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Vakind Pack of 2 Black Fiber Leopard Long Curling Eye Lashes Mascara Eyelash Mascara Set

Color: Black 2 Pcs Black Mascara Gel How to Use: Apply the Mascara Gel on Eye Lash, and then Apply the Fiber from Eye Lash Root until End before the Gel Dry You Will Realize Your Eye Lash Extended 150% and Two Times Thicker. Continue Applying the Fiber at Eye Lash One Third End Area. Apply The Transplanting Gel To Completely Color The Fiber And Eye Lash. See the Amazing Result. Method to remove the make-up: Apply some warm water on the eye-lash and wait for a few minutes for the water to infiltrate the eyelash. When the gel has softened, the eyelash can be taken off. No make-up removal product is required and no traces of removal can be seen around the vicinity of the eyes. There will also be no impact on the natural eyelash.

Key features

  • Color: Black
  • Convenient and useful beauty tools
  • Quantity:Pack of 2 pcs Black Mascara
  • Size : 13 * 2cm
  • Color : Leopard

Honest reviews


love this

The description is wrong, it is telling about how to apply eyelid tattoos. You can do a youtube search on love alpha fiber mascara, they show before and afters and how tos.. its really simple. Step 1-You apply the transplanting gel first, step 2- then, while its still wet, apply the fibers just like you would a mascara. Next you repeat step 1, and if you want them longer, step 2 may be applied to the tips and so on until you reached your ideal look. It can be applied in as many coats as you wish. My only complaint is that it will flake off as the day goes on , (or if you cry).. it wont run like regular mascara, but you will notice slight smudging along with the tiny black fibers. It does last long though.. normally I have good wear for about 8- 10 hours. Awesome product. Love love love this. Plus on the official website this product retails upwards of $30.00

Michele Smyrna, GA


I really don’t understand the hype. Came from China so didn’t mind the wait in shipping, that was a given I’m always in search for the next product for eyelashes,when lash extensions became costly and damaging, then to expensive eye serums that never worked for me. I received this about a week ago. Can’t say anything but disappointed. Started with the serum, then layered the fibers on top. The results were a dry, brittle, spider look that flaked onto my under eyes and cheeks. After using it on trial to see what it looked after errands I ran on a weekend afternoon. I saw my lashes had gone straight and to my original stubby form and fibers disappeared,this was only after a couple hours. I wasn’t pleased with them anyway before leaving the house.

Imogene Covina, CA

Pretty cool

My biggest complaint with this is that the directions are all in Chinese so I can’t read them. That being said, I think I’m doing it right becasue it’s pretty simple to figure out. Basically you get two tubes, one is regular mascara and the other is a tube of fluff. First, you apply the regular mascara and then the fiber fluff. I do a few coats of each to get the fibers to stick well.The fibers can get in your eyes if you’re not careful.

Alyssa Fuquay Varina, NC

Makes Great Lashes!

I purchased this instead of another brand going around social media for an outrageous price. I have to say, this stuff works really well. If applied correctly, (which there were no instructions. I previously researched.) there are next to no clumps. My lashes look real when I use this product, and I have gotten several compliments. I would definitely recommend.

Marci Port Orford, OR

****** My New Mascara Find Love it ******

I love this product I ordered initially for the Mascara it also has fibre extensions in the Pretty carrying case …. it does exactly what it says I have medium length lashes and the base mascara is the 1st coat then you apply the fibers as many coats as You like to get the desired lenghth and fullness xomes off easily with warm water …. just want to be careful not to ger the fibers in Your eyes as for Myself it was a little irritating… although it washes off easily keep eyes closed as mich as possible when removing …… Great Product I highly recommend to anyone wanting longer fuller lashes….. 🙂

Jessie Caldwell, OH

Long Lashes

I purchased this and the version from Younique at the same time. I get the same results from both. I can’t tell the difference and this one is less expensive by far. The directions for this do not come in English so you have to know how to use this on your own.Basically, you use the bigger tube to apply a coat of mascara just as you normally would. Then use the small tube using the same motions to place the fibers on your lashes. Note that you should do this soon after applying the big tube, so I only do one eye at at time. Next you apply more of the mascara from the big tube on top of the fibers which pulls them out towards the tips of your own lashes, extending them. If you like, you can then add more fiber from the small tube and then coat with the big tube. Just remember to always start and end with the big tube sandwiching the small tube process in between.So the results? Unreal!!! I absolutely noticeably lengthens my lashes in just one coat. A second go-round adds length and thickness to my lashes. I find a third coat too much for me, but others might prefer the extreme length and fullness of a third coat.I have had no issues with smudging. smearing, or running mascara. I do get some flakes from fibers within the first half an hour of applying, but once I swipe those away, I do not see continued fallout.Watch some Youtube videos on this type of mascara (commonly called 3D mascara) and you can see the amazing transformations for yourself.

Georgina Mcnary, AZ

The mascara is horrible!

I like the fibers! I just use them with a different mascara, but the mascara that comes in this set is terrible. Not a fan of it at all!I don’t think I would purchase again.

Tricia Ferrysburg, MI

BUY IT!! You will not be disappointed!!

I was not about to spend $30 on Younique’s fiber lash mascara, so I started looking for inexpensive fiber lash mascara and found Love Alpha! BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Kenya Loysburg, PA

I definitely recommend.

This came really really fast, and worked pretty well. The fibers are great, I haven’t had any issues with them falling on my face or anything. The only reason this didn’t get 5 stars is because of the mascara it comes with. It doesn’t apply very well. I just use my regular mascara with it which is no problem. The case it comes in and the fibers are well worth the price I payed for it. It honestly works. It made my eyelashes so much longer and fuller. I compared one eye with the fibers and one eye without, and you can seriously tell a HUGE difference. I’m pretty amazed by this. I recommend this 100%.

Lorie Inwood, IA

It’s okay

I purchased this item because a friend keeps ranting about 3d mascara and I wasn’t about to spend $40 on the stuff that she buys when I’m sure that this is equivalent and a LOT less expensive. I do like this stuff and I do see a bit of an added fullness to my lashes, but it takes a little bit of patience when working with the fibers. I try to make my makeup routine quick, with this it takes a while longer. It’s worth the money, same as the really over priced stuff because I have compared the two side by side.

Aimee Nicholville, NY

I wanted to love it… 🙁

I wanted to love this and had very high hopes of it being comparable to Younique but it’s just not. It’s not a natural product like Y. It’s dry and doesn’t last, also flakes. So bummed because the price was amazing, but you get what you pay for. I’m going back to paying $29.

Lauren Shallowater, TX