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Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, Advanced Repair Unscented 20.3 oz

When you have very dry, rough, irritated skin you need something that will moisturize to help it heal fast. In our Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented lotion, we’ve combined healing micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and our highest levels of moisturizing glycerin. The result is a rich lotion that gives you intense moisturization. This lotion deeply moisturizes to heal very dry skin in only 5 days. Suitable for Sensitive Skin Our Advanced Repair, Unscented lotion isn’t just your average moisturizer. Clinically proven to heal dry skin in 5 days, it provides prescription strength moisturization without the prescription to restore soft, healthy looking skin. It’s also been awarded the U.S. National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance. Lotions for eczema related dryness and for sensitive skin need to be gentle on the skin yet contain nourishing ingredients to effectively tackle the issue of dryness head on. With its seal of approval from the NEA, Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion is suitable to use as a daily moisturizer for people with eczema or sensitive skin. Fast-healing Moisture Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, Advanced Repair helps to relieve dry skin from the first application. It contains micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly, which penetrate deep down to form a protective layer on your skin and lock in moisture. This sealing barrier speeds up the skin’s natural barrier recovery. Advanced Repair lotion also contains glycerin and dimethicone, which draw moisture to the skin to rehydrate very dry skin. With this combination of deeply moisturizing ingredients, Vaseline Advanced Repair lotion offers you fast relief for dry, itchy skin, plus the confidence that it is suitable for sensitive skin. Apply Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion to your skin daily to heal dry skin. Healthy–looking skin can be yours with the right lotions for dry, itchy skin.

Key features

  • Prescription strength moisturization & its unscented formula makes it a suitable lotion for dry, itchy skin
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Unscented Lotion provides fast-healing moisture for dry, itchy skin
  • Micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly lock in moisture to relieve even stubborn dry skin
  • Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel
  • Awarded the National Eczema Seal of Acceptance

Honest reviews


I love lotion.

This stuff is fine… good… I don’t have much to say about it ;)Great deal, I use it to fill smaller bottles of lotion for travel or to keep around the house. Feels good, absorbs well, I will get more!Pump is good for one-handed moisturizing 😉

Sophie Barton, OH

nice low cost, no funny stuff, classic product

nice low cost, no funny stuff, classic productsometimes you don’t want stuff that is too goopy and perfumedThis is just right – nothing overboard.

Justina Lexington, GA

not sure what it’s supposed to be “repairing” …

… but this is pretty good lotion for the price. It has a pleasant fragrance and doesn’t hang around in a greasy kind of way. Other than that, well – it’s lotion.

Michaela Rockaway Beach, MO

Big fan!

I have horribly dry skin in the winter but also have very sensitive skin and hate strongly fragranced body products. In other words, I’m fussy about my products! This lotion is very light but definitely worked on the dryness immediately. There’s virtually no scent and you’re not left feeling oily and slimy afterwards, even when using the lotion on your hands. I’ll definitely buy this again!

Leann Bolt, WV


Let’s face it. Lotion is a part of life…well at least for this African-American family of 6. We seem to go through it like water. So given the chance to try Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion, I was thinking two things: 1. I will get a free bottle of lotion that these people can use 2. I will get a free bottle of lotion that these people can use.The lotion moisturizes pretty well I guess. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and honestly my children who lotion themselves came back ashy after a few hours (probably due to their inadequate application techniques) but ashy nonetheless. So as far as lotion this is just run of the mill in my opinion.The bright side to this lotion is THERE IS NO FRAGRANCE. I HATE the lotions now with their overpowering scents!!!!!! (can you tell I am not a fan of fragrant lotions)Lastly, I am not crazy about the pumps that Vaseline uses. I have used this and other types of Vaseline body lotions and they cannot pass the kid pump test. What’s the kid pump test? That is when the lotion is not completely full, but not completely empty and an adult would know to maybe shake it up a bit or bang a bit, but a kid will continue to pump and pump and pump, much like a person presses the elevator button thinking it’s coming faster. Well their pumps do not hold up to much of that. So we end up having to unscrew and fish lotion out with the pumper wand. Crazy Annoying!!So if you are an adult, are not an overly dry person, this may be the perfect lotion for you. I would not purchase this if given the choice mainly because of the inadequate pumps.

