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Vaseline, Total Moisture, Cocoa Radiant, Body Lotion, 20.3 oz Bottle

With pure cocoa butter and a special multi-layer moisture formula, Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion helps keep your skin healthy-looking and soft. The Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture complex reaches the three layers of your surface skin and provides thorough moisturizing and fast absorption. The lotion gives your skin a clean feeling, without leaving behind sticky or greasy residue. Three-Layer Formula for Effective Moisturizing Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion contains Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture formula and relieves dry skin quickly penetrating into the stratum corneum and delivering effective skin hydration. Stratys-3 consists of a blend of glyceryl quat, hydroxyethyl urea, and glycerin to deliver moisture and hydration to the top, core, and deep down layers of the stratum corneum (multi-layer surface skin). This formula leaves skin feeling healthy, soft, and smooth. It also contains pure cocoa butter and locks in moisture for naturally glowing skin. Fast Absorbing Lotion with a Clean Feeling Vaseline Total Moisture absorbs quickly into your skin. It offers a smooth, clean feeling, without greasiness, to help you keep your skin feeling and looking healthy. What’s in the Box Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion, Cocoa Radiant, 20.3 Fluid Ounces Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion, Cocoa Radiant At a Glance: Absorbs quickly Moisturizes top three layers of surface skin (stratum corneum) Contains pure cocoa butter Leaves skin feeling clean, not greasy

Key features

  • Pack of three, 20.3-ounce bottles of Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion
  • Rich feeling lotion for healthy glowing skin
  • Combines pure cocoa butter and Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture
  • Infuses moisture at the top, core, and deepest layers of the skin
  • Formulated to feel good and do good for the skin

Honest reviews


Very sticky

This has to be one of the stickiest moisturizing lotions available. I tried it on dry hands first and it was intolerable, I had to wash it off. I then tried using it like you would a body butter, on wet skin. That helped a little but 40 minutes later, as I am typing this, my fingers are sticking to the keys. You can probably use it for arms and legs but whatever you do, wash it off our hands or you’ll feel like a dust magnet. I wouldn’t recommend, there are much better products out there than this.

Ellen Prosper, TX

Vaseline Total Moisture Coca Body Lotion

I bought this product a month ago and I’m not happy with it at all. It doesn’t keep my hands or feet moisturized at all. I have to re-apply the lotion every 5 to 10 minutes and most of the time my hands feel like I haven’t put on lotion on them at all. The only benefit is it smells good but It’s not worth the money at all. I will have to look for another hand lotion.

Eileen Deford, MI

Don’t like the smell…

I have used this brand of lotion in the past. I thought I would try the new fragrance. It smells like chocolate just as advertised. The issue for me here is that I realize that I don’t care to use a lotion that smells like some sort of food or beverage. If that is something you would like though, then this would be a recommend for you to buy. This is definitely not my thing though. The lotion itself is very nice and does not leave a greasy feel. It is quickly absorbed and I really like the size of this dispenser.

Melba Garden, MI

Good for dry skin

I’ve used other Vaseline moisturizers and have had good luck, so I thought I would try this. During the colder weather, this seemed to help with chapping on my legs that I normally get in winter. Not crazy about the scent. I like the smell of the aloe version better, but this one does have the edge for moisturizing.

Joanne Williford, AR

I think the “cocoa” is only there for scent.

I love using cocoa butter lotion. It’s one of the best lotions for my regularly dry skin, and it has a side effect of supposedly blending stretch marks over time.This Vaseline product…despite it feeling like it’s mostly made of grease (weird greasy feeling after you rub it in), it’s actually not mostly grease – it’s water! Actual cocoa butter is way down the list…and it’s weird because this stuff, all decked out in a brownish container to make you truly understand the gravity of the cocoa ingredient that’s been thrust upon you – doesn’t smell like cocoa butter. Cocoa butter kind of smells like cocoa – chocolate. This smells like a coconut sunscreen. It’s faint, but it’s there.If you’re looking for a REAL cocoa butter, getPalmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, 13.5 fl oz (400 ml)instead. This Vaseline product is likely their same old cheap recipe for lotion with a drop of cocoa butter, and then some concoction they’ve trademarked and sounds like it’s something special – you know, something that “Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture” that will INFUSE your skin.Not recommended.

