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Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion, Mineral Renewal, 13.5-Ounce Bottles

Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3 – Combines 3 powerful moisturizing ingredients that infuse and suspend sheer moisture at each layer of your surface skin; the top, the core & deep down. No other leading lotion delivers this kind of moisturization to all layers of surface skin for deep hydration & a surprisingly light, silky after-feel! Vaseline keeping skin amazing!

Key features

  • Sheer Infusion Mineral formula contains natural minerals
  • With avec/Stratys 3 – a breakthrough multi-layer moisture complex
  • No other leading lotion delivers this kind of moisturization
  • Deep hydration with a surprisingly light, silky after-feel
  • Vaseline keeping skin amazing

Honest reviews


wish there was an unscented version

Can’t really speak as to how great a moisturizer it is, since it’s unpleasantly cheap green apple/ citrus smell made it an immediate scrubber. Wait for the unscented version.

Margarita Whittemore, IA

Affordable. But A Note of Caution …

First and foremost, this lotion seems effective. It does (initially) make skin feel soft and moisturized. However, many physicians and dermatologists tell their patients that these products (any containing petroleum and synthetic components) can lead to a litany of skin-problems. (The most common and immediate being chapping or dryness … which is ironic!) The EU (European Union) has banned ingredients present in this product (weird how America sometimes seems behind on health-issues).Certainly, the addition of synthetic fragrances only serves to complicate the issue. I very much enjoy scented lotions … but those containing essential-oils (natural). Yes, these are a bit more expensive, but the products are more sustainable and more likely to be compatible with biology. There are a number of products which focus on long-term skin-health. They range from luxury products like Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Body Butter or Juice Beauty Green Apple Antioxidant Body Moisturizer to more “back-to-basics” products likeBurt’s Bees – Milk & Honey Body Lotion. These are expensive to experiment with, I know, so test them at your local health-food store or Sephora and then buy them here!Perhaps the genuinely distressing element of this product is the advertised “minerals.” One is dubious of mineral-delivery dermally. While (perhaps) feasible, one wonders exactly how effective it is. Overall, the package reads like a desperate ploy … “add some buzz-words and natural-sounding phrases … people love that.” Some people are keen to marketing techniques though …If you are drawn to this product for its “affordability,” know that is made for pennies (because the listed ingredients are REALLY cheap). You may wish to consider selecting dermatologist-recommended product (ask your doctor which one he/she likes best) or a more “natural” product … and simply using it more conservatively (to make it last longer).Certainly, one bottle of this product will not hurt you (I tried it, I’m fine), but why not invest a little more in yourself (and the environment.) Leave this product for your grandmother … try something more fun, innovative, and sustainable!

Loretta Freeburn, KY

Sheer Infusion Mineral Renewal

I’m the perfect candidate for testing moisturizers. My skin is extremely sensitive, as well as dry, and at 65, needs a lot of attention. Body lotions are really important in the cold weather, when we are living with indoor heating, so remember to be kind to your skin, and slather it with some good lotion.I have tried 2 of the Vaseline Sheer Infusion body lotion products, “Vitamin Burst,” and “Mineral Renewal,” and both are excellent. They hydrate the skin without leaving a sticky residual, the consistency is thick and smooth without being goopy, and it comes out of the spout in a nice steady stream (we’ve all experienced the creams with the “Oops” moments when a big spurt comes out and hits the wall instead of your hand)The aroma is wonderful. It’s in the slightly fruity range, rather like the smell of orange blossoms, and is extremely refreshing. I would also categorize it as gender neutral, as I don’t think it would be considered at all feminine on a man. Both “Vitamin Burst” and “Mineral Renewal ” have essentially the same ingredients and aroma, except “Mineral Renewal” has mineral water in it, and “Vitamin Burst” has Vitamins E and B5. Considering the reasonable cost for the large quantity, and its very pleasant aroma, I’ll give this product a 5 star rating.

Lashonda Froid, MT

Good Stuff

My wife likes this product. She has tried at least a zillion different lotions and creams over the years. She is not easy to please (big understatement) so that when she tells me that this is good it must be a really superb item. Based on her comment I would highly reccomend this.

