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Vaseline Men Spray Lotion, Fast Absorbing 6.5 oz

Vaseline Men Spray Lotion is a quick and convenient continuous spray lotion that moisturizes and absorbs in seconds. Skin will feel instantly soft–not sticky or greasy. To apply, simply hold the can 4 inches from your skin and spray up one leg and arm, switch hands and spray down the other side and finish by quickly rubbing in. The Fast Absorbing formula of Vaseline Men Spray Lotion tackles dryness in seconds and has a fresh fragrance specifically designed for men. Continuous spray lotion moisturizes and absorbs in seconds. View larger Continuous Spray Body Lotion Unlike traditional bottled lotions, Vaseline Men Spray Lotion comes in an aluminum spray can with a twist-lock button for quick and easy dispensing. Compressed air produces a targeted, continuous spray about the width of a wrist for fast coverage. The Fast Absorbing formula absorbs into skin with a few quick rubs. Multilayer Moisture Complex This continuous spray lotion contains an effective multilayer moisture complex and leaves skin soft without the grease. How to Apply The 360 degree continuous spray motion in Vaseline Men Spray Lotion helps to cover arms, legs and body in seconds with one pass. Hold can 4 inches from skin and press firmly down on cap. Spray moisturizer all over body with one continuous spray. With a few quick rubs, the lotion absorbs in under ten seconds, leaving skin moisturized. Available in Two Formulas Vaseline Men Spray Lotion Fast Absorbing tackles dryness in seconds. Vaseline Men Spray Lotion is also available in Fast Cooling. What’s in the Box Vaseline Men Spray Lotion in Fast Absorbing, 6.5 Ounces. Vaseline Men Spray Lotion in Fast Absorbing At a Glance: Tackles dryness in seconds Instantly leaves skin moisturized, not sticky or greasy Dispenses evenly with one all-over spray Fast to apply, quick to absorb Fragrance designed specifically for men

Key features

  • Moisturizes and absorbs in seconds
  • Instantly leaves skin moisturized
  • Not sticky or greasy
  • Dispenses evenly

Honest reviews


Great For the Man on the Go!

I received this product complimentary from Influenster to review and I am also do this review to unlock a brand challenge to qualify for winning a prize. First we would like to say that the smell was great (we are middle aged) and I would wear it too even though it definitely smells like it is for a man, Second it went on so smooth and dried truly fast but left a nice moisture on the skin. I used it on my ashy elbows and 16 hours later I was still good in a super dry heat house. The male who tested it loved it because he said when he is rushing to leave from the gym to get back to work, not only will he be nice and moisturized but he will smell good too. So it is like a body spray/moisturizer in one. This is a product that will be purchased over and over again! @VaselineBrand @Influenster #MenSpray

Lynnette Hill Afb, UT

Husband loves the feel, I love the smell

I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster and my husband has loved it. It smells amazing and does a good job of moisturizing his skin, which gets very dry in the winter. The smell is absolutely amazing as well, we both enjoy that. His only complaints are that it is cold to spray on and a little sticky at first but that goes away when rubbed in. I am writing this review as a brand challenge for a chance to win a prize.

Leta Mayodan, NC

Great Product But Surprised By Smell

(Disclaimer: I got this product free from Influenster and am posting a review as part of an entry to submit – however, all opinions and thoughts are my own)I and my hubby both used this product and he LOVED it, while I was ok with it. The only issue for me is the strong scent that it has. It’s not a BAD scent, just strong and "manly" smelling – so that can be a little off-putting when I am just trying to moisturize my legs. However, it does what it says it will – it goes on fast, absorbs fast, and leaves your skin nice and moisturized. So for that, I think it is definitely a good buy.

Juliana Peterborough, NH

awesome and easy to use

My wife received this product and gave it to me to review. I love the smell, how easy it is to apply and how quickly it absorbs into my skin. It doesn’t leave my skin greasy or that feeling of having much product on and at the same time making my rough skin feel soft. My oldest son has been using it as well.

Guadalupe Ash Grove, MO

Super Product

This is an awesome spray. I love these new spray lotions as it makes applying lotion so easy and mess free. Its super easy and fast to keep your skin moisturized. The coloring of the can is really cool. The smell is manly without being overwhelming. My hubby was never a lotion person and since trying this product out he now applies lotion!

