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Very Private ph Balanced Body Wash 6oz, Dermatologist and Gynecologist Approved

Developed by a woman for a woman, Very Private pH Balanced Body Wash was created for the health and well-being of a women’s intimate area. Gentle, yet effective ingredients cleanse, moisturize and soothe the body and is safe enough for the delicate area. Helps guard against irritation and common infections. And if you want to go that step further and achieve even deeper moisture, you should try our Very Private System. First use Very Private Intimate Moisture to soothe the pain of dryness and moisturize your weakening tissue. Then add the Very Private pH Body Wash to cleanse, balance and maintain the moisture created in step one. It works just like your own natural moisture.

Key features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Glycerin Free
  • Phtalate Free
  • No added colors
  • Treats odor and offers a soft vanilla scent with real vanillin

Honest reviews


Better body washes out there

I thought this product would be so much better than it was. I bought it mostly to help with razor burns but this did not help at all, This is all over body wash. It did not make my skin any softer or more moisturized than other products. It produces good lather but I can get that with less expensive body washes.

Elinor Mountain Home, UT

Seems gentle.

This item was given to me for my review.This is not exactly the sort of product I wanted to write a review about…too personal. However, my gyn recommended that I use a gentle soap, and this one advertises that it is gentle on a woman’s delicate areas. So far, this seems to be true, and I am very sensitive. Having never used a product marketed as a woman’s body wash, I am not sure what else I am supposed to notice. For me, not having a reaction is a minor miracle, so that is all I cared about.

Germaine Perkins, MO


Clean and fragrance free. Good for those that are sensitive or don’t feel comfortable using other scented harsh products. I thought it was okay. Not in love but nice to have

Kristen Chippewa Bay, NY

Does a nice job

I liked this although it does a slight scent. The bottle does not stand well in the shower. It looks as though it stand in an upside down way but if fails to do that. It has not caused me any irritation. The wash is very runny so you don’t need to squirt very hard. Overall I like this product but that fact that it won’t stand well in my shower is annoying.

Dona Bumpus Mills, TN

Hmmmm… if your skin is middle-aged Dry then mix it with a very creamy shower gel

I liked it. Did not love it but it is okay. The smell, non-existent, none and there are barely any suds. i felt clean but dry. I know it’s not supposed to be drying and is supposed to balance your skin but for someone who is used to very creamy shower gels/soaps I felt dryish. I mixed it with my creamy shower gels/soaps and found it worked fine. Probably will work wonders for younger women or women with skin acne or oiliness.

Shana Newark, OH


These kinds of products are nice for almost any woman. Doesn’t take much. Too many products have detergent type soaps in them or are too harsh with additives.

Phoebe Usk, WA

Got yeast infection

I was using Nirena but then they changed the formula and it didn’t leave me as fresh. I thought that since I didn’t feel it, maybe it was no longer worth the price. This product was cheaper and got good reviews so I tried it. I didn’t feel anything with this product either but I did catch a yeast infection for the first time in a few years. I never had yeast infections with Nirena. So I decided that it’s worth it to pay the extra and get the product that works.

Krista Firth, NE

Very Private Makes Wonderful Products

There are few products I use exclusively, but Very Private Body Wash is one of them. After trying this body wash many years ago, I’ve never used anything else because it’s simply that effective. My skin has always been sensitive, but the onset of menopause has made it even worse. Soaps can be irritating, especially around delicate areas. This is very mild with little scent, but it thoroughly cleans and reduces body odor. I just love it even though Very Private deserves a less embarrassing name.The company also makes another outstanding product calledVery Private Intimate Moisture, 2-Ounce Bottle. I wish both weren’t so expensive or at least went on sale occasionally, but on a positive note, each lasts a long time because little is needed per use. Menopausal women or anyone with sensitive skin should give these effective products a try.

Lesley Penfield, PA

Great bodywash, it’s multi-purpose, too!

I initially purchased it for, well, private use. But I discovered it’s also great for face, body, and even (especially) shaving legs up to and including the “bikini” area. Plus, it has a nice, soft scent, though I think it’s technically fragrance-free. Anyhow, no irritations or reactions, and pleasant to use. The only reason I didn’t give “all stars” is the packaging: it has a round-ish top and the other end is shaped like a toothpaste tube, so it won’t stand up in the shower or on the sink.Nice to have only one product to use in the shower, other than shampoo. I almost wonder it it would do that too, but haven’t tried (yet). Great stuff!

Sherrie Jasper, TN

No Itching, Period!