Darlene Azalea, OR

Keep your skin happy all winter

New England winters are hard on the skin, and I use moisturizers often on hands, elbows and knees especially. I work in a hospital and this year we’ve got a major campaign on hand washing and the use of disinfectant gels–and it all takes its toll on hands and nails. I need a moisturizer that really works but won’t leave grease slicks on my keyboard and doesn’t have an intrusive aroma.VASELINE SHEER INFUSION BODY LOTION, MINERAL RENEWAL is my new favorite for work. I don’t take the Mineral Renewal aspect too seriously and to be honest, I always see product claims as more marketing than informational. How does it feel when I smooth it on? Does it absorb completely and leave my skin feeling clean and protected? Can I still feel it (in a good way) after I’ve gelled or washed? Do I need to put the fan on in my office after using it or is the scent pleasant and light?I’m not a chemist and the ingredient list for this product was impenetrable to me; I take my chances in this modern life, as most of us do, but I did look up the ingredients from this product. It contains PEG-12 dimethicone and cetyl palmitate (stabilizers and emulsifiers), cyclopentasiloxane (an emollient), disodium EDTA (a preservative), and phenoxyethanol (a fixative of some sort, apparently severely restricted in cosmetic use in Japan). While part of me wants to recoil in horror, I guess I choose to accept the risk. So far my skin is thriving under this multisyllabic regimen.I asked several people at work to try it and give me their impressions. All found the scent pleasant and faint, only one person thought the lotion might feel slightly “greasy” (a severe criticism of a body lotion, or actually of many things), and everyone thought it was really nice and hoped I’d leave it on my desk where they could use some of it from time to time.VASELINE SHEER INFUSION seems like an effective serviceable body lotion at a reasonable price. I use lotion more frequently when it has a pump dispenser, so I like the packaging of this 13.5 oz size and will be keeping it on my desk for the winter–so that everyone in the office can enjoy it.Linda Bulger, 2009

Sandra Ben Lomond, CA

great smell

The lotion feels very light on the skin, quick absorption, and for me, the best part is the pleasant fragrance. Even my fingernails have a nice sheen after use.

Patty Georgetown, CO

Silky smooth

When I saw the name “Vaseline” on this product I was expecting something greasy, I suppose because to me the very word Vaseline has come to meanVaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly.That is not at all the case. This “Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion, Mineral Renewal” is some of the smoothest body lotion I have ever tried. It soaks right into your skin leaving no residue or stickiness. Afterwards, my skin was much softer and more subtle than before. It was pretty impressive!My wife liked this lotion enough to replace her former lotion and demand more bottles. I can’t think of a better recommendation than that!

Esther Smyer, TX

A certain smell!

I use a lot of lotion, especially in summer and I enjoy the smell of this lotion. Although I do not find that it is a “moisturizer” which is much more needed than plain lotion.Mostly I use it for my hands, elbows, and face. When you wear it, you get that feel for hours and hours that your skin is protected. It stays on!There is also a certain smell that I cannot identify. But what is important is that it smells good!This is a vaseline product, attractive bottle. …Rizzo

Bethany Tecumseh, KS

really nice lotion

I have to say that Vaseline is a brand I’ve always liked. They’re straight forward and work like they say they will. This particular line of Sheer Infusion has 3 blends to choose from. Mineral Renewal, vitamin burst and botanical blend. They all contain the new patented multi-layer moisture complex, “stratys 3″. Well, what the heck does that mean, right? Vaseline describes stratys 3 as ” combines three powerful ingredients that infuse and suspend moisture across all layers of skin– the top, the core, and deep down.” It leads me to believe that not only will my current surface layer of skin be super moisturized, but that it sinks in deep down to improve my skin’s moisture over all as time goes on. So far, it’s doing an awesome job. I’ve been using this lotion for 2 weeks or so, and have already noticed a nice difference.I’ve tried this version, and also the botanical blend. Both lotions are great, but differ slightly in the formulation. This one has mineral water and a different fragrance. I personally prefer the scent of the botanical blend(light and fresh), while this one has a powdery floral fragrance to me. Both seem to be equally as moisturizing. My legs are usually papery dry in the fall/winter, but my skin has seemed more alive and hydrated since I started using this. I’ve been applying it daily, after showering, so that it can really sink in. I hate sticky lotions, but this is nice and silky.Great moisturizer, the only downside for me was the existence of parabens(which are a preservative typically found in many water-based cosmetics, such as creams, lotions, shampoos and bath products), and once Vaseline starts formulating lotions without them, I will be completely overjoyed!!

