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Vaseline Body Lotion, Cocoa Butter, 32Ounce

With pure cocoa butter and a special multi-layer moisture formula, Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion helps keep your skin healthy-looking and soft. The Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture complex reaches the three layers of your surface skin and provides thorough moisturizing and fast absorption. The lotion gives your skin a clean feeling, without leaving behind sticky or greasy residue. Three-Layer Formula for Effective Moisturizing Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion contains Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture formula and relieves dry skin quickly penetrating into the stratum corneum and delivering effective skin hydration. Stratys-3 consists of a blend of glyceryl quat, hydroxyethyl urea, and glycerin to deliver moisture and hydration to the top, core, and deep down layers of the stratum corneum (multi-layer surface skin). This formula leaves skin feeling healthy, soft, and smooth. It also contains pure cocoa butter and locks in moisture for naturally glowing skin. Fast Absorbing Lotion with a Clean Feeling Vaseline Total Moisture absorbs quickly into your skin. It offers a smooth, clean feeling, without greasiness, to help you keep your skin feeling and looking healthy. What’s in the Box Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion, Cocoa Radiant, 32 Fluid Ounces Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion, Cocoa Radiant At a Glance: Absorbs quickly Moisturizes top three layers of surface skin (stratum corneum) Contains pure cocoa butter Leaves skin feeling clean, not greasy

Key features

  • One 32-ounce bottle of Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion
  • Rich feeling lotion for healthy glowing skin
  • Combines pure cocoa butter and Stratys-3 multi-layer moisture
  • Infuses moisture at the top, core, and deepest layers of the skin
  • Formulated to feel good and do good for the skin

Honest reviews




Ursula Newton, NH

Great economical body lotion

I love this stuff, it is inexpensive, smells heavenly but isn’t too strong or lingering, and is quite rich for a lotion. You don’t need anything more for typical winter dry skin, except perhaps something a little more powerful for hands and elbows if your skin is drier or aging. Here’s a tip: cover your feet thickly with this lotion in the evening after a shower, wrap your feet in plastic wrap, put on your socks and go to bed. You will wake up to wonderfully soft feet, and any calluses you have will be much easier to pumice off if you need to.

Daisy Celeste, TX

dig the smell and feel

The smell is subtle and sexy. Ever since I quit smoking and my sense of smell has come back in full force, I’ve realized how overpowering the smell of a lot of my lotions were. I love this because there is still a nice smell, but it is more inviting than offending. I love how silky my skin feels and my boyfriend commented on it when I first started using this too. Also doesn’t irritate my skin or feel greasy throughout the day. Moisturizes well without that annoying overly slippery feel. Especially at this price, I’m sure I’ll order again.

Merle Tenmile, OR

The best body lotion

I’ve been using this product for 5+ years now, and I would never use anything else! It keeps your skin feeling soft, isn’t greasy, and smells great (but not overpowering at all).

Anita Edwards, NY

Love it

I love this lotion, I put it on after I shower, before I tan under my bronzer and then after I tan, it gives me a much better glow, makes my skin look much more even and of course helps more with removing marks, smells amazing and leaves me milky smooth!-)

Michell Sasabe, AZ

This is so much better than my bath and body works lotion.

This stuff smells so good and feels so creamy. It’s just perfect for people with very dry skin like me. I will buy this again in the future.

Esther Central, UT

Great stuff!

Usual Vaseline high quality, with a touch of cocoa scent. Feels extravagent and is great for my skin too. Good buy!

Evangelina Centerburg, OH

Vaseline Body Lotion

I didn’t like this. I received it with a broken top but still decided to use it. I didn’t like the smell, it interferred with my perfume.

Lidia Ben Franklin, TX


Saw this recommended on YouTube. So glad I listened. Smells wonderful! A bit of a vanilla smell to me; which is my favorite scent. Large bottle. Nice smooth formula. Used it after shaving in the shower. Great!