Lakisha Bird In Hand, PA

good, if you’re not really dry

Vaseline lotion is a bit watery. I would recommend this in your bathroom for your hands, or at your office desk when your hands are dry. It won’t really, really keep your skin moisturized though. I used it on my body very shortly needed to reapply.It feels good going on, and I found myself using a lot of it. I think it’s a decent lotion and is probably best for normal skin. Dry to severely dry find something else, like Eucerin. I have very dry skin, so this was ok, but not strong enough. I do use it on my hands and it’s nice.

Lora Walkersville, MD


VASELINE, TOTAL MOISTURE, COCA RADIANT, BODY LOTION is a good product, working well, though I wouldn’t use the word outstanding. I won’t be purchasing this product in the future, not because of how it works, but due to the fragrance. I thought it would be enticing, but that wasn’t the case for me. I found it offensive. In general I like VASELINE products. My not liking this particular product is due to a personal preference in regards to the scent. Just as writing is subjective, so is a scent.Product DescriptionThis silky, smooth lotion with Cocoa Butter, Petroleum Jelly and Vitamin E heals dry skin while evening tone and texture.
• Pack of three, 20.3-ounce bottles of Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion
• Rich feeling lotion for healthy glowing skin
• Combines pure cocoa butter and Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture
• Infuses moisture at the top, core, and deepest layers of the skin
• Formulated to feel good and do good for the skinPRODUCT UPDATE MAY 13, 2013:Since using this product, the fragrance has settled down quite a bit, to the point I find it pleasant.

Shelly Baker, WV

Just as advertised.

Cocoa Radiant Vaseline lotion is a wonderful addition to the Vaseline family. It moisturizes while offering you the benefits of pure cocoa butter (not sure yet if it fades spits, but we will see). It goes on smoothly, and the scent is nice and not overpowering (and what little scent there is, fades within 20 mins if not sooner). Every member of my family uses it on one body part or another, and It doesn’t leave a film on my hands. There are only pros to purchasing this product, among them: it’s affordable; it moisturizes while offering an extra layer of protection to your skin; isn’t too heavy; and smells pleasantly of cocoa butter. I highly recommend this product especially to those who traditionally enjoy Vaseline products.

Kristine Leesburg, OH

Pretty Good Lotion….

I gave it 5 stars because of value. I give it 4 stars for its uses, it works pretty well. It’s value is the reason why I purchased this product. It’s economical and long lasting, for the money. You can’t beat getting 3 bottles in a pack.

Hollie Loon Lake, WA

Great Smell, Weak Moisturizing

This is a lightweight lotion that’s similar to the standard Vaseline lotion that has been sold for decades. Although it uses new marketing terms and boasts exotic ingredients, it doesn’t offer great moisturizing. I can’t recommend it for people with dry skin because they’ll likely need to apply this lotion twice or thrice a day. For those with oily or normal skin, this lotion could work. It simply doesn’t offer the long-lasting moisturizing — despite the packages lofty claims — you can get from Curel, Lubriderm, etc.On the plus side, I really enjoyed this lotion’s fragrance. The cocoa butter scent is very pleasant without being overpowering.

Elisa Leadwood, MO

Simple, great lotion!

I have super dry skin, I am not a huge fan of the way cocoa butter smells. This lotion is great. It feels thick and absorbs quickly. I actually feel like my skin is getting hydrated.Also, the scent is really light and actually quite pleasant. It doesn’t stay long regardless.Recommend!

Corrine Rose Creek, MN

Good lotion but obnoxious smell

This lotion works well. It moisturizes nicely and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. It is absorbed within minutes and then your skin just feels soft. Unfortunately, it has a rather strong smell that is not very pleasant. I assume it is the cocoa butter although I did not notice this smell with a different cocoa butter lotion I used while pregnant to prevent stretchmarks. In any case, this does have a rather overpowering smell that I did not find appealing. The smell stuck around on my hands even after washing them. If it weren’t for the smell, I would love this lotion. However, the smell is off-putting enough that I won’t be continuing to use it.

Elisha Moosic, PA

Awesome Lotion!

Perfect for winter too thick in summer and i’m San Diego so i’d imagine in most places that would be the case also.