Nettie Cantil, CA

Amazing relief for dry skin

I originally reviewed this product when it first came out in 2009. I thought it was good, but didn’t think it was all that, especially considering the price. Then my mother, who lives in a cold dry climate in a nursing home with forced-air heat, told me she was having terrible issues with dry itchy skin. I bought some of this lotion for her on a whim, and she said it was amazing. I keep having to order more because it’s the only thing that makes her skin feel better. I started using it myself this winter, and I’m now hooked. Apparently, so are a lot of other people, because the retail stores have trouble keeping it on the shelves. The only place I can buy it is through love this stuff. It keeps my skin moist and smooth, it has a very light scent that isn’t offensive (and I have a sensitive nose). I don’t know that I’ll keep using it when winter ends – it may be overkill for warmer weather – but it’s going to be my winter lotion forever. Did I mention it’s amazing?Vaseline, please step up production! We need more!

Jeri Iola, KS

Soft then sticky

At first rub I was really excited. The lotion felt light and smooth. So I put if everywhere. Then a few hours later, my skin felt sticky on my shoulders and chest. I wasn’t sweating, so I’m not sure what was going on. Tried it again, same thing. goes on well, but doesn’t sink in them feels sticky a few hours later. could be just me, but I thought it was a relevant thing to post.Also, in small doses the smell is fine, but all over it is overwhelming. This is really a hand lotion, not a body lotion in my mind.

Nadine Hackettstown, NJ

So Good

This lotion is so good, I can’t even describe it. First, it does not leave a sticky feel as so many lotions do. It smells fresh and clean. It hydrates the skin and makes it feel good. I’m sure it has “minerals” in it, as that is in the name.I love this lotion. It feels, smells elegant and indulging. It does not leave that greasy feel that so many others do. This lotion is perfect. Sometimes I skip the lotion because it is so greasy/sticky. But I will not skip this lotion.Highly recommended.

Millie Canyon City, OR

“sheer” describes it

This lotion has a great texture. It absorbs immediately into the skin. When my hands got wet, maybe 10 minutes later, I did NOT have that slimy feeling you get with many lotions. My skin had a “supple” feel–not dry,not greasy or heavy or wet. I only gave 4 starts because I did not care for the smell. To me it seemed sortof medicinal (from the minerals?). I prefer a citrus or light floral scent. However, when my 10-year-old daughter used it, she thought it smelled amazing. Personal choice, I guess. Anyway, This is a very nice, all-over body lotion, and I recommend it.

Annabelle Summerville, OR

Hmmm! Infusionably delicious!

I’m a moisturizer junkie. My skin’s always dry, and I need moisturizers that feel good, aren’t greasy, and actually work. Surprisingly difficult list. But this stuff not only works and works well, it’s not greasy. I keep it by my computer because I can put it on — then use my keyboard without gunking up the works. Yoo hoo. What do the minerals add? No idea. But I’m less interested in why it works — then the actual fact of it working.

Francesca Key Biscayne, FL

Smooth, creamy, smells nice, but, its still just lotion

Another lotion claiming to keep your skin super smooth and moisturized. Does it work? Probably just as good as any other lotion. I like it and use it, but I don’t have exceptionally dry skin, so I haven’t noticed any change.

Muriel Booneville, MS

Great long-lasting moisture, lightweight sheer finish, all at a value price!

This is a great lotion that provides supreme moisture in a very light, sheer finish. I’ve never experienced a lotion that goes on so light, yet provides such deep and lasting moisture to my extremely dry skin. The lotion goes a long way, because only a small pump provides a lot of coverage. The lotion has a very light, almost imperceptible scent that I personally liked because I was able to use it with any number of body soaps or washes. I’ve used another version of this lotion, Vitamin Burst, and couldn’t tell a great difference between this mineral version and the other, except for a slight difference in the very light scent. Both are great products and I’ll definitely use this product again.

