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Vanicream Cleansing Bar, Fragrance Free, 3.9 Ounce Bars

VanicreamTM Cleansing Bar is a unique fragrance-free formula that moisturizes while gently cleansing the skin. Your skin will feel clean, fresh and soft without feeling dry or irritated. Ingredients:sodium cocoyl isethionate, stearic acid, water, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium isethionate, sorbitol solution, ceteareth-20, propylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl monostearate, white petrolatum, simethicone, polyethylene glycol monostearate, titanium dioxide, sorbic acid, BHT

Key features

  • Moisturizes while gently cleansing
  • Skin feels clean, fresh and soft
  • Ideal for face, hands and body
  • Specially developed for persons who want to avoid common chemical irritants found in ordinary soaps
  • It is intended for routine use on both normal and sensitive skin

Honest reviews


Great for Acne Sufferers!

I feel my acne is based on high sugar consumption and using wrong products.I don’t know why I ventured into liquid cleansers because those typically aren’t the best for my skin. Also, a certain moisturizer broke me out with big bumps. Additionally, I was eating a bunch of chocolate and other junk food. Tsk, tsk.SO! I dumped the liquid cleansers, specific moisturizer and heavily decreased my sugar consumption.I added this soap for my cleanser & Yes to Carrots moisturizer.I can’t tell you how quickly this soap cleared my skin. Amazing! I’m sure my change of habit/product use also helped!I’ve used this soap about 12 times now, and my face is 70% clearer than from 4-5 days ago. Seriously!I REALLY encourage those who suffer from acne to give this a try. I say, don’t bother with the peroxides and acids. Keep it simple and try to pinpoint other factors that may contribute to acne.This last breakout hurt because I’d JUST gotten my face back to normal after another bad breakout months before. Back to square one, I thought!Believe me, I know how difficult, painful and annoying this all is.But hang in there.I hope this helps!Thanks!x

Shelia Four Corners, WY

Creamy Cake of Clean for your Face and Body

You can believe all of the praise for this "soap" as it’s true. Super gentle, crazy creamy and no fragrance or extra junk that’s in most soaps and liquid cleansers. I use it on my face and bod and look forward to it everyday. Great feeling, clean rinsing. Recommended by my dermatologist. I figured that if it can be used for infants with eczema and be that gentle and effective, it can do nothing but good for the rest of us. Amazing product. I also use the lite lotion for a super fine veil of moisture wherever I need it.

Julie State Farm, VA

leaves some lotion like feeling on the skin

well, i should guess that it is called cream it will leave some residue on the skin, so it feels like the soap have not washed away completely.I like that it has no smell to it, and lasts for about a month in the shower

Germaine Shelbiana, KY

Love, love the soap and the skin I’m in

My dermatologist recommended Vanicream products after I came in complaining about severely dry skin that was itchy and red compounded by cold winter air and a move to a very desert, dry climate. At this point, I was rubbing my whole body full of thick foot cream and still not getting relief. The results of Vanicream were instant. My newly clear skin is silky soft, superbly moisturized and I use every single one of their products quite happily.

Florine Ethan, SD

Love it!

I have rosacea, very sensitive dry and acne prone skin. The Vanicream cleansing bar doesn’t burn or irritate my skin like so many other cleansers have. It removes face and eye makeup easily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I have been using for a week and my skin is clearing up and healing up.

Latoya Glasgow, KY

love this soap!

Perfect for sensitive skin, truly fragrance and dye free. Great for those of us with sensitive skin who still like a bar soap. Leaves the skin clean but not flakey or tight feeling. Reasonable priced and better than a lot of pricy cleansers for sensitive skin.

Elva Saint Mary, MO

Vanicream cleansing bar

Fast Shipping. Love this cleansing bar. Very lite on your skin with no irritations. I use the Vanicream Lite Moisturizer afterwards. Feels great… Wouldn’t use anything else.