Elisha Hopewell Junction, NY

Great smell, easy to apply

I got the Vaseline Men Spray as part of my Jadore VoxBox and I was excited for my hubby to try it. I first noticed the smell when I sprayed it on him. 🙂 It smells so good. I also love that it was easy to apply. He loves the continuous spray and that it was non-greasy.I received this product complimentary from Influenster and I am entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.

Amelia Potomac, MD

Great product! !

My husband loves this! Non greasy, great smell, and absorbs quickly! Best lotion he says he has ever used. Highly recommend!

Anne Waynesville, MO

Great At Healing Winter Dry Skin

This Vaseline Lotion helps with my husbands winter dry skin. It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. Love the fact you just spray without having to rub it in.

Sheree Elm Grove, LA

We were quite pleased with this one.

Let’s face it… guys get dry skin just as much (if not more) than we ladies do. Living in the high plains of Montana where winter is an 8 month long season and wind is constant, dryness is an everyday problem for my household, but especially for my husband.He’s constantly complaining about dry skin but also has very sensitive skin that does not like perfumes and dyes so finding a product that works well for him has been a problem. We’ve hit on a few okay products yet most of them leave him feeling greasy or haven’t managed to have enough staying power. When I received a bottle of Vaseline Men Spray and Go Body Lotion Fast Absorbing Spray for us to try I was admittedly skeptical about it. I haven’t been impressed with spray lotions in the past and this was has fragrance so I was concerned this would be another dead end.While it’s not without its flaws, this product is actually pretty good. You should have heard my poor husband squeal the first time I helped him spray it on the back of his arms LOL! A word of caution now… this will be very cold if kept in a cool space. The good news is that it sprayed cleanly (not all over the place), was easy to rub in, and wasn’t at all greasy. We also found that the scent level was perfect, not too strong but distinctly masculine (fresh and kind of foresty). The scent also did not bother my husband’s skin as many other heavily scented and dyed products have. The one caveat is that the moisture didn’t have the 24 hour lasting power we’d hoped for. I’ll blame our subzero temps during our testing period for part of that.Overall, a surprisingly good product that provides convenience and quality, I think we’d use this one again.Notes: I received this product for through Influenster for testing and honest review without compensation. By submitting this review I am entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.

Sheree Urbana, OH

Works Okay

We got this lotion for my husband in our VoxBox from Influenster. It smells great-but isn’t my husband’s favorite scent because he is not a huge fan of Axe spray and he says it smells a lot like it. I on the other hand loved the scent. It didn’t take a lot to cover a larger area, but didn’t dry as fast as we would have thought with the description. It did, despite not drying as fast as we would have liked, work really well at moisturizing his skin and making it soft and touchable. If it was offered scentless or in a different scent I think my husband would like it more and would be more likely to try it again or use it.

Carissa Clayville, NY


My husband LOVED this. He even has it on his desk and uses it all the time. Why? It smells amazing, is easy to spray, and is non-greasy. He said this is without doubt his favorite lotion.

Carole Brookville, PA

My husband is a fan, but doesn’t get the “hype”

I received this product complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my opinions, and I’m entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize… HOWEVER – this review is 100% truthful.Okay, so this is Vaseline lotion, and it is everything you know and like from this dependable brand. Hubby, however, says he doesn’t get the "hype" over the Spray and Go part. You still have to rub it in and get your hands dirty, so why not just use regular lotion?I can’t say I blame him… I mean… It’s true. The lotion has a nice, light smell (and I’m really picky about men’s products), and absorbs quickly.

Robert Falls Village, CT

Great for the Husband

I asked my husband for his impartial review of this product, and he responded that he would grade it as a B+ overall. It was fairly easy to apply and it dried quickly and left a nice smell. He did comment that the spray method felt a bit wasteful and messy as the wide spray arc allows for some of the lotion to spray on the floor, but he felt this was a minor con. And this is the most I’ve ever seen him willingly use lotion, so that’s a plus for me! :)I received this product complimentary from Influenster and that I am entering the Brand Challenge for a chance to win a prize.

Flossie Durant, FL


My guy is adamantly against anything that has a scent to it but he actually doesn’t mind this lotion! Trust me, that’s a huge compliment!

Cynthia Brunswick, MD