Bonnie Taylors Island, MD

Excellent Body Lotion For Very Dry Skin

My first thought when I received this lotion was “What the heck is a sheer infusion body lotion mean?” I still have no idea but what this bottle doesn’t say is that this lotion is excellent for very damaged skin. I pick at my cuticles until they bleed, tear off the skin and it seems like I constantly have an infection. After two days of using this lotion my hands have almost completely healed and there is no dry skin to pick at. My next test is to use it all over my body after my shower because it did such a great job on my hands.I only gave four stars to this review because I do not like the scent. The scent is a strong floral/musky combination that does not appeal to me but neither does it repulse me. Scent preferences vary from person to person so I’m sure it will smell fine to most users.My summary: Buy this lotion now to help you get through the winter months and your skin will be nice and soft when spring arrives.

Donna Ponce De Leon, FL

Decent lotion

My whole family uses this, especially in the winter. Elbows, hands, legs, and chapped cheeks. It works well everywhere. It’s just lotion so there is not much else to say. It is not very smelly which is good. I hate smelly soaps and lotions.

Pearl Kualapuu, HI

i love this lotion

I have very dry hands and legs and when I got this, I thought, here we go again,I won’t like it. But…I was wrong. First of all, the dispenser only dispenses the correct amount, doing away with waste. It is light and soft and it sinks into your skin immediately. I always like Vaseline products but recently, found them to be even better. They are wonderful. This is every bit as good as higher priced lotion. It has a nice light scent, not overpowering. Believe me, I have all kinds of lotions and this one ranks right up there on my list. Get this lotion if you are having trouble finding a great priced, light scented lotion that soaks into your skin and doesnt feel greasy. This is a great product.

Helena Woodstock, MD

Smells nice, feels good

I liked this lotion. The scent is light and pleasant. (OK, I know that sounds bland and hokey, but it’s nice!) The lotion absorbs quickly, however I live in a desert and use almost constant air conditioning. My hands are normally so dry that they will absorb almost anything. The nice thing is that it seems to take a while before I need to reapply. I do think it’s a little expensive for what you get, which is why there are only 4 stars in my review. It’s good and my hands feel soft an hour after using.

Evangeline Buckeystown, MD

Good lotion great scent!

I have never been a huge fan of Vaseline lotions. For no other reason than I didn’t think they were as effective as some of the other brands on the market in the same price point.This one is a little more pricey, but you get a better lotion. First, it smells great. I know this is all a matter of personal taste, but this is my review and I think the smell is clean and pleasant.Second, it goes on very smooth and leaves your skin feeling instantly silky. There are other lotions out there that offer the same “instant” feeling, but then a 1/2 hour later your skin is back to being parched. Vaseline has solved that with this lotion. I put it on before bed and woke up to hands still feeling very soft.For the most dry of hands, though, I would still recommend using a cream or something with a thicker consistency, but this is a great daily lotion for skin that needs a little help!

Nan Owensburg, IN

Good long-lasting performance

I’m very pleased with this lotion – it absorbs fully and does not leave your hands feeling greasy. The scent is a bit more pronounced than I would like, but it is not offensive, and it does not linger too long. My major quibble is that it does not absorb as quickly as my usual brand (Vaseline Intensive Care) – it takes a few minutes longer to soak in fully. It does seem to provide longer lasting protection, however, and continues to work even after you’ve washed your hands.While I don’t think this version will unseat the Intensive Care version as my favorite, it is a good choice for a moisturizer.

Ashlee Olin, NC

Works well, feels great

This new mosturizer worked great. It was easy to apply and you could feel the mosturizing effects. I will buy this again.

Araceli Anthony, FL

I would use it again

Sheer Infusion with Stratys 3 Mineral Renewal body lotion. The smell is soft and perfumey. The lotion itself does make your skin feel like silk. The lotion did not irritate my skin and I have extremely sensitive skin. The lotion is not heavy but it isn’t very light either, middle of the line I suppose. I did get the vitamin burst as well and it was about the same all the way around even down to the smell. I don’t know if over time I would be able to tell the difference, but as of now I can not.I would definately use either this or the vitamin burst again.