Eve Leckrone, PA

Love it

Been using this stuff for awhile. I use it after a shower and it works really well. Very smooth rich lotion yet not so thick that it leaves any kind of residue or feels weird. Like the cocoa butter in it. Can use it anywhere as well. Also dosen’t have an overpowering smell, just a nice neutral smell.Would I say it’s the best in the world? not sure. I use another lotion or two and they’re pretty good as well. But I would say it’s better than most and good for the price. Does a good job of moisturizing and can be used all over. Is somewhat thick but instantly evaporates into the skin once rubbed, feels great on and it actually works. These products are definitely good and i’d say it lives up to it’s name. It has another special quality to it other moisturizers or lotions don’t have. 4.5 stars.

Antoinette Trempealeau, WI

Wonderful scent, great lotion for hands dried out from washing them

These Vaseline Total Moisture lotions come in very large bottles and feel amazing on hands. I normally use hand and body lotions by Bath and Body Works. They have great scents and feel nice on skin. So when I tired out this lotion, I was pleasantly surprised at how different but good feeling this Vaseline Total Moisture is compared to Bath and Body Works hand lotion.The Vaseline lotion has an interesting wet feeling to it, where as most lotions of a a more greasy feeling to them, that eventually absorbs into the skin. While I love my regular lotion, I dislike using it when my hands are dried out from washing dishes or constant washing of them while cooking and cleaning. When my hands are dried out from water, putting normal lotion on them feels strange and my skin doesn’t absorb the lotion well. So they leave my hands feeling greasy. However this Vaseline Total Moisture lotion is perfect for using on hands dried out from water. Because of its wet feeling/formula, it feels soothing to water-dried hands and absorbs in quickly.The scent is wonderful, and smells delicious. It’s not heavily perfumed/scented like other brands. It has just enough fragrance to leave your hands with a delicious, but mild chocolate/coco scent. The lotion is dispenses from a pump at the top and can be re-locked for travel/storage by pressing down on it, then twisting it a few times. I really enjoy these Vaseline Total Moisture lotions and how they make my hands feel through out the day, and have been keeping a bottle in my kitchen beside my sink so I can put some on every time I need to wash my hands.

Joanne Thornton, KY

Pleasant Scent

This is a great lotion for dry winter hands. I keep it on my kitchen counter to use several times a day. My hands are in and out of water all day and get very dry in the winter. This lotion is not greasy or watery, and has a very pleasant scent that is not over-powering. My bottle was frozen solid when I got it from my mailbox, but the bottle did not crack and the lotion is fine. Would definitely purchase this product again.

Justine Bunnell, FL


This creamy lotion provides soothing moisture with a pleasing tropical scent. It feels nice and smooth and absorbs quickly. It left my skin with lasting smoothness and softness.Over the years I became less and less enamored of the Vaseline Intensive Care line. It seemed like as the number of versions increased the overall quality decreased. This is the first version I have enjoyed in a long time. The price is reasonable and the lotion is effective. I will continue to use it. Recommended.

Ashley Short Creek, WV

Smells Fantastic and Works Great!

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion is like a vacation in a bronze bottle, during the cold, dry-skin winter months! It goes on well, absorbs quickly, and leaves skin feeling silky, smooth, soothed, and hydrated for hours. Instead of smelling flowery or medicinal, it smells quite delicious, like cocoa butter. Almost good enough to make you forget about the snow, if it’s snowing where you are. And if you’re in a warmer climate, or you’re looking at this lotion for the summer, it’ll keep your skin hydrated under your SPF to keep the dry, tight itchies away. All around a great lotion, and you can’t beat the price!

Muriel Goshen, UT

Moisturizing pleasure

This lotion is thick enough to feel like it coats, neither too watery nor too greasy. The pure cocoa butter feels so smooth and smells wonderful. The pump has worked flawlessly and makes it easy to dispense as much as I need each time.

Rosalia Sidney, TX

Smells Great!

This is a HUGE bottle of Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion. The lotion pumps out easily. It’s silky smooth on the skin. It has a great light smell of cocoa–just right. This will last a long time. Just a little bit goes a long way.**UPDATE: I’ve been using this for about a week and it’s just about cleared up my dry ugly elbows. Yeah!

Ella Lehigh, OK

works great

works great and at a great price on amazon. I purchased the bundle package and shared with other family members. I love the smell of this lotions not to strong and light on the skin.

