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Vanessa Synthetic Hair Half wig – La Jay-1

Special care and washing instructions??? Fill a basin with lukewarm water. Add a dash of mild shampoo. Immerse wig and swish gently. Rinse thoroughly in cold running water. Lay wig on towel or let it drip dry completely. Do not brush or comb when wig is wet. No setting in necessary, curls will snap back to original shape once wig is completely dry. If wig loses some curls, use steam rollers or medium heat curling irons for tighter curls.

Key features

  • Comb location: front & back
  • Adjustable strap: yes
  • Drawstring: no
  • Cap size: may vary slightly by brand

Honest reviews


Great once you work with it.

I have seen reviews for this unit on Youtube, and it seems that it looked so different on every person. But the way it looked in one video made me want to purchase it for myself in a color 1B. Now a lot of people were able to wear this as a full wig, but once I got it and put it on my head, that was not the case. I was so upset! It just did not look right on me, so I put it away and continued wearing my Drew by Beshe. But then I came back to it to see if this was a total lost cause, and it wasn’t! It does look similar to some of the wigs I saw on youtube, but I’ve just come to realize that there are different tweaks with different units. I love how it looks on me, but I wear it as a half wig (what it was created for, lol), because putting it to the front of my hair line makes me look crazy. But I really like it, get major compliments on it, and will order a new one soon, maybe in a different color.

Gwen Hampton, IA

Not for me I guess…

I was excited to get this wig after watching plenty of Youtube reviews on it.When I received it and took it out of the bad I was NOT happy at all.There’s no other way to describe the wig as scorched and extremely dry.It looked nothing like the picture… (Although wigs hardly ever do look like they do on the models."It looked nothing like the wigs I saw in the reviews I watched.Horrible. Possibly the worst wig I’ve ever ordered.

Shari Durant, MS


Received fast. Lots of curls and body! Its the Go To wig for Sisters on the run. it blends well with my natural hair too! LOVE IT! I will buy agian when this one gets old.

Kathie Knoxville, PA

Natural looking SP1b/33

Although I should have ordered 1b/30 to fit more with the color in my hair this piece is a winner! Its very natural looking when you mess it up…. It comes tightly curled like Spanish hair…so it will not look like your own hair. I am 4b/4a and have colored hair….highlighted 30 hairSo I twist my hair with products and carefully unravel and it and leave about 3 inches out in the front. It looks like I colored the front of my hair. The hair is big, but I look great with it and have had compliments. Will have to buy another one quickly because I messed it up so it will get old faster than if I had left it as is

Maria Atlantic Mine, MI

What Can I Say?

It’s my favorite! Did the big chop back in 2011 so I have a fro this big, but not as easy to care for or with the cool colors in the La Jay photo. So I wear it all the time except for swimming of course when I have to sport my own curls. Sometimes I wear some of my hair out on front and sides, but I don’t have to. Stay away from HOT water, be cautious opening ovens and the wig will last. But I own 3 or 4. Enjoy, you’ll get lots of compliments.

Chris Cosby, MO

Best Afro Wig Ever

I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve had wearing this wig!! NUMEROUS….OVER AND OVER…. And I’ve fooled ‘plenty’ of people who truly could not believe it was a wig….small investment to pay for many, many wears. And will continue to purchase. You will not be disappointed!

Luann Haviland, OH