Madge Big Bear Lake, CA

Worked Like a Charm

I deliberately tested this product out for almost three weeks before I wrote this review in order to give you the most honest results that I could in a short time period.A little background first. I have really dry skin on my legs. My legs get so dry that they start to itch. The itchiness is so intense that I begin to scratch and once I do this, the whole cycle renews itself with the addition of abrasions on my skin from too much scratching.Please note that I have tried just about everything in the medical arena from prescription medication creams to over the counter salves with no real result. The dryness persisted and the itchiness and scratching cycle continued.In addition to medication, I have tried body lotions, creams and butters to moisturize the skin in order to counter the dryness. Instead of helping, even the most natural of these products only exacerbated the situation. I wasn’t dry, but I was itchy from the products.When I saw this Vaseline product offered on the Vine, I admit, I was skeptical, but I figured, ‘Why not?’ After showering or bathing, I slathered this easy to apply lotion on my legs. One application every morning after washing. I do not know why I chose the Mineral Renewal type, I just did. This product uses the Stratys 3 multi-layer moisture complex as do two other lotion products in the same line. The lotion does contain some obviously engineered ingredients, so those who want “All Natural” may not be interested in this.Nonetheless, the product worked for me. It is only in the past week that I realized that I had not been itching for a while. Upon further scrutiny, I noticed that my legs looked sleek and blemish free. The dry flaking had subsided and along with that the desire to start the pain cycle. Wow! I can’t say how thrilled I am about this.Since I am using this product on my legs, I do not really get the chance to smell the fragrance. However, I do think that even though the scent is meant to be pleasant, it can be rather strong. So, using product on your hands or closer to your nose may be an issue.Bottom line? This product works. My skin looks sleek and feels good. I have no dryness to speak of. Highly Recommended with the caveat that for those who want to go “All Natural” you may have to look elsewhere.Diana Faillace Von Behren”reneofc”

Antonia Chino Valley, AZ

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion, Mineral Renewal

Most excellent product! I recommend it to anyone that needs a lotion to moisturize (as opposed to using Mineral/Baby Oil)! Five stars!P.S. Buy both the following:1. Vaseline’s Sheer Infusion Body Lotion Mineral Renewal2. Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion, Vitamin BurstUse them together – for the skin you came in!

Latisha Rising City, NE

Stands out

Note that it’s a small bottle, but this lotion could easily be the best out of the Vaseline label. Seems like it kind of heals and moisturizes at the same time. Recommended.

Josefina Stidham, OK

good performance but smells a bit too strong for me

I have been using this body lotion for over two weeks now and I am happy to report that it works great as a consumer brand product. My skin feels soft for well over several hours after applying it and I do not suffer from any allergic reaction so far. My only problem is the smell, which seems to get onto my clothes very easily. I must also report that the lotion stays on my skin a bit more than I prefer. Even after several hours, I can often feel a slim film on my hand during hand washing. I can see how to argue about this both ways, but I personally prefer the Neutrogena formula that is more water repellent.

Edna Lyons, IN

Goodbye Dry Skin!

I had a problem with dry, sensitive skin on my legs and heels. The long list of expensive lotions and crèmes I have used in the past tended to look good when applied, but by evening the morning’s application had stopped doing the job. Vaseline’s Sheer Infusion goes on easily, soaks in quickly, and must also soak in deeply because my skin no longer appears dry. I apply it after my morning shower, and 24 hours later, my skin is still smooth. I could tell a difference the first day, and subsequent days have only gotten better. My skin looks and feels softer, but is never sticky or slick with lotion. I have been using it as a body lotion rather than for my hands, but they are reaping the benefit as well. The scent is very mild, and rapidly becomes negligible.

Billie Piedmont, SC

Don’t really care for it

My first reaction to using this product was that I really liked it. The lotion goes on smoothly, the scent is pleasant, and it seemed to make my skin softer. It was only after I had it on for a while that I began to feel differently. My skin feels “tacky” hours after using it. I can rub my hand over by neck and upper chest and my hand actually gets “stuck”. I don’t notice the problem on my legs and arms, but on my torso, it’s really sticky.There are so many good products out there without this problem that I won’t be buying it again.Edit on 11/5/09: I decided since my complaint about the lotion was the way it felt on my torso, I decided to put it in the kitchen and use it for hand lotion only. That has been working just fine. As long as I use it only on my hands it’s all right. Not better than other products out there, but not worse.

Carlene Edison, NE