Noemi Truman, MN

Very smooth

Doctor recommended dove for sensitive skin for my baby girl and vanicream moisturizer. I liked the moisturizer so wanted try the soap also… Used it and found it amazing, very soothing and mild soap. Have been using this for about 4 years now for my kid. Also whenever I get some skin problem like dry skin etc, I use this. It quickly calms my skin. Just love all the vanicream products

Margarita Ripley, OK

Vanicream Cleansing Bar

I have been searching forever for some TRUE FREE AND CLEAR soap.This is the ONLY thing I have been able to find that doesn’tirritate my skin. Would highly recommend to anyone that suffersfrom Chronic Eczema.Vanicream Cleansing Bar, Fragrance Free, 3.9 Ounce Bars (Pack of 3)

Trina Navajo, NM

Best soap i have ever use

I was looking for a soap that is non harsh to the skin and to my nose since i have a very sensitive skin and any fragrance or scent makes my nasal so congested i have problems breathing. I just found out about my condition recently when i was using Ivory soap. Little did i know that Ivory is so overpowering, scent wise.So i search Amazon and found an excellent reviews and well satisfied customers who have used Vanicreme. I bought it at Walgreens because i wanted to try it right away. I was really amazed by the wonders of this soap. I used it to my face for cleansing and it did not even irritate my eyes at all like those regular soap. Plus, i didn’t have to wear any moisturizer because it didn’t make my face really dry. I used it as a body soap as well. My mom and brother likes a lot because it does not dry their skin as well. From now on, we’ll be using this soap for good.. I am planning to try their products.

Lillian Tryon, NE


This is the best soap I have ever used. I have many allergies and this one has no perfume added. I use it all over my body and my face. LOVE IT!

Cornelia Potter Valley, CA

would give this 10 stars if i could.

this is the best cleanser i have ever used. foams great. cleans great. leaves skin feeling great. stocked up asap.

Bonnie Decaturville, TN

great price terrific sellers, takes awhile to come

I will buy this again on Amazon when I run out. unscented, creamy and rinses off completely. A reasonable price for 3 bars.

Mellisa Toone, TN

Nice lather, rinses clean

I’m really enjoying these unscented bars so far. Doesn’t seem to be pore clogging, lathers well, cleans well and rinses well. No itching after.

Elba Delanson, NY

Favorite soap

I love this soap. It is rich, has no scent, and cleans easily and well. The price is a bit higher than regular soap, but the quality is much better even than Dove. My face feels better ( and it is horribly sensitive) doesn’t turn red and swell up, and my face doesn’t seem to feel as dry even before moisturizer (Vanicream).Buying in 3’s makes you feel better about cost.

Norma Dawn, MO

Clean. REALLY Clean!

I bought this soap at the recommendation of my dermatologist. He suggested for eczema, but this soap is great for any kind of skin! We run the gambit in my home and this soap is perfect for all of us. Odd bonus: Because the soap leaves nor residue, it clean my wedding ring better than jewelry cleaner. I wish I knew about this soap when I was a teen!

Lorie Blissfield, OH

For my hubby

I purchased this for my husband who has skin allergies. It was actually recommended by a doctor who also has skin allergies. My husband says that It lathers well, and he likes it. He is still getting used to the fact that it has no fragrance in it because that usually triggers for him a clean feeling when he can smell the scent of the soap on him. This has no fragrance. He says that he still feels clean without the fragrance smell.

Leila Sheridan, MT

A superb cleansing soap for those with sensitive skin!

I’ve tried many soaps for sensitive skin and find this product to be the best I’ve ever tried. After my first use, I was surprised how clean I felt – even at the end of the day. I also love the feel of my skin after I use it. I have very dry skin and live in the SW, causing my skin to be even drier. After cleaning with this soap, I didn’t have to apply the layers of lotion I normally apply all day. I was pleasantly surprised. There is no fragrance, so if you need aroma therapy soap, this isn’t for you. If you have sensitive skin and want to be clean and feel clean and help your skin to be less dry, this soap is for you.

Maureen Bethel Island, CA

Mild soap

I use this on my face when I take my shower in the morning. It doesn’t dry my skin and has no scent to irritate.

Mavis Oak City, UT