Lara Center Line, MI

Cocoa Butter

During the cold seasons, I have super dry skin. If I don’t wear lotion, I itch so bad, I just can’t bear it! I’ve had a hard time finding a lotion that will help my skin all on its own. I typically have to create a combination of products, which is sometimes a pain. When I have free time these days, the last thing I want to do is mix lotion!Imagine my happy surprise when I discovered this product is actually lotion, vitamin E, and petroleum jelly mixed together. That is the recipe that was passed down to me, and the mix I’ve been using. Again, that is such a pain to make! It works best when mixed in a blender(we use an old one that leaked liquids). I’m thrilled that this one works so great without me having to put forth extra effort! I LOVE it! Plus, it smells great.

Nikki Towner, ND

Helps Winter Skin

In the winter my skin gets so dry and itchy. I love Vaseline lotions. They really do help to rehydrate my skin after just a few applications. And the scent is great. I love cocoa butter. If you like cocoa butter and need some intensive moisture, give this one a try.

Kayla Rodney, IA

Excellent moisturizer

This is a really silky and effective body moisturizing body lotion. Nice soft scent, and while it has a hint of ‘shimmer’ or glow, it is NOT a tanning lotion. I thought it might give me a bit of color, but it is not a bronzer or indoor skin tanner. But it is an excellent moisturizer that I will continue to use through out the year. This Cocoa Radiant Lotion would be an excellent “after outdoor tanning” product, really hydrates the skin and does have a hint of ‘glow’ with or without the color of the sun!

Lakeisha Spearville, KS

Pleasant, low residue hand cream

This cream is perfect for someone like me who has chronically dry hands. A few pumps and I can almost feel my skin drinking this in, and it doesn’t leavse your hands feeling like they have a skin of butter.Plus it makes your hands smell like a hershey bar for a little while. The smell does become slightly actinic after a while, but unless you sit and don’t do anything with your hands for several hours, you wont notice this.They do have to make a pump thats more effective though, as the container is hourglass shaped, meaning you can still feel product left over after the pump goes dry, because the material clings to the interior curve.

Melanie Princeton, OR

Non-Greasy Lotion with Nice Fragrance

I’ve always prefered the Vaseline intensive care lotions to any other brand because when you use them they actually sink into your skin and don’t leave your hands feeling like you need to wash them to get the greasy feeling off. This particular lotion is one of the best, moisturizing without a greasy feeling and the smell is great! It’s a mix between hot cocoa and cocoa butter suntan oil. It’s a nice fragrance without being overpowering or making you feel like your hands smell like candy! Highly recommend this for both its moisturizing and it’s nice fragrance.

Doris North Tonawanda, NY

Keeps skin soft in this NY weather

Excellent smell and it keeps my skin soft and from drying up in this cold NY weather. The packaging they ship the product is really good as well. I’ve had experiences where things tend to spill and it’s a mess. They secure the lotion really well. Very happy, would recommend.

Diana Angoon, AK

Cuckoo For Cocoa

I have lots of more expensive body lotions from specialty stores; they usually come in sets with matching scented body wash and spray. They are great, but sometimes you want something that won’t be quite so fragrant. This works great as a moisturizer and has a really pleasant fragrance. It reminds me of suntan lotion, which is a scent I love. However, it isn’t so strong that you will feel like you have just gotten back from the beach.

Beatrice Oakford, IN

Traditional excellent Vaseline quality

I am a fan of Vaseline lotion, and have been for many years. I love the fact that it soaks in and doesn’t leave your skin greasy. For years I had searched for the perfect lotion, and I found it with Vaseline. The nice thing is that they are consistent with all of their lotion products. This lotion is no exception! The smell is light, but stays with your skin for several hours. I love the smell of cocoa butter, so I enjoy having the light scent linger throughout the day. This lotion soaks right in and leaves no greasy feel, it just adds moisture to your skin, so that it feels soft. As usual, Vaseline lives up to its quality promise!

Virginia Greenway, VA

Not exactly “radiant” …

… but this is a nice lotion, pleasantly fragrant and not too heavy or greasy. I’d love to claim that it cures stretch marks or middle-age (as a few other reviews have done), but it’s just a nice moisturizing lotion, reasonably priced.

Lori Jamesport, MO