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vbeauté It Kit

After years of searching for skin-care products that could make a difference, Julie Macklowe, vbeauté founder, developed advanced skin-care that focuses on the prevention of aging skin. As a successful hedge fund manager, “Vogue It Girl”, fashion socialite and mom, she needed luxurious results driven formulas in a system that would meet her daily multitasking needs. Vbeauté and the “it kit” were her answer. The “it kit” is a customizable skin-care system that houses the products you need to give your skin the treatment it deserves. An elegant gunmetal clutch, the “it kit” holds a supply of your five essential products that is easy to take anywhere, anytime. With a patented design, the “it kit” is refillable and customizable, perfect on-the-go sizes of your favorite products are available for replenishment.

Key features

  • Antioxidant hydration correction
  • Paraben free; Fragrance free
  • Prevention cleansing exfoliation
  • Dermatologist tested; Not tested on animals
  • Store in a cool, dry location

Honest reviews


The It Kit

The Vbeaute kit is enclosed in an elegant designer-inspired gunmetal clutch. The It Kit supplies skincare essentials in TSA-friendly containers for the business woman who is often on the road.The Kit contains:
• Undercover Agent Age Delay Serum (8 ml)
• Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator (15 ml)
• Evidence Eraser Gentle Foaming Cleanser (15 ml)
• Buying Time Everyday Crème (15 ml)
• Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Crème (8 ml)If you’re someone who is concerned with making TSA happy, pursuing his or her evasive eternal youth, and obsessed with finding the magic Elixir that beats aging, this set might be another expensive tool for you to try. The French name might be catchy, and gives the buyer the dreamy impression that the creams are somehow sophisticated and effective. We can’t give you feedback, because we haven’t witnessed yet any difference in the user’s skin, and we certainly haven’t found to this day an expensive or cheap cream that actually reverses aging. Unfortunately, most the creams end up being nothing but fancy moisturizers. The gimmicks always sound nice and the magic even sounds better. Just rub it on and you’ll be young again!

Flossie Reedsburg, WI


In just one use of each of the five products in this kit, I can honestly say that already my skin feels tighter and smoother. I think the kit is an excellent way to sample these products as part of a daily beauty routine. The products all feel very smooth and silky on the skin, leaving no greasy residue. Similarly, there seems to be little to no scent to these products, which makes me happy as artificial perfumes irritate my skin.Is this kit pricey? Yes, these are pricey, luxury level beauty products; the full size product is pricey, so it seems to reason that a sample kit is not going to be cheap. This kit is probably not right for someone who is content with drugstore type skin care products (and I am not indicating there is anything wrong with drugstore skin care products, I use many). But for someone who has the budget or the desire to use high end luxury beauty products, this kit is an excellent way to sample new products.I thought the packaging was lovely. I like the clutch as a nice way to keep the products neat and organized. This can easily be thrown into luggage or an overnight bag, and since it has a mirror, applying these (and other) products is simple. I also like that you can purchase refills of the small size tubes.All in all, for those in the market for luxurious beauty products, I think this is a great kit that will allow you to try different products, and determine if it is worth it to you to purchase the full size items.