Lessie Schuyler, VA

Absorbs nicely…not sticky or oily…unfragranced

UPDATE: My review is for Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion Unfragranced not Rescue Repairing Lotion; it seems the product has changed & my review is listed under the wrong product now.Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion unfragranced is a very nice hypoallergenic moisturizer. It absorbs into my skin, leaves my skin feeling soft & instantly moisturizes it, yet seems to leave a protective coating which doesn’t leave my skin sticky or oily.The label states, “Vaseline Moisture Locking lotion triples moisture reserves instantly, then fills tiny gaps in skin to lock moisture in all day, promoting the proper environment dry skin needs to repair itself.”

Corrine Augusta Springs, VA

Wonderful Moisture Lotion

It seems “they” are getting better and better and better at making moisturizer that WORKS!…I have VERY DRY skin and this makes it soft and smooth….I will be buying this product again …..

Muriel Chincoteague Island, VA

winter body lotion

I love using this right after a hot shower, especially in the dry winter season! It does not feel greasy or heavy on the skin, and it replenishes the lost moisture on the skin after a hot shower, so I never feel dry and itchy skin anymore. It is also quickly absorbed, so you don’t feel like you just applied a thick layer of “mask.” This is definitely my winter go-to. I never walk out of the shower without it. Plus, it’s a really good value. One big bottle could last for at least two to three months.

Britney Watkins, IA

Really does the trick

This lotion is thick enough to feel like it coats, neither too watery nor too greasy. I like that it is fragrance-free, as I often find the fragrances added to beauty products to be a bit overwhelming. The pump has worked flawlessly and makes it easy to dispense a little onto my hands often.

Nadia Bethel, AK

Not the Greatest

I have very dry skin, so I use hand lotion a lot, especially after I wash my hands and such. So this sounded like something I could use. It does a decent job. It’s a little greasy, but otherwise effective. But for me the Gold Bond Ultra is still the champion.That is all.

Brandi Calipatria, CA

Works well enough, but doesn’t absorb well.

My hands get exposed to winter weather almost all day every day. My skin gets to the point where it is like the alligator skin you’ve seen on TV, so much so that I don’t even want to shake hands with anybody. I’ve tried all kinds of hand creams to combat the dryness, this is the best so far. After a couple of weeks using it 2 or 3 times per day my hands are actually soft. The only problem I have with it is the residue left on the skin, it doesn’t absorb very well at all. THe label says “non-greasy lotion”, but if it isn’t grease that’s left behind it is certainly something like it, so much so that I have to wipe my hands with paper towels after using it, and even then I’m afraid to touch anything for a while for fear of greasing it up.

Reyna Richfield Springs, NY

Just a straightforward lotion that works really well

We’ve used plenty of Vaseline Intensive Care moisturizing lotion over the years. I can’t really tell the difference between the older products and this Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing lotion, other than this a fragrance-free version.Anyway, the Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion works well. It has a nice creamy consistency that smooths on nicely over the whole body. It doesn’t soak as quickly as a light face lotion, but it delivers far more moisturizing power. The fragrance free variety is nice for anybody, and the 20.3 ounce bottle is a nice generous size.

Marjorie Lacrosse, WA

pretty good

This moisturizer works pretty well. It absorbs fine and is not greasy, but don’t know that it’s really more “intensive” than regular body lotion. I wanted unscented because I don’t like perfumey fragrances, but this one has a slightly unpleasant smell to it.

Christa White Plains, VA

Worth the extra cost

When buying skin lotion it’s always tempting to pass over Vaseline products in favour of Suave or Jergen’s, but I have found after using several brands that you usually get what you pay for.I’m one of those who suffers from very dry skin during periods of low humidity, which can be a problem in the winter. This Vaseline lotion keeps my skin from becoming overly dry, and it’s applied and absorbed very quickly. I’m still not sure that it’s truly fragrance-free, as there does seem to be a scent, but it’s an inoffensive smell.The only caveat I have is that the lotion seems a little strong for sensitive areas like one’s face. For that I would still rather use one of the Neutrogena products, as it not only offers SCF protection but seems gentler on facial skin. For all other purposes, this product is an excellent choice and well worth its slightly higher cost when compared to others.

