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Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream with Pump Dispenser, 1 Pound

A non-greasy, long-lasting moisturizing cream that is easy-to-spread, quickly absorbed and non-comedogenic*. Ingredients: purified water, white petrolatum, sorbitol solution, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, ceteareth-20, simethicone, glyceryl monostearate, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sorbic acid and BHT

Key features

  • Soothes red, irritated, cracking, and itchy skin
  • Retards the blistering of sunburn
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Family-size 1-lb. tub

Honest reviews


HAS BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) IN IT!!!!

BHA & BHT are in nearly everything from cereals, and chips to countless beauty products. Sad thing is that studies have shown they can cause hyperactivity in children, and are considered CARCINOGENS by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. These substances are classified by the Department of Health and Human Services as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.” Yet the FDA allows them to be used in foods and beauty products. And it is because the FD&C; Act does not authorize FDA to approve cosmetic ingredients. Thus cosmetic manufacturers may use any ingredient they choose. Which means its up to use to make sure we check the ingredients list, something I didn’t think to do before. In fact BHA & BHT are banned nearly everywhere worldwide EXCEPT the US. How sad is that??Despite being known to impair blood clotting when consumed in high quantities, and promote tumor growth they still put it in our products. Health concerns of BHT include endocrine disruption, respiratory toxicity. “A safety assessment of BHT reported that BHT applied to the skin of rats was associated with toxic effects in lung tissue. Lanigan RS, Yamarik TA, “Final report on the safety of assessment of BHT (1),” International journal of toxicology, vol. 21, no. Suppl 2, pp. 19-94, 2002. In addition, The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) has determined that there is moderate evidence that BHT is a human respiratory irritant. Environmental Working Group, “Skin Deep. Butylated Hydroxytoluene,” [Online].However, since I have no desire to get cancer, nor do I want that for my mother (who was using this) I discarded it and suggested more “safe” and all natural moisturizers/oils. Its just not worth the risk. I cannot believe dermatologists recommend this product (along with CeraVe). You want to help your skin, don’t put carcinogens in it!!!!!! They just accumulate until you get cancer. Recently I read a study where researchers tested the blood and urine of 20 teenage girls, ages 14 to 19, looking for 25 chemicals often found in cosmetics. The teens involved in the study lived in different parts of the country and included white, black, Asian-American, and multiethnic girls. Tests detected 16 chemicals from 4 chemical families in either the blood or urine of the girls. God knows what will happen if you use BHT for decades, these girls are only 14 and already have lingering carcinogenic agents in them!!!!It may take some time breaking away from such highly used carcinogens such as BHT (I’ve come to find it everywhere) and go all natural, but it makes all the difference. As the United States Department of Health and Human Services, FDA, and the rest of the world (except the US it seems) already knows.

Carla Phoenicia, NY

This stuff has too many unhealthy ingredients!

I saw this being recommended by an allergy specialist so I came here to look at the ingredients. NO WAY would I use this stuff on my skin on a regular basis!Just look at the ingredients it has:”white petrolatum, cetearyl alcohol and ceteareth-20, sorbitol solution, propylene glycol, simethicone, glyceryl monostearate, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sorbic acid and BHT.”At least half of this stuff is very bad for one’s body! Petrolatum is just what it sounds like. Great for running engines, not so great for a human body. Alcohol is very drying to skin. Not sure why it’s in products designed to moisturize! Propylene glycol… pretty sure this is not good for you and even more sure polyethylene glycol is not. And I know BHT is not a good thing.Read the other 1-star reviews for more info. Also look up these ingredients at ewg – environmental working group, in their cosmetics data base where they rate how bad this kind of stuff is. Then look for one there with much better ratings and buy *IT* from amazon, not this crap.This just shows you how uninformed M.D.’s are, that they recommend this crap! They are very antiquated in their thinking, they never consider the ingredients in stuff and often recommend FDA-approved medicines that have high rates of severe complications including death. Don’t accept that just because an M.D. recommends something, that it’s really good for you, any more than a site selling allergy products knows what they are talking about when they recommend Vani-cream!Do your own research and then come back here and tell me that this stuff is good for daily use! It’s not!

Kayla Bethlehem, CT

Works Great!

I have rosacea, very sensitive, dry and acne prone skin. I also have severely dry and cracked skin on my hands, feet and legs. After trying just about everything out there and visiting 5 different dermatologists in the last year and a half, my newest derm. recommended I try vanicream. I am glad she did.I have been using it for a week, twice a day, immediately after showering. My skin looks and feels so much better. My skin has gone from looking dry, cracked and inflamed to smooth, soft and less irritated. You can still see the cracks in my skin but they are slowly healing. I am super sensitive to all sorts of chemicals, fragrances and I am allergic to many foods and suffer from environmental allergies. This is the first thing in 2 years that hasn’t caused me any problems. I am excited to see what my skin looks like after a month of using this!As a few other reviewers have noted, mixing this with water will help it spread easily and you need very very little. I use immediately after showering while skin is still moist. For my face I put a little water in the palm of my hand and mix a tiny amount of vanicream in. It goes on well under my makeup.