Yolanda Richardsville, VA

Be a Smart Consumer and Avoid this Product …

The Introduction:I am not a neophyte to prestige skincare. I am also aware that a person should use these (at most) in tandem with prescription strength retinoids (such as Refissa or Renova). My own dermatologist is adamant that protocol should entail washing once-a-day with [ASIN:B001ET76EY Cetaphil]], followed by a basic moisturizer likeCeraVe, and Refissa/Renova at bedtime. She is extremely vocal that this is the only scientifically proven method for improving skin tone/texture and boosting collagen production. And, she has been equally as vocal that money spent on prestige beauty is a complete waste of money. With all of this said, I have to admit to breaking her rules … I am mad about Kate Somerville products and all too frequently tinker with the Philosophy line. (Philosophy’sTurbo Booster C Powdermay actually have some legitimacy when mixed into one’s moisturizer in the morning since it has proven to provide even more protection against sun-damage. Good to know, right?) All of this is to say that I have been invested in my skin since I was in my late teens and have years of professional admonishment echoing in my brain …The Verdict:When this kit arrived, the exterior package was slightly scuffed. It appears that it had a rough journey to my home. When I opened the purple box, I instantly noticed that the “clam-shell” container had moderate rubbing on the highest points. It’s unfortunate that better packing was not implemented inside. A thin sheet of bubble-wrap may have prevented such damage. This is not an Amazon problem but it is a manufacturer problem. Moreover, I was genuinely alarmed to find that this “gun-metal clam-shell” is a cheap plastic material. It looks akin to one of those lip-gloss containers for little girls that one might purchase at Target or Walmart. I certainly will not be leaving this out on my vanity. And, longevity will undoubtedly be an issue (especially with the filmsy interior). Too bad.Presentation aside, the products themselves are adequate, at best and before considering the price. The exfoliating product, Rub Off, is extremely coarse (i.e. contains big chucks of “material”) and there is very little of the exfoliating element in the cleanser. I found myself having to rub a bit longer (not harder though) than I would with a comparable product. The results were not as profound as I can easily achieve with Philosophy’sMicrodelivery Exfoliating Wash. I highly recommend this Philosophy product. As indicated by its name, the particles are fine and the results are amazing. Think of Philosophy as cleansing your skin with the finest sand imaginable (it is an invigorating feeling) … and think of this product as rubbing your face with rocks (it is awkward and unpleasant).The moisturizer, Buying Time, is (again) adequate. I like the thickness of this product. However, some people will find it difficult to use with mineral makeup. And, afer a week of using it, I had no issues with sensitivity (which is good news to those with sensitivities). Still, I saw nothing (whatsoever) to justify the price. Ditto for the eye cream, Eye Never. I have seen comparable results with Olay Pro-X and Regenerist products. And, at least with the Olay products, there are a number of physicians that stand behind this line. (And, a number of studies that indicate that these Olay products do no harm).The Undercover Agent touts itself as an anti-wrinkle serum. It claims to aid in the repairing of DNA. At this point, let’s be savvy consumers. The actually bottle of this is $135.00 (because you only receive a deluxe sample-size here). I wonder, if this is a “miracle” serum, why doesn’t my dermatologist carry it … or why doesn’t she advise I use it? Hmm. (And, it is important to note that my dermatologist does not carry any products in her office. She has no biases). Why has she specifically said that these products are snake-oils, hokum, etc… Something to consider.Here’s a practical note for potential buyers: these products are the size of the deluxe minis that one would get from Sephora. Can you really imagine paying for a cheap plastic case containing five mediocre samples? This feels like a “gift-with-purchase” item. Under no circumstances would I ever imagine $165.00 for this … especially considering the positively mediocre results. I hesitate to seem unduly harsh, but I feel compelled to be completely frank: the price is vulgar for what you receive. And, that is the bottom-line here.

Elvia Wilson, NY

Nice product, but it sure is expensive.

Presentation:This kit presents well in a heavy, high quality box. The products themselves are tubes contained in a dark mirror finish (almost like hematite) plastic case. The amounts in each tube are tiny (most are 3 tsp or less).Use of Product:I have oily skin and it’s quite sensitive, so I wasn’t sure about trying a new product like this. However, I really liked the cleanser and scrub.Facial Exfoliator: An ivory/peachy colored cream that looks like satiny ribbons. I used about the size of a large pea and that was plenty. It makes a really luxurious low-bubble lather that left my face feeling exceptionally smooth and clean.Facial Cleanser: This is a fantastic product. It is a strange color/texture though. It looked like I was squeezing a snail out onto my fingers – dark grayish/purple color and it had an almost mousse-like viscosity. A little bit goes a LONG way with this. Barely using half a pea size would wash my face, neck and almost onto my shoulders.Lotions/serums: I did not note anything remarkably different than competing products, other than that they were mild enough for my exceptionally sensitive skin. No breakouts either.The smell was OK, not bad or great.I like the cleansers in this kit a lot, but the price of the product overall is really quite high for the market it’s in.

