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Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in Aloe Fresh, 6.5 Ounce

Many women know they should be using body lotion every day, but skip it because they think it takes too long to apply and absorb. Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer is a spray lotion that moisturizes and absorbs in seconds so women can put their clothes right on and get on with the day. The 360 continuous spray motion helps to cover arms, legs and body in seconds and leaves skin feeling instantly soft, not sticky or greasy. Aloe Fresh with pure aloe is for healthy fresh skin. The fragrance includes floral and green scents.

Key features

  • Moisturizes in seconds; so you can put your clothes right on
  • Skin will feel instantly soft not sticky or greasy
  • Sprays on quickly and evenly
  • For healthy fresh skin
  • With pure aloe

Honest reviews


Very Light Moisturizer

If you don’t have especially dry skin this might be a good option for you. However, if you’re expecting this to replace the original Vaseline lotion– you’ll be disappointed. It has a nice and light floral scent and when first sprayed it has a cooling effect. Once it dries (after several seconds) it doesn’t leave a film (like regular aloe does). It also leaves a film on the floor where sprayed. Personally, I could live without this.

Cherry De Beque, CO

Good, but won’t use it a second time!

On one hand, I love this product. Without being thick or greasy, it gives your skin a lovely moisturized feel. However, in all honesty, I deducted three stars because it turned my bathroom into a skating rink! You can’t imagine how upset I was to realize that I should have spread towels on the floor before I used this product. I actually had to use a strong spray-on bathroom cleaner and mop it up before I could leave the house or risk having someone else fall.Great on the skin, but really, really BAD on the floor!

Laverne East Fultonham, OH

Just O.K.

I loved the idea of a spary lotion to reach hard to rub places, but you still need to rub it in or it just sit on your skin. It also has overspray, so you need to be careful where you use it.

Lula Gordon, WI


I love this stuff. With this having aloe it is going to be my go to after the beach this summer. The $1.00 off coupon was awesome too. This leaves my skin feeling quenched and soft. I know how dry my back is when it only takes a few minutes to soak up without the quick rub. Light scent goes away quickly but lingers a tiny amount on your skin.

Eliza Beaver Dam, WI


Very handy moisturizeR , it have aloe Vera slight smell ( not odor ) absorb very quick leaving skin silky , and touchable , sort of a dry oil effect non greasy , and I really love the smell of freshness + Aloe Vera have calming effect on the skin . I do spray it on my hands then rub fast into my body since it will make the bathroom floor very slippery and also my laminate , but putting towel on the floor will help if you are on hurry after shower , will order again after I use my new 2 bottle that I just ordered . This product include Aloe Barbadensis Leafs Juice

Catherine Mayville, NY


I was about to give this a 3 star rating but it’s not a bad item if your busy and on the go….but I probably will never purchase this again…like I said it’s not bad and it smells good its just not for me…but you may like it.

Jennie Robert, LA

Saw on Commercial

and decided to order it. really does not stay greasy.. apply and rub and go. my kids love it too as they can just spray on legs and arms and go.

Lottie Thurmont, MD

Finally a great spray moisterizer

They took my beloved Nivea spray moisturizer off the market here in the US so I was excited when a great brand like Vaseline came out w/ this! I went out & got all 3 options. I love the wheat the best. The aloe is great too. And the cocoa butter is my sons favorite. Its an extra bonus I can purchase it on Amazon

Rosa Lakeview, TX

Great Concept, but…

I like this product, but it doesn’t seem like there is much in a container, and it leaves my bathroom floor slippery and greasy. I love the idea of it, and it is a great formula because it moisturizes without leaving my skin greasy, and it smells nice, but the greasy floor is dangerous and I don’t see a way to have the convenience of a spray lotion without having excess lotion greasing up the floor.

Loraine Channelview, TX

Quickest way to apply body lotion!

Love this product because it does exactly what is promised…you can spray it on the large surfaces of your body quickly after a bath or shower, swipe it in and go. Regular body lotion takes forever to be absorbed while this seems to absorb really fast so you can apply in a hurry , get dressed and go! Seems to work as well.

Jeanine Kettleman City, CA

الفازلين بخاخ مرطب والذهاب في الألوة الطازجة، 6.5 اونصة

This is an excellent product for a very ravenously and more wonderful and deal with you very excellent and went very quickly I will return you to buy another set soon

Cherie Valley Cottage, NY

This was exactly the product I was searching for

This is one is OK but not as moisturizing as the yellow spray can. The brown one dries out the skin too much.

Valarie Ely, MN

Spray and Go just like it says.

I even use it sometimes. My wife and daughter use regularly. Both say it is a great product that delivers needed results in a convenient manner. I recommend.

Elma Connellsville, PA


So easy to put on lotion with this. I use this kind of lotion when I am in a rush.

Noelle Hazelton, KS

Works just like expected

I love this. I saw the commercial for it and had to have it. I was skeptical at first, but it works exactly as the commercial showed. I spray it where needed and just quickly run my hand over it and ready to go! Very nice to be able to spray the moisturizer on your feet and then slip on your socks to hold it in without having to spread around lotion.

Chrystal Catonsville, MD

Love this.

I love all of the different flavors of this spray and go. It really makes your skin feel good and it is easy to apply without getting it all over your hands.

Dominique Palermo, CA

Love it, Love It, Love It !!!!

This is Great for everything !!!!!I use it for.1. After my bath & showers,2, To freshen up from sweating,3, if i cut myself by accident4 It helps reduces wrinkles,5. It smells GREAT !!Id suggest TRY this out as its Great !!i keep one in each room of each House!!Thats how much i love these !!

Greta Battle Ground, IN

Not for me…

Not pleased at all with this one. However, my favorite is the total moisture oat extract in the yellow can and the cocoa radiant in the dark brown can. They work well for me.

Desiree Brooks, CA

Easy to use better than the normal vaseline

Easy to use non sticky non smelling leaves skin feeling smooth I prefer this over the regular Vaseline because it drys fast

Deanne White Plains, NC


Excellent product and easy to use. Great for after being in the sun! I would definitely recommend. Good stuff and looks great on tan legs!

Alberta Taos, NM

Great Idea

After buying this lotion in a can, I don’t think I’ll go back to the old style pump again. Its easy to use and less mess. Just spray it on, rub and go. Blends in effortlessly and wont make you feel sticky. This is the second bottle I’ve bought and I will continue using this product. Amazon did take over a week to get it to me, even though its a Prime item and I’m a Prime member so I’ll buy it at the store next time.

Abby Kenyon, MN

Awesome stuff here

I couldn’t believe how this really works. Customer service also added a valuable coupon on the end of my purchase. I will defiantly buy this again. Thanks

Lilly Centreville, AL


Wow this is truly amazing I can feel it starting to work already and its only been a few days but my skin is definitely more smooth than before so I say this is an excellent product

Nannie Emeigh, PA

I like all of these

This goes on nice, I do not like to use creams, this one I remember to put on I guess because I tend to forget the creams because I hate applying them.

Kristin Dickson, TN