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Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream, 1 lb

A non-greasy, long-lasting moisturizing cream that is easy-to-spread, quickly absorbed and non-comedogenic*. Ingredients: purified water, white petrolatum, sorbitol solution, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, ceteareth-20, simethicone, glyceryl monostearate, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sorbic acid and BHT

Key features

  • Dermatologic formula for sensitive skin
  • Free of Dyes, Fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, and formaldehyde.

Honest reviews


did nothing for me

i purchased because of its good reviews hoping that it would calm my eczema, unfortunately, i found cetaphil to be more useful ;/

Elsa Prestonsburg, KY



Minnie Bonsall, CA

I don’t leave home

without it. Love Vanicream, it’s always in my bag- it’s easier to spread than Eucerin in the tub and obviously this tube is more portable than Eucerin (which is my very favorite). Vanicream has no fragrance, it isn’t quite as moisturizing as heavy duty Eucerin, but it does work. I use this on face, hands, body. Eucerin original is amazing when it comes to softening elbows and feet, Vanicream is a close second. I use Vanicream, Vanicream lite, and the facial cleanser (Free and Clear) made by the same company. It’s the best stuff for sensitive dry skin, like mine. It absolutely will not irritate and it will calm the itchiness and soothe the dry patches. This is a terrific brand all the way down the line.

Ada Cardin, OK

Vanicream Fan

I have extremely sensitive eczema prone skin. Vanicream provides the soothing, hydrating my skin needs without any allergic reactions . I have been using it and the sunscreen product for more than a year with great results .

Lessie Red Cliff, CO

Vanicream is the best moisturizer for the money!

I live in the high and dry southwest area and have dry skin. I couldn’t survive here without Vanicream. I’ve tried many types of moisturizers and creams and came across Vanicream by chance here on Amazon. After reading some very good reviews on this cream, I decided to give it a try and the Vanicream Cleansing bar as well. At first use, it felt heavy; however, after about an hour I noticed that it didn’t feel as heavy and that my skin felt really good.Now, I liked creams that smelled good and tried hard to convince myself the results were imaginary since the Vanicream products have absolutely no fragrance. After I began using the skin cleanser and the cream as part of my regular routine on both my face and body, I noticed that my normally dry facial skin had improved. Usually, I’d get little bumps from face cream products most likely from clogged pores. My face was free of any little bumps and felt really smooth and soft. I kept using the cream and skin cleanser, and after a couple of weeks, my skin felt wonderful!I’m very impressed with these Vanicream products and have made them a permanent item on my shopping lists. I also love the fact that I only need one skin cream for my body and face! I definitely recommend the products to family and friends.Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream with Pump Dispenser, 16 Ounces

Ruth King, WI


Fabulous!! Works for even the driest, troublesome skin conditions. A little goes a long way. Highly recommended.

Clara Dobbins, CA

Great for very dry skin

Vanicream is excellent if you have very dry skin. It helped me get through the brutal winter as my skin starts cracking when it gets dry. It is a little heavy for the summer, but could still be used. Overall a great lotion and it lasts a long time as well.

Caitlin Lynchburg, VA


My one year old has had a bad case of ezema over the winter months and this is the best thing I have found for keeping it in check. We have to put it on her morning and night but it works wonders and she no longer has that scaly feeling or dry marks all over her skin. Definitely recommend!

Miriam Mitchellville, IA


I am very sensitive to chemicals, fragrances, and have lots of allergies to even natural products. Even though this does have petroleum products which I usually avoid, I have had no problems with this cream. It has no smell at all, and does not make my skin itch or burn. I love this cream better than anything I have ever used. I can give this same review for Vanicream fragrance free soap as it is a great product too.

Celeste The Lakes, NV

This feels like vaseline

This has a sweaty, heavy feeling on the skin and felt like I was smearing vaseline on it. Don’t even think about using it on your face. My face was sticky, shiny and almost felt like it couldn’t breathe. If you enjoy smearing vaseline on your hands then you may enjoy this lotion.

Ginger Church Creek, MD


This cream has virtually halted the itching of my eczema prone skin in its tracks. It is the best product that I have ever used to combat the symptoms of eczema (I have tried dozens, literally).

Megan Sutherlin, VA

Best skin cream I’ve ever used

Vanicream works great on my skin. It keeps my skin hydrated, without causing breakouts. My dermatologist recommended Vanicream for my dry skin. I use it on my face and body. The lotion is unscented, so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, or cause an allergic reaction. This is the best lotion I’ve ever used.

Jasmine Elkfork, KY

great cream. one of the best

very amazing cream. lasts a very long time. goes on smooth. does not leave face feeling greasy. i love this stuff.

Mae Chambersburg, PA

Allergist recommended

Several members of our family have winter dry skin and eczema. Vanicream is a life saver. It’s so thick that it really holds in the moisture, and keeps us from constantly itching. Plus, because it is a thicker moisturizer, we don’t use buckets of it, like we do with cheaper lotions. It was actually recommended to us by our allergist.

Britney Cades, SC

Love this, it is made very well.

I found this product from good reviews here. I use this on my face, I love that it is not watery, it absorbs well (may take 10 minutes), is fragrance free, alcohol free good for eczema . safe for babies. I use it at night and under makeup. So glad I found this product. I will buy again.Dear Pharmceutical,Please please don’t sell out ever to Johnson and Johnson like SC Johnson Wax did with Aveeno years back and how the product was destroyed after!! They will cheapen any product. You have something good, just market yourself more so the public will "know" it is great.Thank you!

Kristi Hilltown, PA


I use Vanicream after the Free and Clear cleanser, and I tell you what it’s the best combo for my dry skin that I’ve used so far! This cream has a nice and thick consistency that is not greasy and it absorbs wonderfully! I will get more of this for sure!

Rosario Cookson, OK

This is the best there is!

My dermatologist recommended vanicream years ago and I still use it daily. I have found no product that I like better for moisturizing my skin.

Savannah Lone Wolf, OK

My Lifesaver

I thought I had previously reviewed the products thanking the maker for saving my life. My face suddenly became allergic to everything 2 years ago. I had all kinds of testing and trials, I paid huge sums of money for fancy products at the mall with promises that now I would be happy. Thank heavens a good dermatologist, thank you Sarah, suggested Vani products to me and my whole life has changed. I can actually put on some eye makeup now! And if you are old like me, you want to add a little frill every once in a while. The cream is a bit heavy for my kids (twenty somethings) but if you massage it in a bit, it is gone and you don’t feel it. These pots will last and last and the price is amazing. Do we want the manufacturer to know this or is s/he already making millions off of us?

Lois Douglas, OK

Helpful for really dry skin

My uncle has developed eczema in his mid-60s and has been self-conscious about his newly imperfect skin. Vanicream has helped both in soothing his itching and helping to [slightly] fade the marks on his skin.

Olive Emmet, NE