Candice Valera, TX

Could not have been more skeptical, could not have been more pleasantly surprised

I am not a heavy user of skin care products, to say the least. My skin care routine involved cheap soap and water. But lately, as age creeps up on me, I’ve been noticing my skin needing something more. It’s been dry, sometimes blotchy, getting more wrinkly—and when I got a chance to try this group of products, I was eager to. Not that I thought they’d make any difference, but I kind of wanted to prove to myself that nothing would.Well, color me hugely surprised. THEY WORK. I can honestly see a quite noticable difference all over after a few weeks of faithful use. My skin is softer, shows less lines, just feels and looks better overall. The most amazing thing is the “Eye Never” cream. My eyes have ALWAYS been wrinkly and a bit baggy under them. I mean, back to childhood. After just a few uses, I saw something truly that blew me away. The wrinkles under my eyes were pretty much GONE. I don’t know how it works, but it works. I asked my husband to look at my eyes, without telling him why, and he immediately noticed too.The products come in a nice metal case with a mirror. They are small tubes, but if you read the instructions, you need to use very little of each. They have no perfumes I can smell, and they did not irritate my skin at all.I never thought such words would come out of my mouth (or get typed by me) but this expensive product just might be worth it. I do think I’ll be re-buying the Eye Never, anyway. I could possibly be a believer now.

Delores Cameron, SC

This line convinced me that it can be worth the $$$!

Getting to try this product line was wonderful.I faithfully used each product, every day, for 3 weeks before posting this review, and my skin became so glowing, I am getting compliments! Someone even asked me if I was pregnant, because I was that glowy!The eye cream is amazing, as is the serum and the daily moisturizer. Those are the three items I would most like to continue using, if I can swing it.I am usually a drug-store, Oil of Olay girl, but this line kind of convinced me that sometimes it really is worth it to get the fancy stuff.Going to save up for more.

Celia Clare, IL

High Priced Skin Care but great for travel

I have been using this kit for about 2 weeks. Previously I have used a typical drug store beauty regimen. I find that this kit does leave my skin feeling slightly smoother and the area around my eyes has improved. I have very sensitive skin and haven’t had any reactions to the system. All in all, I find the system itself to be a good one. However, I simply would not invest the larger sum of money in this particular brand because I didn’t see as big of a difference in my skin. If you are typically spending more money on a skin care regimen then this might be the one for you.As far as travel with the kit goes it is great for airport security, etc. It does in fact meet all of the guidelines and the case is very compact and keeps all the product sealed and protected from being “banged” around. If you already use this brand I highly recommend getting the travel kit if you are on the go.

