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VALENCIA GIRL – Shake N Go Freetress Synthetic Hair Band Fullcap Wig #1

FRESSTRESS FULLCAP BAND SYNTHETIC HAIRFREETRESS is the world’s most recognized synthetic hair product that includes weaves, braids, wigs, FullCap, and drawstring ponytails. Unlike other synthetic hair products, Freetress is made of flame-retardant fibers exclusively developed for weaves and wigs. With hundreds of styles and colors, you are sure to find one that’s to your liking.Caring Insturction-Do not use hot curler at regular setting.-To maintain fresh look, lightly apply oil sheen or wig conditioner.Instruction1. Part your hair through No.1 line (from ear to ear).2. Insert the comb underneath FullCap Ponytail from front to back along the pared line.3. Slide-in the back comb along the nape hairline, tucking in your hair underneath.4. Cover the front parted line by combing your hair over it.You just gave yourself a complete style!

Key features

  • Comb Location: Front & Back
  • Adjustable Strap: 0
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25″ Ear To Ear: 13.5″ Front To Back 14.25″

Honest reviews


Very nice texture. Natural look and feel

I bought this for my mother in law because she has a wig that looks very synthetic. I wanted something that had more of a natural flow and feel. This wig looks and feels great. I bought the dark brown with some very subtle highlights. I think it’s great and recommend it.

Dena Cotuit, MA


This wig is nowhere near the color displayed, or at least, the one I received isn’t. Mine is a brassier color, a light auburn maybe, with blonder highlights. It also doesn’t stay on well despite the clips in it. Still, it’s pretty, and I’m going to try pinning it on in places. I’ve gotten better wigs here for less than this cost.

Cristina Voorheesville, NY

Bob without the weave.

A new addition to my wig collection. I didn’t have a bob so this one was a great choice. It was perfect.

Marion Swanville, MN

Shake and go

I really like this wig. First allow me to tell you to DO NOT put a hot iron to it. the package will tell you that you can curl it with curling irons at 100 degrees, DON”T DO IT. DO NOT ADD ANY HEAT AT ALL. unless its hot water when washing it. It will ruing the hair, burn it and damage it. I’m glad I attempted to curl a small section first. It has body, and curl. I just use my brush to flip the curls upward. It has a natural scalp look at the top for about 2 inches. Its not too shinny. its lite weight, and all you have to do is shake either the wig before you put it on or shake your head after you put it on. if you don’t want the hair to continue to fall in your face, just use a little hair spray and it will hold, but no longer that that day. I’m glad I purchased it.

Tania Kensett, AR

Good free spirited wig

Real looking hair for a gal with a free spirit. The loose style is easy to care for and the hair looks real. It does tend to hang over the eyes and you may want to trim some bangs on it?

Alison Pollock, SD


I love the style of the wig.It was very soft and well made. The delivery was great also. I had just one problem the color #376 was extremely too light for my complexion so i had to send it back.It was my fault I thought it was the color shown.

Lela Hallsville, OH