Annmarie Arnold, KS

Doesn’t work as well as I expected and ruins clothes!!!

I have drier hands this winter than I ever have before. I have been looking for a lotion to help repair the intense damage, and so I tried this. While it helped and my hands are not *as* cracked as they were before, it didn’t work as well as I expected (as I write this review, I have been using it daily for about a week).I like this lotion for my legs- if you put it on at night, you can still feel the residue a bit, so you know it’s still there and it’s working deeply into your skin. However, as a hand lotion, this is not it. The lotion claims to be “non-greasy,” but I would disagree. While it’s not as greasy as other lotions, it’s still just greasy enough to be a terrible hand lotion. My definition of non-greasy is something likeHempz Herbal Moisturizer, 17-Fluid Ounce (500 ml) (Package may vary), which really does go away on your hands after you put it on. And as I mentioned before, it didn’t work as well as I expected over the course of a week. My hands are better, but not as repaired as I would prefer.So again, as a body lotion, I would say that this might work for you. As a hand lotion, get something else. 3 stars because “it’s ok;” it didn’t impress me. Other reviewers seem to like it though, so perhaps it’s just my skin!EDIT 4/4/13- I just knocked down my review to 2 stars. Here’s why:Another bad thing about this lotion- it bleaches clothes!!!! The nozzle for the lotion got plugged by dried lotion, so when I tried to use it last night, it squirted out everywhere. A good stream of lotion went directly onto my black pants. I immediately used a washcloth to get the lotion off, and I didn’t think anything of it….I looked at the same pants this morning, and there are bleached out spots exactly where the lotion landed. Those were my favorite pants 🙁 🙁 :(. Why I knocked this down 2 stars- if the lotion will do that to clothing, what is it doing to your skin??? Yikes!!! My bottle is going in the trash.

Christy Bayfield, CO

Only one quibble

I’m guessing that when they say “fragrance-free,” they mean the fragrance comes at no extra cost, because this definitely has a subtle fragrance … but it’s a pleasant, gender-neutral scent that fades fast, so that’s not a deterrent for me. The product does what it’s supposed to do … quickly relieve and repair dry, flaking skin and restore a healthier look. The moisturizing effect lasts pretty much all day with one liberal application, so for my money, this product is a winner.

Marisol Hartville, MO

Works great, a very pleasant surprise.

Some time ago my doctor diagnosed me with folliculitis and had me shave my beard and told me I would have to keep shaving since it would itch too much and the problem would reoccur if I regrew my beard. The problem is shaving is somewhat painful and my skin would burn for about 24 hours, electric razors don’t work. I can’t use traditional aftershave and have to use special products like Nivea balm which only helps some.On a whim I tried this, in the past during the 24 hours after shaving I had apply Gold Bond and Lubriderm, etc. to control the burning feeling. They helped a little but not much. I was really surprised that Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Lotion worked better. Instead of having to apply it every 2-3 hours it lasts much, much longer, usually one or two application around the most sensitive areas. Plus no real odor to worry about.It also works very well on the usual areas like legs, arms and back. I really would highly recommend this product, particularly for very damaged skin and for skin conditions.

Marion Naperville, IL

Soft, Smooth

Living in the high desert of Idaho comes with some challenges, one of which is dry, dry skin. This product does a very good job of keeping my skin hydrated without any oily residue. I don’t know what the formulation is and I don’t care: it just does a great job.The pump produces a little less than an amount I’d like, but that’s the only negative I can say about it. It goes on very smooth and within moments I feel my skin is softer. I also really like that it’s fragrance-free so it disappears without a trace–other than soft skin.Love it!