Rena Tillery, NC

Love the results, but not the price

I recently went on vacation and when we started looking at the vacation pictures, in the bright sun, no makeup, OMG! So when offered a chance at the vbeaute kit I snapped it up. Honestly I figured it wouldn’t really be better than what I was already using, but I was wrong. Within a day I could see a difference in the puffiness and dark circle under my eyes. I’ve always had a problem with puffy under eyes, even as a kid. The bags have become so bad I’m afraid airlines are going to start charging me a carry on fee!Within two days I noticed a textural improvement in my skin. I asked Jim if he noticed anything, he mentioned the under eyes, said he noticed it from the first day, and that my skin seemed smoother. He also said he didn’t want to say anything because of the cost. I understand exactly what he meant.This kit includes:Evidence eraser gentle foaming cleanser- Nice, a little goes a long way so that’s good. It foams a little bit but my skin felt a little tight after using it.Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator – very small granules that seem gentle on my sensitive skin. I didn’t feel like I’d been attacked by a cheese box grater like I do after some exfoliation products. Use twice weeklyUndercover Agent Age Delay Serum- the texture of this is odd, very liquid, but goes on smoothly and dries (absorbs) quicklyBuying Time Everyday Crème – nice to not have a separate creme for nightly use, use this twice a day. At first my skin still felt dry and tight after I used it. I have very dry skin and use a lot of hydrating lotions and am used to an almost immediate soft wet feeling. This is kind of hard to describe but it seemed to hydrate my skin as time wore on. My skin never felt dryer or tighter than after application, and within a half hour my skin felt soft and supple. I could see a difference in the pores and my skin actually felt smoother to the touch.Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Crème- My absolute favorite component of the kit, and the one item I will actually spend the money on. From the first time I used it I saw visible reduction in under eye puffiness, two days and my dark circles were lessened. Short of surgery this is the best result I can probably expect. I think my crow’s feet are also reduced but the impact of the decreased puffiness is so noticeable that it’s hard to concentrate on other eye areas.The first time I used this I picked up a weird unpleasant odor that lasted about half an hour, but haven’t noticed any scent since.Overall I think this is a great product, it works and works well. Unfortunately we are not wealthy and I just won’t be able to afford most of the items, but I will probably clip a few extra coupons and sacrifice a bit here and there to get the eye creme.

Tracy Nolanville, TX

Not for dry skin – works for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin – it tends to burn and get extremely red with most things I try. I also have skin that tends toward the dry side. My standard facial cleanser at the moment are Pond’s Cold Cream and Pond’s Classic Dry Skin Cream, though I am always on the lookout for something more (anti-aging, etc.) that won’t dry out/bother my skin.I was excited to try this kit, figuring the smaller sizes of the travel kit would be perfect. I have never heard of this company, but was intrigued by the anti-aging claims and the “gentle” cleanser and exfoliator. And while I continue to be excited about the possibilities, I will not be able to use this as a full system.First, the kit itself. It came beautifully packaged in a lovely box, and the case was quite lovely. It has a mirror on the inside, a handy touch for those who would actually be using it as a travel kit. The details were clearly well thought out, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to pull this kit out on a plane or in a hotel.However. I used most of the kit for the first time last night, and I won’t be able to use the kit as a system again. It was just too drying for my skin. First, I used the cleanser, and it was similar to many other gel cleansers. I had no problems with sensitivity, but my skin felt stripped after I rinsed it off. Not a good start, but I continued hoping that the serum and moisturizer would take care of that. The serum also went on with no burning or redness, but it soaked into my skin so fast I couldn’t even get finished before I felt like I should be applying more. There was very little moisture added by the serum. The moisturizer was next, and again – no sensitivity issues. Unfortunately, there was also just not enough moisture. My skin felt dry and tight, which only seemed to get worse before I went to bed. I also used the eye cream – no sensitivity there either.This morning, I woke up to a tight and VERY dry face, complete with noticeable dry patches. It is just not enough moisture for my dry skin. Having said that, I will continue to use the kit in bits and pieces. I used the exfoliator tonight, and while those are common for causing burning and redness issues, I had no problems with it. I will continue to use that, as well as the serum, and maybe the eye cream. The cleanser is just too drying, and the moisturizer is just not heavy enough.Overall, I believe this would be a great kit for people with sensitive skin issues, as long as they don’t have dry tendencies as well.

Carrie Charlton Depot, MA

Not worth the expense

I have been using vbeaute It Kit for about a month now, and I have to say that the results were average at best. Before I got this kit, I had always used Oil of Olay, and I actually like Oil of Olay better. The moisturizer is very smooth, and makes my skin feel clean, but like I said before, there isn’t any difference in much cheaper products. None of these products have any scent to them, which is a good thing because I have very sensitive skin, but I think this is way over priced.

