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VeneSanar Cream – Bye Bye Spider Veins – Vitamin K 4oz

VeneSanar is a biologically active cream which improves circulation, strengthens the skin and stimulates the natural regeneration process. It helps diminish the appearance of thread veins (Spider Vein), Bruises, and dark patches under the eyes (Crow Feet). Three main ingredients are Vitamin K3, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Vitamin K3: It helps strengthen blood vessel walls and reduces the risk of new injuries, while fading existing imperfections. Vitamin K works by improving circulation as well as diminishing spider veins appearance and can even help in reducing pain caused by poor circulation. Ideal in diminishing bruises. Bruises are formed as injured blood vessels allow blood to pool under the skin. The application of Vitamin K is known to aid the body in reabsorbing the blood more quickly for a faster healing process. Frequently dark patches under the eyes are usually caused by a buildup of blood under the skin due to weakened or damaged blood vessels. Vitamin K has been shown to be effective in helping diminish bruises, especially in the facial area. This is why vitamin K is helpful in fading annoying and unsightly skin discolorations such as crow feet.

Key features

  • Vitamin K3
  • Fades Spider Veins
  • Quicken Healing Process for Bruising
  • Diminishes Crow Feet
  • Healthier Looking Circulation System

Honest reviews


Nothing happened after two jars and two months of trying

I gave it a fair shot, it was cheap enough to say why not…well…after two jars and two months and every night and day application, results are in..NO RESULT that is. I used it for spider veins on my legs…I am in my 30s and this did not work:(

Earnestine Temple, OK

Nice Product to heal black swollen eye

I had fallen and hit my forehead and brow area resulting in a black swollen eye. Well it looked like someone had socked me in the eye. I iced it down and was told by my Doctor to get some Vitamin K cream . It would help reduce the puffiness and help the black eye get reabsorbed into my body.So I ordered this and could not believe how this helped. Also I do have some small spider veins on my face and just for the heck of it put it on them too. It did seem to help some but not completely take away the spider veins. After 2 weeks my eye looks so much better but before using this product had little bumps around the area where my black eye was swollen. This crème really helped repair my eye area and smoothed it out .I never knew anything about vitamin K cream and its magical powers! It will be a good cream to have on hand.

Esther Georgetown, ME


This cream has a nice feel to it, but it does zip, zilch, nada for spider veins.I would never buy it again and I don’t recommend it.

Olivia East Waterford, PA

Good for puffy eyes!!!

This product supposed to be for leg veins, so one day I read the label and it says that you can use it for crow feet so I put on and first my skin was red and little rash but later It feels good. Helpful for my puffy eyes…

Sasha Newberry Springs, CA

It stings!

I wasn’t able to use this for long- it stings! I now use Jason skin lightening vitamin k cream to lighten my spider veins.

Morgan Hubbard, TX