Elma Cayuta, NY

The best moisturizer

My dermatologist recommended this to me because I have sensitive skin and rosacea. It moisturizes the skin well, absorbs quickly without a greasy feel, and doesn’t have any ingredients that irritate skin or cause acne. It’s great as a body lotion or face moisturizer for anyone–no fuss, no frills, just real relief for your skin!

Stacey West Camp, NY


My skin is dry again after 6 hours of applying the lotion. It goes on well, but the medicated smell would make you think that it’s super effective. Good for sensitive skin, but it doesn’t treat eczema any better than other products for a fraction of the cost. Not recommended.

Jerri Bleiblerville, TX

Perfect for sensitive skin!

This product works great on sensitive skin! A nice creamy, thick lotion for winter! We will definitely be purchasing this again!

Pauline Buckfield, ME

Best moisturizer for extremely dry, flaky skin

My skin has been extremely dry for many years now that it tends to be flaky (skin sloughing off) specially during the winter season.I often rely on reviews by other people so i search Amazon and this is by far most recommended by many.I happened to be at Meijers and this 1 pound pump was on sale for $10.49 so i bought just to try. I am so glad i did…It’s the most moisturizing lotion i have ever used. It has a thick consistency and yet non greasy when you apply. It penetrates right away under the skin. I used it after i take a shower when pores are still open. I used it on my elbows and heels (put socks on afterwards). My mom and brother are both hooked on this that we put this on the living room.You just gotta try this one. It really works. Best to buy the 1 pound pump.

Sonia Lime Ridge, WI

Love it!

Love, love, love this product! i work in health care and we heat our home with wood. If I use Vanicream every night, my hands are smooth and soft.

Dona West Point, NY

Even if I wait hours to lotion–still does the trick

My skin tends to be very very dry…especially my feet and ankles. This stuff has been great. I love that it has no scent, and that it really moisturizes. No matter how dry my skin is…especially my feet…this does the trick. It is ideal to lotion right out of the shower, but for me, sometimes that just doesn’t happen and with this, I am okay if I have to wait. The pump is handy, its a lot cheaper here on Amazon than at my local spot which charges $16 dollars, and that is after I have driven 20 minutes to the only store that has it. I have now converted my teens into using it. They ran out of their heavily perfumed stuff and after using this, decided that they liked it. Its on the thicker side, but spreads pretty easily.

Sonia Meno, OK

Relief from dry/itchy skin (from Retin-A use) — finally!

I happened to find this product at walgreens (a one pound tub with pump for $13.99). My friends were using Hydrolatum for their newborn baby’s skin and I noticed my hands felt extremely soft (and stayed soft for a long time!) after I used my hands to put lotion on the baby too. I was thinking about buying some Hydrolatum and while doing some internet searches to determine if it was safe to use on my face (i.e., wouldn’t cause break-outs) I also found some websites talking about Vanicream and how great it was because there were no parabens, etc. So, when I saw Vanicream at the drug store, I figured “$13.99? – sure, i’ll give it a try!” I had been using tazorac and retin-A creams for a while and my skin was really red and raw despite moisturizing like crazy with other gentle creams/lotions. No matter how much lotion/cream I put on, my face would look like extremely dry parchment paper with an oily layer on top. I was just utterly confused on how my skin could look so dry and paper-y / crinkly despite the globs and globs of cream I would put on. People I knew kept on commenting on how red, chapped, and dry/flaky my skin looked. After I started using Vanicream on my face (I put it on immediately after I wash my face and rub it in well), many many people starting commenting on how my skin started looking much much much better. Not only was all the flakiness and redness gone, but my face also no longer burned or stung when I washed it! Even using something as gentle as cetaphil used to cause my skin to burn/sting due to my use of tazorac/retin-A. However, since I started using Vanicream on my face, not only has my skin become extremely soft and moisturized, it’s also stayed beautiful and clear. Vanicream did not cause any break-outs to occur at all! I’m amazed! I’ve been using it for many many weeks now (almost a month) and I’ve had no problems whatsoever. I have extremely sensitive skin (prone to broken blood vessels) which even turns bright red when I use a damp tissue to wipe my face (esp. around the eyes). Vanicream has never caused my skin to burn or sting or break-out. I’m really impressed with it and I will be using it from now on!

Edwina Brogue, PA

Thicker than the lite lotion

So I use it for my feet and elbows. Great product and absorbs so well into my skin. I use the same brand’s lite lotion usually for face and hands though if hands seem really dry, I use this or mix the 2 of them.

Anita Caroline, WI

Vanicream Moisturizing Cream Saved my face

My dermatologist recommended this product and I was prepared for an expensive sell. But, by the time I had gone to her, I had spent hundreds of dollars on face creams, only to believe that I was just going to have to live with the rash, the swollen eyes, the itch and the feeling that I could never put any make up on again. The unbelievably pleasant surprise has been that the swelling has gone, the price is right (very affordable) and the size will last for months. It does feel thick, but it isn’t greasy and rubs in easily. No more swollen eyes, no more rash. Thank you so much vani-products. You have saved me.