Iam always looking for new personal cleansing products, because I have very sensitive skin. Most products, no matter how gentle they say they are, they always seem to make me itch, especially in my intimate area, even when they say they are for sensitive skin.Iam not sure why I had no issues with this body wash, other than maybe because it’s PH Balanced, non drying? I had never heard of this brand, Very Private PH Balanced Body Wash before, so I was anxious to try it, hoping this product would be different, which to me it is. Other people’s experiences may be different than mine.It says it’s fragrance free, which I did not detect any kind of scent. I really like that it’s low sudsing, which makes it easier to wash off. Some soaps and body washes seem to take some time to completely wash off, which may add to my irritation, itching. This product left me feeling clean and refreshed all over.It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and approved. It also received a seal of approval from ob/, an organization I had never heard of before.This product is a little pricey, at least for me, so I think I will only use this product for certain parts of my body, the ones that do seem to get more easily irritated, and use something else for the rest of my body.I do wish that it came in a stand up kind of bottle or something like that, because I had to lay the entire bottle down flat, which takes up more room in my shower/bathtub.

Jeanine Chippewa Lake, MI

Great product!

Love it! I have been using this product for about 10 years now and have never had a yeast infection since I started using it. Before that, I had had a few over the years.

Yolanda Meadville, PA

Best I’ve tried

I’d been a big fan of Sweet Spot feminine cleanser for a number of years. I decided to explore my options. I’m hitting That Stage of my life when things are changing up. Like increased sensitivity. I can tell that this product is an improvement over Sweet Spot, which until I discovered this, I’d thought was the best there was.There is definitely a difference between this and what is available in the drugstores. If I would change anything, this would be a product that would be free of sodium laureth sulfate and any type of paraben. But it works for me. Does what I need it to do. Does it better than the other feminine washes I’ve experienced.

Caroline Clearfield, UT

Wasn’t comfortable using it once I saw the ingredients

This product has some ingredients that I wasn’t comfortable with.Methylparaben for starters, which is linked to “endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity” […]PEG 150 Distearate is known to increase risk for certain types of cancersQUATERNIUM-15 – This is a potential allergen and skin irritant and it is formaldehyde releaserThese are just a few examples but these ingredients are not what I’d expect to be present in a product that is advertising itself to be gentle and non-irritating and some are just plain irresponsible.

Kelley Roy, UT

Softly effective

This very private body wash is softly effective and works without adding fragrance or irritations to your body. Highly recommended. A staple in my personal bathroom.

Cathy Middle Island, NY

No Miracle, No Crisis

After reading these reviews, I would have expected either to have my private parts burst into flames or have blue birds outside singing in revery for my new found freshness.This cleanser works fine. I have occasionally in my life had not-so-fresh moments, but overall my lady-works are usually just working. I keep it clean, watch my diet, take care of my business. This cleanser seems like a fine product. Don’t expect the clouds to part while a beam of miraculous light shines down upon your girl parts.It doesn’t seem to smell like anything…not flowery and not like detergent, just there.I may repurchase. The lack of lady-business drama is a definite bonus. I don’t need a miracle, but I also like being able to describe my lady wash as "boring". Excitement in that region can be reserved for better times. I wouldn’t pay more than the $7 or $8 that I got it for. I notice the price fluctuates on here.

Mindy Marvel, CO

Wife loved it.

I think I will need to update more after a bit more time, but so far so good. Nice packaging too.

Natalia Knife River, MN

it ok. smells nice.

I am not sure why I need this product. But I have tried it. So so. Sort of just another step.

Kristine Keansburg, NJ

Nonoxynol-9??? Not on my no-no

I’m horribly allergic to Nonoxynol 9, when I found this out 20 years ago I vowed never to let it touch me again. And here it is in a wash designed for your private area…..?? No effing way will that happen! I can’t believe something so inflammatory to so many women is actually in a wash for your mahookeydo!It wasn’t in the product description or I never, ever would have ordered it. (I would never expect something used as spermicide to be in an intimate wash!!)

Rosalyn Vantage, WA

Caused irritation.

Bad: Caused tenderness and itching both times I used it as a feminine wash. Bottle is designed so that you have to set it upright on the cap since the other end is tapered.Good: No scent, foams up enough when washing to let you know it is soap.Obviously, this did not work for me and I would not recommend it to others.

Frances Trinchera, CO

Weird Bottle Design and made me itchy

For a product that is used for a very intimate area, the dispensing side is where the bottle stands; I used very little of this and had no problem the first time I used, but after the second time I became itchy not only privately but my whole body since I used it as a body wash. I then decided to shower again using my regular argan oil body wash and after that shower no more itchiness. I decided to try it again, but had the same results. I do not want to itch so I am not going to be reordering this body wash.

Neva Bessemer City, NC

Very Private pH Balanced Body Wash

I don’t think that I will use Very Private pH Balanced Body Wash in the future, due its ingredients and its affect on my skin. The product contains sodium hydroxide (lye), which I’m extremely sensitive too. The cleanser was a little too harsh and caused my skin to itch.

Adela Roscoe, MO

She likes it and so far so good

For those who suffrer from repeated infections if their ph is off even a little such a product is a huge help. My spouse has suffered more than her share and to see her content and no uncomfortable is the real blessing of this product – simply yet it has worked, no infections after starting this. I do not think it has solely been responsible as she has been trying several things and who know what exactly has helped and in what percent but in conjuction with others things this has really helped

Shawn Eden, VT