Leticia Centerport, NY

So overpriced, fragrance free, pretty presentation

Ok…I have used the vBeaute It Kit for almost a month, every day, following the directions. I like the foaming cleanser very much – it did not irritate my skin and it did clean well without drying my skin. I like the exfoliating scrub well enough – again does not irritate my skin. None of the products had any real fragrance and none of them caused any breakouts or redness when used daily, so those are definate pluses.The moisturizer works just like any other brand out there – nothing special about it that I can detect. The under eye cream was useless with regard to reducing circles or darkness. (fortunately, I don’t really have crow’s feet yet, so I cannot comment about it’s effect on those.)As for the Wrinkle or anti-aging serum… well, that is just silly. Once again, using it exactly as directed every day, there was no change of any kind. Nada, zippo, no difference to the small and shallow wrinkle on my forehead. I took before & after photos when I started this system just to be sure.Final verdict…. Totally not worth the insane price they are asking for this kit. The tubes are tiny – think sample sizes you would get for free as “gift with purchase” at the mall from the big name cosmetics companies. My overall skin condition and appearance is no different than after a month using Oil of Olay or Estee Lauder products for the same purposes. (moisturizing, cleansing, & under-eye cream) And you know, I can spend the difference in price on cute new shoes.

Ruby Gadsden, AL

There are better things on the market

This is a well designed, attractive packaging that telegraphs quality, even luxury.The tubes are very small, though — and I think this set is overpriced for what it delivers. True, the various products spread very well, so a mere drop goes quite a long way, but the effectiveness just does not seem to be there for me.I’ve used a couple of different products made from Dead Sea minerals that have a more astonishing, visible effect, so delightful you want to take the trouble to use them again. Those are ridiculously expensive as well, but worth it.As a gift pack, this looks fabulous, but I’m not sure your friends will thank you a few months later.

Virginia Foxboro, WI

Not Good for Acne-Prone Skin

I have a frustrating case of adult acne that cropped up in my 30s, so I’m always looking for products that won’t make it worse. It’s been impossible, so far, to find a good moisturizer that doesn’t trigger breakouts. I was excited to try this kit because it’s fragrance free, paraben free, etc. and seemed great for sensitive skin… however, that hasn’t been my experience. I tried it for two days and broke out horribly, but I thought it could have been a coincidence. I waited more than a week for my skin to clear, then I tried the serum, eye cream, and moisturizer again… and the same thing happened. I broke out again.It’s annoying, because I do like the feel of these products, and appreciate all the good qualities. I can’t stand scented products on my face, and this one really has no scent to it– no chemical scent or floral fragrance. And a little goes a long way, so even though it’s expensive, it’ll last longer than most.The “elegant gunmetal clutch” is a bit silly– it’s cheap plastic and shows fingerprints badly– at this price, they could have done better. But as far as the products inside go, if you have the money and don’t have acne-prone skin, I’d say they’re worth trying. As for me, I’ll stick to using the eye cream, but I’m back to my regular cleansers and no moisturizer.

Dale Norge, VA

Skin care really is simplified with a high quality product

A little goes a long way and these are very pleasurable products to apply. These really are high quality skin care products, which are paraben free and fragrance free. The presentation and convenience is superb. I also appreciate very much that they are not tested on animals.