Gayle Marshall, WI

Much prefer CeraVe for my son’s eczema

I really wanted to like this, but it just wasn’t as effective in clearing up my son’s eczema as CeraVe. I did purchase 2 orders to give it a fair try. The second order had leaked out during shipping (about 25% of the product). On a positive note, I do like the thick consistency and the pump dispenser. However, for the price and effectiveness, I prefer other products.

Tamera Jamaica, VT

Love this product

I have a sensitive skin and this product is fantastic no scent not greasy I use it year around. Very light

Catherine Yorklyn, DE

great, but prefer the lite

I like it a lot, its very creamy though and next time would choose the lite version because it soaks in better. Despite the extra creamy texture I haven’t noticed it to be any more moisturizing than the lite version.

Gertrude Warsaw, NC

Dermatologist recommended it for sons extremely dry

No smell. Not sticky or greasy. Dermatologist recommended it for sons extremely dry, eczema prone skin

Adrienne Strunk, KY

Daughter loves it!

My daughter has horrible allergies to many things and this cream is wonderful. She uses it every day without any reactions. Keeps skin soft without harmful chemicals. Will purchase more and more!!

Madeline Selbyville, WV

Only moisturizer I use for my kid

My girl had eczema when she was just a 2 month old baby, her dermatalogist recommend this product and we started using it . Makes her skin very soft and smooth. When I get dry skin sometimes I too use this.

Eula Bynum, TX

Great for very dry hands!

I got this product to use as a hand cream because I get VERY dry hands in the winter from both the cold weather and washing them so much for my job. I get dry spots between my fingers that look kind of like a rash, but it is just extremely dry skin. This cream is like a miracle worker for that! After a few uses it completely returned my hands to their normal, non dry state! One thing is that it leaves your hands just a little bit sticky (probably from the petroleum) but that doesn’t bother me much. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has dry skin!

Ilene Peninsula, OH


Vanicream isn’t as moisturizing as I thought it would be; it’s definitely non-greasy but it doesn’t go on very well and absorb, you really have to work it in. I don’t have eczema just really sensitive, dehydrated skin (not the same as dry skin). I think for dry skin, something oil-based would work better. Price is great so no regrets buying it, will continue to use!

Gayle Silver Lake, NY

I don’t like it

I bought this cream because it didn’t have a lot of chemicals in it but something it has in it makes my hands swell. I won’t be buying it again.

Phoebe Pellston, MI

Does a good job…

It’s a bit thick and a little hard to apply. But it gets rid of the eczema on my thigh, so I’ll buy it again. However, my DH is as hairy as a bear and can’t use it. He needs more of a lotion and this is what I’d call a heavy cream or almost an unguent.

Geraldine Greybull, WY

Miracle Lotion

This lotion has no scent that is one of the reasons I bought it. It has made my skin smooth again. I use it after my bath.Try it if you have sensitive skin. A friend of mine uses it too! And she loves it.

Alberta Moweaqua, IL

No offensive smells and works well.

No offensive fragrance. Goes on and stays a bit greasy for longer than I’d really like but it DOES moisturize really well. Easy to use pump. Doesn’t bother those of us with allergies. You also only need a small amount relative to some creams. We’ll probably order again.

Rosemarie Closplint, KY

A bit thick and sticky for me

I do not have any skin condition that needs to be treated and this was a bit too thick/sticky for me. I felt as if I wanted to jump back in the shower and get it off. I seem to be in the minority on this one so I hesitated to write a review so as not to dissuade anyone that may benefit from this product as it has such high reviews but I seem to only comment on products I like so I am trying to be partial. It’s not a product I personally will buy again.

Tasha Latimer, IA

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream with Pump Dispenser, 1 Pound

Great cream, I use it daily. It is non greasy and the scent is great. A little goes a long way

Lauren Sebastian, FL

Cheap, Effective and Doesn’t Smell

Originally touted to me by my dermatologist, this is my third bottle. As I understand it, Vanicream is what many of the other cosmetic manufacturers use as a base for their formulations. What you have is pure skin cream–no fragrances or chemicals. None of the expensive additives and it comes in this plain vanilla bottle. It is cheap, very effective and doesn’t smell.

Georgette Gallina, NM

Very moisturizing without any stickiness. No scent.

I am pretty sensitive to smells and find that this product is scentless. The dispenser makes it very easy to use. The cream is very moisturizing and does not feel sticky after you use it. It softens my hands and I haven’t had itching between my fingers from dry skin since I started using it.

Alba North Scituate, RI

Nice everyday cream for body etc

I gave this to my husband as he likes the more simple creams and its not expensive so he can use it for his face and hands. I decided to buy the same salon size collagen cream which serves me better. This is still a good cream for people with sensitive skin like me, use after shower all over :o)

Bethany Wilson, AR

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream with Pump Dispenser, 1 Pound

My dermetology told me to get this, and it’s for my face. It’s good enough for a baby’s skin. No stinging either.

Jenny Fairhope, AL