Heidi Fence Lake, NM

Excellent product for sensitive skin

Due to my sensitive skin, my bathroom storage space is cluttered with partially used bottles of skin cream. They all make great promises (from “all-natural” to “miracle”) but end up too irritating, too highly scented, ineffective, causing breakouts, whatever. And then there’s this product– a solid, basic not-so-trendy type of skin cream from a brand that has been around for a long time. It is more dense than many creams which concerned me at first– I thought it would be too thick. I first tried it on my hands which have had dry patches despite using other products– the dry patches ordinarily go away temporarily but are back within a few hours. But I noticed a positive difference right away. The lotion soaked in immediately and left my hands noticeably softer but not greasy. After an hour or so, I washed my hands, and they still felt soft. 12 hours later– still soft, not greasy, and no dry scaly patches. Then I tried it on my dry, itchy legs (a winter problem)– again, instant relief. No annoying nighttime itching. And no sensitivity issues at all. Great product– I am now throwing out all the more expensive, fancy products and saving this one bottle. This is a great find and will purchase it when I run out (by the way the bottle is large so you can count on using if for awhile).

Germaine Elka Park, NY

My hands love it!

How do I know my hands love this product? They show me every day. I do a lot of things with my hands, from dishwashing to scrubbing kitchen and bathroom (including Pia’s litter pans, which I bleach regularly) to small repairs around my apartment. My small repairs often include the use of drills, nails, hammers, screwdrivers etc., so my hands have taken a lot of beating! Except for my usually broken fingernails, my hands are in great shape! I use it as a body lotion, too, after every shower, but the proof of its value shows up best protecting my hands from the usual wear and tear! Oh, yeah, it doesn’t leave your hands (and body) sticky or greasy, and I love that it is unscented.I recommend Vaseline lotion! The 3-pack also makes it a best buy!

Debbie Dededo, GU

Light and effective

This lotion is rich and thick but still light and spreads evenly. I like the fact that it is fragrance free because I prefer eliminating applying any unnecessary chemicals on my skin. Also prefer not smelling like a gardenia. It’s best applied after showering and toweling off but with the skin still moist so the moisture lingers longer. I haven’t used it long enough to describe any long term results, but it does leave the skin feeling silky and smooth. It’s a reasonably priced lotion that allows it to be used liberally without breaking the bank.

Gracie Catawba, WI

Lingering Skin Sensation but Overall Effective

This lotion is thick, but not extremely so, and I didn’t notice any fragrance. It did reduce or eliminate itchiness and soreness of my dry, winter skin. The only thing I didn’t care for was the fact that this product left a coated feeling on my skin that lasted for hours after applying it. It wasn’t an especially unpleasant feeling, but it was noticeable. The Lubriderm Lotion I’ve used on my skin in the past doesn’t leave this coated feeling. On the other hand, if I skip a day with the Lubriderm, I really notice that my skin becomes itchy right away. With this Vaseline Lotion, I can skip a day without ill effects, and overall I think it does a better job in soothing really damaged skin. It might be overkill for people whose skin dryness isn’t that extreme.

Nan Sabana Grande, PR

Excellent Moisturizing

I love this lotion. It’s perfect for someone like me because I have very dry hands, year round. I do a lot of dishes and cleaning with no rubber gloves or anything and I get a lot of dryness from detergents and hot water affecting me, so I need a gentle moisturizer that soothes my hands and brings the moisture balance back, and this lotion does it perfectly. It absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue, and just feels natural and comfortable on my skin. This is also excellent for using on my very dry feet. The roughness, the cracked heels, the white appearance, GONE – with this gentle lotion that pampers my feet and makes them so soft and smooth, and really fast too! That is not an easy task, as most lotions barely soften them. This is a really good lotion that totally works for all levels of skin dryness and areas. It’s priced right too. Not too expensive, and does better than some of the higher priced lotions at a considerably lower cost! I very highly recommend this lotion especially if you have very dry hands or feet (or any other skin) that need something gentle but completely effective! It moisturizes with no irritation! And it leaves no scent behind! It’s perfect in every way! 🙂

Pauline Waterloo, NY

It’s just lotion, but…

It’s really good lotion! My hands get super dry, but I can’t use anything oily on them because I’m either doing schoolwork or making beads all day. This lotion has a light feel, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave an oily finish. I don’t feel like I have to apply it frequently to keep my hands super soft and not dry or chapped. I even use it on my face sometimes… and the best part is that it’s unscented. As I get older I’m less and less tolerant of perfumes, especially on my face.