Abigail West Kingston, RI

Great travel kit with effective products

This kit contains 5 small TSA-friendly tubes of vbeauté products.Going through them one by one:The Evidence Eraser Gentle Foaming Cleanser (15 ml) is a cleanser and toner. Though no directions or recommendations are included with the kit, a pearl sized amount of the cleanser is supposed to be used morning and night. I find the cleanser works really well at removing makeup, etc. It leaves the face feeling refreshed and clean.The Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator (15 ml) uses fine exfoliating particles to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate. The Rosemary Extract regulates oil and helps to minimize pores. I am very pleased with the exfoliator. While the foaming cleanser provides a more gentle cleansing action, the exfoliator really does a deep clean.Both the foaming cleanser and the exfoliator are supposed to be followed by the Undercover Agent Age Delay Serum (8 ml). The serum is an impressive product. It really reduced lines and added firmness. I find it to work better than some other products I’ve tried for reducing the appearance of elasticity and lines.The basis of the Buying Time Everyday Crème (15 ml) is a botanical and multivitamin complex consisting of alpine rose botanical technology and bio cellular peptides along with ceramides. I reviewed this product separately. It has a somewhat unpleasant smell and goes on a bit thick, but the effects are noticeable.Finally, the Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Crème (8 ml) really worked wonders for the areas around my eyes. Like the serum, lines were erased and dark circles were noticeably brightened. Out of all the products in the kit, this one worked best for me.If I had to rate each product in the kit separately, it would be as follows:Undercover Agent Age Delay Serum (****)Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator (*****)Evidence Eraser Gentle Foaming Cleanser (****)Buying Time Everyday Crème (****)Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Crème (*****)My issue with the kit is the quantities of product. I find that I need more of the exfoliator and foaming cleanser, but you get 15 ml of each. For a travel kit, this is OK, but if used 2x per day, you will run out of the cleanser / exfoliator before you exhaust the 8ml of Eye Crème. I understand this has to be kept travel friendly, but a larger amount (for the price) would be ideal.The travel case is nice – there is a mirror and it looks stylish. Unfortunately, it accumulates fingerprints quickly if you handle it a lot. Other than that, it is a clever way to transport this beauty ritual.My advice is to try the Buying Time Everyday Crème separately. If this products meets your expectations then buying this kit would be a good investment, particularly for a frequent traveler.

Erika Worley, ID

Just okay

After two weeks of continuous use, I found the vbeaute It Kit to be effective but unremarkable. All of the products seemed to do the job, but I did not notice any overall changes in my skin that would prompt me to purchase any of these products instead of my usual and much cheaper department store brands. The tubes included in this kit are very small, but a little goes a long way. The compact case is convenient for travel and offers a stylish way of keeping all of your skin care needs together. This kit is a nice collection of products that were enjoyable to use, but it offers little to justify such a high price.

Ivy Huron, SD

It’s Okay…Not Really Worth the Price

To be completely honest, I believe the consumer is paying for the beautiful packaging because I didn’t think this product was worth $165.00. I follow the instructions accordingly and didn’t see a huge difference. My face felt soft and I love the fact that it’s fragrance free because I have really sensitive skin. I just can’t justify paying $165.00 for what I got out of it. It’s however a good face regiment for when you’re traveling.

Justina Central Falls, RI

Really Loved It!

There are so many great things about this kit. From the smell to the amazing things it does for my skin. I will be buying this product again soon!

Edwina Warner, OK

An Nice Treat but Shy on the Results

I will state up front that I have what is known as “mature skin,” which means that I have lines and wrinkles due to: age (I am in my 60’s); sun damage, as I grew up in Southern California in the days before sunblock; and 20 years of smoking (but as of 2014 it will be 30 years since the last time I indulged). My expectations are low for anything less than surgery or injectable fillers, neither of which are in the cards for me. I found the products in “vbeaute It Kit” to be nice treats but did not see any noticable improvement in my skin. The exception was for the undereye cream, which did reduce the look of puffiness under my eyes, but years of experimentation with skin products has shown me that this is often the most effective product in any line. The products had a nice feel on my skin, were not heavy,did not cause any breakouts, and came in an attractive silver case handy for home or travel use. The products are sample sizes and last about one month with daily use. Just a note: the ingredients are on the back of the box that contains the metal case. I wrote my orginal review without turning over the box, and it wasn’t until later that I saw the list. Had the products improved my skin I would have found a way to order them on a monthly basis even though they are expensive, but since I didn’t see any change I will be sticking to my normal skin care products. Perhaps younger women would find these products more beneficial than those who already have compromised skin.

