say what exactly it was. So I used my imagination and thought of something that sounded light and pleasant. I came a crossed this and thought I’d give it a shot. And it is just that. When I got in the mail today, my son was visiting. I had him and my husband smell it to see if they liked it as much as I did. Of course they agreed that it smelled nice. But clearly not as over joyed as I was to know I’m a happy customer. But it’s a hit lol. I’m not sure if this was what that lady was wearing. But just going by the description. It was definitely worth a shot. If you ladies are looking for something that is light, and smells fresh and clean. You have to try this. I’m glad my bought items will remain at this site so I can go back and order more later when I run out. If not by this seller. I’m sure someone will be selling it sooner or later.

Casey Pine Valley, UT

a very sophisticated splash

This is a sophisticated, clean scent. Like most body mists, you can use it very freely, but this one actually lingers a while. Reminds me of spicy-fresh herbs, cut right from the plant. Excellent summer scent.

Tania Skippack, PA

Great seller, great fragrance, AND great savings!

Received this today! Fairly fast (2 days), the bottle is different than the picture BUT, it’s the same product you’ll receive. The bottle is the same look but different shade of pink and no polka dots. This spray is a spray that smells absolutely wonderful when applied after you shower or take a bath. I’m not sure how some reviewers are getting a sense that it has a floral scent to it because for me there’s not any floral or sweetness at all. Its a clean smell. If you’re like me some fragrances that VS sells can be absolutely horrid and the prices are ridiculous. (My bottle had a price tag on the bottom that said $18.00). When you spray for the first time you automatically think it’s too strong. It dies down to a softer smell after a couple minutes. That’s why I said it’s best applied after bathing. This isn’t a body spray you just apply on your clothing whenever wherever. I love this spray and it looks super cute on my dresser along with my collection of perfumes and other fragrances I have. Totally buy it, you’re saving money, AND you get what you pay for either way.

Laurel Dixon, MO

Mixed feelings

My best friend used to wear this all the time! I started using it myself and I don’t know how I feel about it. It is very fresh and crisp but it also can smell a bit masculine and strong. I feel like I have to be in the mood for it. You don’t need to spray a lot of it since it has such a strong scent. Depends on personal preference I guess.

Alejandra Long Island, KS

3 stars for great smell, but poor staying power.

I am aware that all scents react with peoples’ personal chemistries differently. I am also aware of the difference between Eu De Toilette, Eu De Perfume, & Body Mist. All 3 types of scented products are made with varying amounts of scent.I love this scent, but it doesn’t last all day on my skin. Again, people’s chemistries vary. I love that it isn’t fruity or flowery. It is just clean and crisp smelling. Delish!It is an alcohol-based body mist spray, which is pretty much anything you buy unless it is a higher end perfume.I have the mini & the full size, because I do have to touch up during the day. It is worth it, because the smell is wonderful. People say that I smell like I literally just stepped out of the shower. It also kind of smells like my laundry detergent, so that helps.Unfortunately, VS no longer makes the body wash in this scent. Back when they did I would pair the body wash, lotion, & body mist together to try to hold on to the scent for longer staying power on my skin.The bottom line: Great smell to it, but doesn’t last all day.

Josie Lewisburg, KY

Great smell

This mist smells really good. The only problem was, about halfway through the bottle, the nozzle somehow stopped working. It wouldn’t spray at all. I couldn’t find anything that I had done wrong, and there was still plenty left. I tried to unscrew the whole lid so I could just dab it on my wrists, and it was impossible, so I had to throw the whole thing away.

Lorena Berlin, MD

Review for the guys…. This is a good gift for her.

Wife requested some Victorias Secret perfumes for a gift. I went with this one. Name says it all, the best I can describe the scent as is ‘clean’ or ‘fresh’. Not that powerful flowery smell, or the old lady chemical smell some others have. This one just smells nice, and it’s not overly powerful, so you can still have her in the car with you without wanting to roll down the windows or wonder what smell she’s trying to hide with her perfume.Not too strong, too flowery, or chemical smelling. This is the best perfume my wife has, in my opinion, and I get the credit for picking it out for her.If you are searching for your wife or girlfriend, go with this one, it has my recommendation.

Fannie Berwick, LA