Marian North Haven, ME


This lotion is really good for general use. Creamy and smooth. It helps prevent chapping and keep skin supple. However, if you wash your hands throughout your day this will need many applications. Best if used after showers or bedtime.

Carolina Crows Landing, CA

Thick, effective moisturizer

This is a good, basic lotion that I’ve found particularly helpful in winter months when my skin gets very dry. One application really does the trick until my next shower, and it soaks into the skin very quickly

Ericka Valparaiso, NE

Non Greasy, Works Well, Another Great Vaseline Product

As I’ve gotten older (and better, of course), I’ve noticed that my skin was drier year around, not just during the cold winter months. Normally, I tend to neglect my skin, waiting until the dry skin itch got really bad, flaking and painful. In the last year or so, I have also had to deal with ever worsening eczema and psoriasis, which really makes the regular skin problems harder to deal with. Most skin creams seemed to be too heavy and often greasy, and I felt what I could only describe as a slick coating on my skin. Hence the reason that I tended to avoid caring for my skin.I’ve used numerous products, both over the counter and prescription, and never liked any of them. When I was growing up, our family had always used the regular yellow vaseline intensive care lotion, and it seemed to work well. I decided to give a vaseline product a try, and choose to try the repairing. What a difference. In three days, I noticed a definite lack of itching, and my skin actually looked better. I even used it on my scalp and along the hairline, where my skin conditions were the worst. It is a light cream, and soaked into my skin immediately, no greasy feel at all. It is fragrance free, which is a plus. And much more reasonably priced over all the other products I’ve tried throughout the years. As an illustration of the repair qualities, I had psoriasis on my knee so bad that I had actually scratched it bloody and sore in my sleep. After cleaning with soap and water, I used a bit of peroxide on it, then lightly coated with the vaseline repairing lotion. By the end of the first day, it was looking better. I used the vaseline again that night, and by the next morning, the scratch marks had lost much of their redness and the skin looked markedly healthier. By the second evening of twice daily use, the entire area looked and felt much better. Made a real believer out of me. And I wish I had back even a quarter of the money that I have spent on higher priced creams and lotions over the last several years.

Alberta Au Sable Forks, NY

fragrance free?

I have extremely sensitive skin, so most lotions end up going into the garbage because they break me out. I found this lotion and was happy to see it was fragrance free. I used it for a few days and it seemed to be working well. Then I started getting itchy little red bumps in between all of my fingers. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use the lotion anymore since that is usually the first place I break out from any lotions or creams. Very disappointed, because the price was great and it was a big bottle of lotion.

Christy Akron, MI


Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Lotion, Fragrance Free, 20.3-Ounce Pump (Pack of 3) for $23.00 is a bit overprice for a pack of three. I have extremely dry skin and this lotion gave me for for an hour before I had to reapply. I do appreciate the fact it is fragrance free and has a pump. Personally, I recommend buying one container first at your local grocery or drug store to see how it works for you.

Eve Elrod, AL

Softens and leaves skin feeling silky & smooth!!!!

I received this Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Lotion through the on the vine program. I love this moisturizer. It is thick and creamy and leaves your skin feeling so soft, smooth and silky. There is no scent so it’s great for men or women. It goes on nice with no greasy feeling whatsoever. It leaves hands feeling soft and hydrated as well. You can put this on in the morning and it seems to having a lasting effect, it doesn’t wear off. Your skin feels soft and smooth all day even the next day. This will definitely be my first choice moisturizer from now on. I do however wish it had the option of coming in scented and unscented. Either way I this will still be my first choice.

Edwina Lonedell, MO