Taylor Amsterdam, MO

Eye Never is the Best in the Set

When I received this set I turned it over to my wife to try. Here is her review. After using the vbbeaute kit for 2 weeks I have different opions of each product.* The Rub Off Gentle Exfoliator was a good texture and reminded me of the product I normally use.** The Evidence Eraser Gentle Foaming Cleanser made my face feel clean and firm.***The Buying Time Everyday Creme did not irritate my skins which is at times sensitive but felt a little oily. While I was careful to only apply a small amount as directed, this tube is now almost empty.****The Undercover Agent Anti Wrikle DNA Protection Serum made my face itch so badly I had to wash it off after a few minutes. I did not use this product again.*****The Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Creme was amazing. I could visibly see less wrinkles after using only a couple of days.While I thought the It Kit was very nice I was shocked when I noted the price. The Eye Never is probably worth purchasing by itself but in this economy I don’t think most women can afford the price of the It Kit.

Shawn Dixfield, ME

Fifty Year Old User Unimpressed With the Price

This skincare kit is beautifully packaged. The case comes in a nice box, the tubes of product are nestled very tightly in each slot. And doesn’t “gunmetal” just make you think “skincare”? Ummm . . . okay, maybe not. I used this product for four weeks before writing this review and here are my thoughts:As seems inevitable, I ran out of the crème before I ran out of anything else. I don’t know if my skin is just dry or what it is but any time I invest in a cleanser/moisturizer combination package, the cleanser simply lasts much longer. The exfoliate is gentle enough and they suggest it can be used as often as 2-3 times a week. I never had to use it more than twice a week and even used it only once one week. The serum and eye crème were also what one would expect. All of the products are fragrance free so even if you have sensitive skin you’ll probably have no problems. I did have a bit of a breakout the first couple of days but that’s not unusual for me and didn’t last past the first immediate reaction.After four weeks, I see no difference in how my skin feels or looks from what I was using formerly and had been successfully using for some time. So it comes down to which is the better value? Should I switch from what has been working to what also works just as well?For nearly half the price, I can get full sized products of what I’ve been using, sometimes two per package, that will last me 3 months and not merely 4 weeks (almost out of the moisturizer but not quite). So if you consider that some of the items are actually two-in-one packages and all together cost barely over $90 and will last three times as long, it really means that you’re paying about 1/5 what you would if you would if you made the switch.Needless to say, I will be sticking with my usual skin care products because I’ll not only get more value but I even included my night time moisturizer which bumped up the cost of my entire skin care usage meaning I use more than this one kit provided. Ridiculous. At least you can buy refills so the gunmetal kit doesn’t have to go to waste but even those cost more than what I usually use and they will only last you slightly more than 4 weeks whereas the other, as I’ve already mentioned, will last you months!Here is my shopping list of highly recommended products:Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Fragrance Free, 1.7-Fluid OuncesOlay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum, 0.5 Ounce (Packaging May Vary)(I swear by the eye serum because I started getting little lines under my eyes and after a couple of weeks they were gone. Ten years later, they still haven’t come back!)Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Micro-Purifying Foaming Cleanser, 6.7 Ounce (Pack of 2)Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream, 1.7 OunceOlay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser, 6 OunceOlay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer, SPF 15, Sensitive Skin, 6 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Sonia Corinth, ME

Very nice case for travel

I’ll be the first to admit, facial cleansers and preparations are not part of my usual repertoire… but I did use these moisturizers and cleansers for 2 weeks and I did notice a softness to my skin I haven’t felt in years. The serum and the moisturizer help to give a healthy glow to my skin. The clamshell case is very convenient for carrying and storing these items -the hard shell ensures that they will not be squeezed in travel. Just a little dab goes a long way in these products. The smell was also very pleasant, but not very noticeable after application and definitely not overwhelming to anyone around me.

