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Vera Wang Princess By Vera Wang For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7 OZ

Launched by the design house of Vera Wang.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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Honest reviews


I was disappointed

When I saw the review that said this perfume is better than Thierry Mugler’s Angel, I was so excited because it’s my favorite scent. I thought I would LOVE Vera Wang’s Princess. Well, I spray it on and for 2 seconds I smell a baby powder type scent and then, absolutely nothing. Uuggh!! I was thankful that I only paid $28.00 including shipping for an unopened box from Ebay.Update: The key to hating this fragrance was the fact that I got a fake on ebay. I purchased the rollerball of Vera Wang Princess and it smells great!

Earlene Townsend, VA

Perfume as expected…

I think I thought this smelt a bit off when I first got it, really alcoholly but then I realized the perfume I had just finished had been around a while and as things age/breakdown the smell changes. Smells as it should now and matched the roller ball perfume I also have. No complaints. I would recommend 🙂

Vonda Lakemont, NY


Love the fragrance. It is posh, not too strong, but outstanding, people will notice when you wear it. I recommend.

Nellie Tabor, IA


I love the floral scent. I switch around a bit, but this is my favorite fragrance. Seems like so many fragrances these days smell like grapefruits; this one smells like flowers. I always receive compliments. It’s not over powering either.

Arlene Roma, TX

Smells great

I love this fragrance. I bought a small roll-on of this fragrance and fell in love with it. I spray it on in the morning and still smell it many hours later.

Sonja Sabetha, KS


Smells great! Packaging was very good and bottle came without any leaks 🙂 looks great in my collection of perfume.The scent on me is a nice light sweet but flirty scent. I believe any age can wear this of course it smells different on different ppl but this is a must

Effie New Glarus, WI

Soft, girly, sweet

I love this scent! It is one of the few sugary sweet fragrances I can tolerate, perhaps because it is so gentle. I think this is what a princess would actually smell like: fluffy, sugary candy, soft nectarines and sweet apples, delicate florals lingering from the garden she walks through each morning. To me this feels like one of those cotton candy body sprays you’d buy at the drugstore as a young girl matured into it’s 20’s. It is sweet, gourmand, and girly, but also sophisticated and mature.

Miriam Andrews, IN

It’s great!

I’m rewriting my review because initially I didn’t like this very much. I felt like the guava was too strong, and dominated the fragrance. I didn’t get much chocolate which was disappointing.But after using this a few more times I fell in love with it. And this happened with some other perfumes as well. I don’t know if my chemistry changes on a frequent basis, or if I just get used to the perfume? Maybe a combination of both. Whatever happened, I love this now!!! It’s so soft and sweet, and just a pleasant smell.I do detect a little chocolate and vanilla and lots of guava, but now I love the blending of the three. Definitely happy with my blind purchase.

Sherrie Fall Creek, OR

Love it!

This smells amazing (: I took it to a department store just to make sure that it was authentic, and it is! The scent lasts throughout the day, and I receive tons of compliments on it!

Berta Woodstock, MD

Didn’t like the vanilla

Many of the notes in this perfume are really pretty- I like the fruity and floral notes. The overall effect of them is fresh and feminine. The one thing I’m not happy with is the vanilla note- it doesn’t blend well with the others, so I go back and forth between smelling fruity/floral and smelling vanilla, and it’s heavy and powdery on me. For me, the vanilla ruined what would have otherwise been a very nice perfume.

Ruthie Nazareth, KY

Great Scent, Cute Bottle

My mother loves this fragrance [and the cute bottle], I got it to her for Mother’s Day last year here on Amazon. Great scent. I would also suggest Marc Jacobs’ Daisy which smells even better.

Roberta Columbus, PA

Vanilla Fields ring a bell?

So do NOT care for this scent. It smells like vanilla vanilla vanilla. YUCKERS! It’s not sexxxy…it’s airfreshner and nothing like what I sampled @ Sephora 🙁

Luz Chamberlain, ME

Not the real thing.

I ordered this bottle AGES ago and have not even gotten halfway through it. When I smelled this in the store I absolutely LOVED the scent and could not wait to order it. When I received it, the perfume was pink, not purple, and the scent was not AT ALL what I remembered. I did not like it at all. I thought maybe it was me, so I just let it sit. The other day I came across it in the store again and decided to smell the tester. I was DEFINITELY hoodwinked. The perfume in the store instantly reminded me of the scent I loved. Will not reorder from this seller.

Lily Valles Mines, MO

Love this perfume. By far my favorite perfume

I got a sample of this at Sephora. I LOVED the smell. I wanted something more mature but wasn’t too strong or old grandma. I LOVE This. It smells amazing. It comes in a super cute heart shaped bottle with a cute crown at the top. If you like the smell you should buy this.

Abbie Star, NC


I ordered this product for my daughters friend on Christmas. It is a little pricey but she absolutley loves this fragerance. Being a man, I must admit many womens perfumes smell bad to me, but this one smelled very nice

Jocelyn Barren Springs, VA


You can definitely smell the vanilla and chocolate. But in a great way! It’s not too heavy and not too light this fragrance lasts roughly 6-8 hours on me. For any of you who have allergies or are very sensitive to scents, my father has the scent of a bloodhound. Every time I spray perfume on me he complains about it being strong. I sprayed this perfume on one day (he did not know I had bought perfume) he asked me what the nice scent was. I told him that it was my perfume and he looked at me shocked and said great choice. I recommend this perfume to whomever loves a feminine scent. I’m 18 years old also.

Saundra Babylon, NY


You will feel like a princess ! I love this scent. Very fresh, floral and not too heavy. Not as mature as her other fragrances. This is something that I can wear every day and never tire of it.

Elsie Watervliet, MI

If you want everyone to compliment you… BUY!

I’ve been buying this for years, and I cannot break the habit. The sweet, clean scent makes everyone ask me what I have on and the name. Thank you Vera Wang! Haha 😛 Boyfriend approved.

Kathi Lyle, WA

Three Stars

Cute packaging but smells cheap

Sabrina Lenox, GA