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Vaseline Deep Conditioning Body Lotion Unisex, Cocoa Butter, 10 Ounce

Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Cocoa Radiant® Non-Greasy Lotion. With pure cocoa butter. Heals dry skin to reveal its natural glow. With micro-droplets of Vaseline® jelly. 10 fl oz (295ml).

Key features

  • Vaseline I.C Deep Conditioning Rich Hydrating moisturizing Lotion with Cocoa Butter, Petroleum Jelly and Vitamin E heals dry skin while evening tone and texture.
  • It is all day hydration for a natural shine.
  • It is leaves skin soft and supple.
  • It is smoothes the appearance of marks and discoloration.

Honest reviews


My favorite winter lotion

This lotion smells wonderful, absorbs quickly, and has a nice consistency (not too watery or thick, if anything, this leans more on the thin and watery side). In regard to the grease-factor, I would like to explain something. This lotion has petrolatum in it (the second ingredient). Petrolatum is in almost all Vaseline products (petrolatum is the same thing as petroleum jelly), and is a SKIN PROTECTANT. This means that it sits on top of the skin to lock in moisture. It is not necessarily bad, but if it’s hot or humid, locking in moisture is not a good thing. Sweating is the process which cools the body down, and having a thin layer of petrolatum on top of your skin is going to falter that process. Therefore, this lotion is a great cool weather lotion.If you want a lotion without petrolatum, I would highly recommendNivea Body Daily Lotion, Original Moisture, 13.5 fl oz (400 ml) (Pack of 3)which I use as a spring/summer lotion. It smells like roses.

Paula Cottondale, FL

Extremely good

This is by far one of my favorite lotions ever. My family has for the longest been customers of the Vaseline brand, and one day I saw this and decided to buy this, and I have not regetted it one bit. I love the fact that it actually moistures my skin. I have some lotions that after I put it on, it appears like I didn’t even apply anything. That is definitely not the case with this brand. It’s awesome, with a nice smell to boot.

Lesley South Saint Paul, MN

good for winters

This is great for winters, because its slightly oily, so this is definitely not a good summer lotion. But for the cold chappy skin weather, this is great. Once a day after bath, keeps you hydrated throughout. I prefer the fragrance of the cucumber version though.

Paige Montello, NV

It’s an average lotion.

I’ve been using this for about a month, and I haven’t noticed my skin tone evening out at all.The lotion is very liquid-y (not something I’m a fan of). I don’t like how it feels when it’s first applied – it’s almost sticky. Once it’s finally absorbed my skin is very smooth.The smell is appealing; it’s a lotion-cocoa smell as one would expect. I’m not sorry I used/bought this product, but I will probably move on once the bottle is empty.

Rachelle Austin, AR


Okay I am not a fan boy of lotion or Vaseline but this product deserves a review. My wife has eczema and anyone that know about this condition know how serious it is and how itchy it can be. My wife before we knew what eczema was would scratch all the time while she slept and when awake. Scares everywhere and of course she was extremely upset. We tried so many different things but none of them worked. When we came to this affordable product within about a week her skin tone evened out noticeably and the scares started to fade. I have never seen a bigger smile. I would highly recommend this product. Your skin will thank you.If this review helped you please let me know. Thanks and happy shopping.

Dora Notus, ID

Thanks vaseline

I LOVE this product because it: smells great, feels great, moisturizes great. Takes good care of my dry, sensitive, itchy skin. Husband loves the way my skin feels when I use this product & that’s a plus. Good price too!!!!!

Phyllis Mechanicsville, MD

Great Cocoa Butter lotion

This smells beautiful, fresh and clean. I bought this seeking Vaseline and cocoa butter, because the skin on my elbows is a bit rough. I’m glad they combined the two. It has left my elbows soft and smooth. It’s not greasy or oily either, and absorbs right into my skin, nourishing it and keeping it supple. Great buy. I suggest it to anyone.

Krystal New Athens, IL

vaseline body lotion cocoa butter

I been looking for body lotion that smell like cocoa butter I found . it smell so good its not thick like other body lotion that’s a good thing. affordable price.

Angelia Talbotton, GA

it’s ok

I bought this product before I switched to eco friendly products at the time the lotion did serve its purpose for a few hours I would have to reapply during the day I will not reorder this product

Mindy Raymond, MS

Perfect for after shaving…

I use this moisturizer after my showers.. on my legs, chest and arms. The scent is like your typical cocoa butter, but it’s not too strong or too sweet smelling. Vaseline makes pretty honorable products, so you know what you’re going to get. My skin is happy after I apply, simply put.If you are looking for something to buy as an add-on I highly recommend.

Matilda Alden, MI

Swtiching over to Vaseline now

I really like the scent of Cocoa Butter Vaseline Jelly, so imagine my surprise when I discover Vaseline has a whole line of lotions, including their cocoa butter scent. It is a light scent that isn’t harsh, artificial, or overwhelming at all. The scent alone is what prompted me to try this lotion first, and I’m glad I did. The lotion itself is creamy but not thick, and spreads very easily. I use it immediately after the shower and to touch up my hands after being in the cold. It goes on smoothly, sinks in quickly, and doesn’t grease up at all if you use one pump per each arm, each leg, torso, back, feet. It greases up on my hands if I use too much, and have to wait a few minutes for it to soak in completely if using too much on hands. Half a pump is enough for my hands.Hours later after going outside briefly and my whole body is soft and velvety and smooth! I’m very surprised to find my torso soft and my feet still moisturized well. I like the lotion for feet a bit more than the petroleum because it soaks in better and isn’t in a jar which easily contaminates from fingers. I am now a believer of Vaseline CocoaRadiant Lotion and will continue to buy this item for as long as I can. I love that they give you various sizing options of the lotion, from 3 to 32 ounces.

Lilian Muncie, IN

Body lotion

A thick lather lotion that deeply conditions the skin that it encounters. So far, it has its own feel with a cocoa butter scent.

Carmen Ledbetter, TX