Meghan Cassandra, PA

Wonderful Product ~ But Pricey

This was a hard review to contemplate. I really like the products, but for the current price, there is no way I would purchase this kit. It is simply way to expensive.The clutch is neat, it keeps everything nicely together and is easy to take in a bag or purse (not a small purse). I love the mirror inside the top of the clutch, and have used it quite a few times.As for the products, they are wonderful, and I did notice that my skin felt smoother and softer while I used these products. I used them all over my face and neck.The It Kit contains:Undercover Agent Age Delay Serum (8 ml) – I really like the feel of this serum. I put it on prior to putting on the cream at night, and my skin feels really good.Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator (15 ml) – I love to use this gentle exfoliator twice a week. It makes my skin so soft when combined with the facial cream.Evidence Eraser Gentle Foaming Cleanser (15 ml) – This is a gentle lathering cleanser (not really a foaming cleanser), that has no real scent and does a great job of taking makeup offBuying Time Everyday Crème (15 ml) – The package says to use this cream twice a day, but I don’t like to wear creams/lotions during the day as I have combination skin and can have problems with oily skin if I put something on during the day. I do like to put it on at night and feel that my skin is softer and healthier in the morning.Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Crème (8 ml) – I like to use this at night, and have noticed an improvement in the dry, delicate skin under my eyes after only a few uses.In recap, while I love the individual products, I feel that the $165 price tag for samples is way too high. I would pay that for the regular sized bottles (well, maybe a little more for all 5 products), but at that price, I’ll stick with my current skin care set.I gave this set 3 stars due to price alone. Otherwise, the products are wonderful and they would deserve 5 stars.

Trudy Fork Union, VA

Not so sure at first, now I like this a lot

I’m a skincare junkie. I’ve used everything from Olay to Dr. Perricone (when he had a good sale). I’m in vBeaute’s core target market of age 28 to age 60, I have dry, sensitive skin that gets drier when the furnace comes on.I’ve been using this 2 weeks. At first I didn’t think the moisturizer would work for me; the first 5 days my face felt dry and tight. I knew as the weather got colder, the dryness would be even worse. I didn’t give up as I wanted to give this set a fair trial. The weather turned colder this week; it seems the longer you use the moisturizer in this kit, the more it adapts to your skin’s specific needs. I have very dry skin and as the day wears on, my face seems to become even more moisturized. I’ve never had a moisturizer act this way and believe me, I’ve used almost every skincare line there is (of the affordable lines).Julie says on her web site you can tuck the case in your luggage and it will pass through security; well, maybe if you remove the small tubes and put them in the quart Ziploc bag, but I wouldn’t want to chance it putting the case into my carry-on and thinking it would be OK with TSA.Speaking of size, I have no concept of what a “ml” is, so here’s the lowdown on tube size: The serum and the eye cream are 0.27 ounce each, and the other 3 items are 1/2 ounce each. Very small travel sizes, the eye cream may last 2 months, but the others, a month if you’re lucky.Cute names for the items:>> Undercover Agent (the serum): This is watery, has a lot of “slip’ to it, dries quickly and isn’t sticky.>> Rub Off (the exfoliator): The granules are finely milled, and exfoliates without feeling it’s ripping my skin.>> Evidence Eraser (the foaming cleanser): Doesn’t foam much, cleans gently and even though it says to keep away from the eye area, I keep mine shut and it does a good job of removing my mascara.>> Buying Time (the moisturizer): Very thick/creamy, takes a few seconds to completely soak in, feels nice. I’ve grown to really like this a lot.>> Eye Never (the eye creme): I like this, absorbs fast, not sticky, I don’t have dark circles so not sure how this helps those, but it does a good job on my crows feet – they have diminished around 90%.I would give this 5 stars, but I’m turned off by the high price. The ingredients are good (peptides, ceramides, etc.), I’m highly sensitive to fragrance in skincare and I didn’t notice any at all, no animal testing, and the presentation box this comes in is perfect for gift-giving. The Swiss lab that makes vBeaute is the same lab that makes LaPrairie, which is super-expensive and this probably has something to do with the high cost of this line. This skincare isn’t priced with the average woman in mind.

Nelly Streetsboro, OH