Evangelina East Candia, NH

Smells Great!

Smells great, not too slimy when putting on your skin. The scent stays on you for a good while and doesnt dry up so your skin looks hydrated all day.

Vicky Basco, IL

Cocoa Butter Lotion

I like this product, it is an excellent product and great for dry skin. It also helps to clear up blemishes.

Allyson Greenfield, MO

A decent lotion

As far as inexpensive lotion goes, this Cocoa Butter lotion is nice. I would compare it to St. Ives. It absorbs well and the scent isn’t overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this product and would buy it again.

Rosalia Etlan, VA

I already know…

I haven’t received mine yet, but I already know how fabulous it is! I mix this with equal parts of Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil (they just started carrying it and it is a good deal), shake it up, maybe put in the shower or tub with me if the oil hardens so the heat can melt it, and put all over my body. I have the softest skin because of this.

Rowena Clintonville, PA

Smooth and long-lasting!

I had to get a really good moisturizer to use after my time in the pool, and this is just perfect! I love the smell and the feeling on my skin. It is not sticky, but very smooth. It actually keeps moisturizing your skin long after you put it on as well. The next morning after my very first use my skin already felt much softer! Very nice! Cocoa Butter is awesome!

Jeanine Park Valley, UT

Great for Dry Skin

My skin stays very dry, to the point it cracks open in some places and looks really ashy in others. This product is great and the scent is not too strong. I even put it on my hands at night, cover them with cotton gloves and this helps keep my cuticles & fingertips from cracking open. And I have not noticed any staining on my bed linens or clothing, either.

Matilda Wallace, MI

Surprise surprise

I only wear lotion during the cooler seasons of the year and I typically buy bath and body works lotions which I find to be of great quality although pricey. As a kid I used Jergens which I like to this day but while perusing the net I stumbles across this product and from the many descriptions, I decided to try it. Wow, the fragrance is nice but mild and the feel can only be describes and silky. Even my heels are much softer after just a few uses. I will still use my higher priced lotions but this is a great economical addition to my lineup.

Teri Weston, OR

Quite Surprised

For starters, I live on a beach and it doesn’t get that cold here. Snows every other year or so in April (thanks to global warming) and school closes automatically if it gets colder than 40 or so degrees, snow or not (just to shows how ridiculously they treat cold weather here). I ventured out for a winter lotion for this harsh cold weather, or "arctic blast" as they’re calling it.This is my first Vaseline lotion. I really like the scent of Cocoa Butter Vaseline, so imagine my surprise when I discover Vaseline has a whole line of lotions, including their cocoa butter scent. It is a light scent that isn’t harsh, artificial, or overwhelming at all. The scent alone is what prompted me to try this lotion first, and I’m glad I did. The lotion itself is creamy but not thick, and spreads very easily. I use it immediately after the shower and to touch up my hands after being in the cold. It goes on smoothly, sinks in quickly, and doesn’t grease up at all if you use one pump per each arm, each leg, torso, back, feet. It greases up on my hands if I use too much, and have to wait a few minutes for it to soak in completely if using too much on hands. Half a pump is enough for my hands.Hours later after going outside briefly and my whole body is soft and velvety and smooth! I’m very surprised to find my torso soft and my feet still moisturized well. I like the lotion more than the petroleum because it soaks in better and isn’t in a jar which easily contaminates from fingers. I am now a believer of Vaseline CocoaRadiant Lotion and will continue to buy this item for as long as I can. I love that they give you various sizing options of the lotion, from 3 to 32 ounces. I purchased a large pump of 32 ounces from Target at 6.69

Chelsea Tome, NM

perfect summer moisturizer

I like this lotion because it smells great and you get a lot for the price. For it to be a Vaseline product, you’d expect it to be bomb. This lotion works perfect for me in the spring and summer, but doesn’t work too well in the winter because its so thin.

Melba Leavittsburg, OH