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Vernal Repair Care Eye Gel – Removes Dark Circles Under Eyes, Puffy Eyes, Fine Lines, Crows Feet, Wrinkles, Puffiness | Best Anti Aging Eye Cream Treatment to Address and Correct Any Eye Area Signs of Aging | Proprietary Blend of Triple Peptides Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Moisture Complex, Vitamin C & Retinol 0.5oz/15ml

What it is: Go beyond stopping the clock – reverse it and recapture a more youthful appearance with this multi-tasking eye gel designed to lift the eye area, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fights dark circles and provides eye bags treatment by targeting fatty deposits under the skin, crows feet and puffy eyes. This eye gel is formulated with Vernal’s AT5 renewal complex to help promote skin’s natural renewal and protection processes while a patented antioxidant repair complex helps provide powerful antioxidant protection. What it is formulated to do: This eye gel is an alternative to eye cream mainly because gels are faster acting and more absorbent. Treatment for dark circles and puffiness also contain Carnosine Triple Peptide w with Vitamin C to help prevent and correct the appearance of multiple signs of aging, resulting in a fresh, beautiful, youthful-looking eye area. The best eye cream for dark circles puffiness and wrinkles. This eye gel treatment addresses every eye concern – Potent Ingredients. Most effective eye gel available. What it is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens – Sulfates Research results: After 4 weeks of treatment using this eye gel: – 92% eye gel users reported that the skin around the eyes has become firmer & tighter. – 96% eye gel users reported improvement in under eye dark circles. – 80% eye gel users reported that the skin around the eyes has a more lifted appearance. – 92% eye gel users reported decrease of puffiness. – 96% eye gel users reported improvement in under eye dark circles. – 92% eye gel users reported lessening of the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes (crows feet)

Key features

  • Decreases the look of tired eyes by instantly improving luminosity & brightness.
  • Helps fade dark circles by stimulating microcirculation. Smoothes facial lines and crow’s feet.
  • Reduces puffiness by draining excess fluids. Reduce under eye bags by breaking down abnormal fatty deposits.
  • Provides a less hollow look by increasing collagen levels & strengthening thin, fragile skin.
  • Keeps eye area hydrated & healthy looking. Helps recapture a youthful appearance.

Honest reviews


Non Verified Purchase Reviews – Still Tried it

Too watery that it squirted & got wasted. After getting the hang of controlling the squirt, it would dribble down over my finger or back of my hand so I had to put it in my palm then dab. It did not do anything for me. I wish there was money back guarantee thingy because this would go back for sure. I am a verified buyer & I say, this product did NOT help me.

Carey Pengilly, MN

Vernal Repair Care Eye Gel

It didn’t work for .burned my eyes…didn’t use it long enough to critique it’s effectiveness. Didn’t like the feel of it..

Traci Chelsea, OK

I saw results with this one!

This cream was very easy to use and didn’t have much smell to it. I’ve used it every night and I saw noticeable reduction on the dark eye circles under my eyes. The under eye area is much lighter and smoother, and I still do not see one line around my eyes. I’d say this is pricey which is why I’m taking away a star but worth the price, the results for me were great. I gave my friend my other sample bottle which she enjoyed too.

Jerry Christiana, PA

A must have!

I received a sample of this eye gel last week and quickly used it up. It got rid of the puffiness and some of the darkness under my eyes and also had a nice cooling feeling to it upon application. I don’t know if it did anything for wrinkles or wrinkle prevention but that’s not exactly a concern of mine at this point since I’m only in my mid-20’s. I’m so glad I bought this and plan to replenish it whenever I run out!

Kenya Gate, OK

Love this eye gel!

I’ve tried many expensive eye creams and gels, I got this as a sample a few weeks ago and I really like the results I got with this. It works better than most, and has no greasy or sticky residue after it dries. It works well under makeup and concealers too!

Eula Welchs Creek, KY

Really good eye treatment

Received a sample of this. Very surprised with results. Gentle yet effective for smoothing fine lines from dryness. Lifting effect give me an awake look. There is no burning or stinging or anything. It absorbs fairly quickly. Absolutely love it. Will definitely buy it.

Loraine Healy, KS

Super effective eye product

I have very sensitive eye areas and so many eye creams sting and burn. or are not effective at all This is very gentle and dries beautifully. 1 complaint is that when you are about 3/4 of the way through the tube it becomes difficult to squeeze out the remaining cream. The container is too hard. With that said, the results I’ve personally obtained from using this eye gel for two weeks are remarkable. I used to have prominent dark circles under my eyes, almost as if I did not get any sleep and now I look more well rested and refreshed. Best eye gel I’ve come across. I actually heard about it from a friend who is having excellent results from using this eye gel as well. I would recommend this to anyone that asks.

Tanya Bunola, PA

Should Be Better for The Price

Thought I saw decrease in under eye puffiness within first two days of use. However no more improvements since then. . .will not reorder. Disappointed especially for the price. However, l do like other Vernal skin products.

Jeri Dana, NC