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Vadik Herbs Bringraj Hair Oil, 8oz

Professionally formulated as a hair growth oil for hair loss and premature balding. Bringraj oil, also know as Eclipta alba has been traditionally used in India for hair growth. Blended with sesame seed oil and other Ayurvedic herbs, Bring-raj oil is one of a kind. Effective in use for color-treated and sun damaged hair. No artificial fragrance added.

Key features

  • According to Ayurveda, hair loss and other problems with hair are a result of an excess of the pitta component; because bhringraj oil helps to pacify this, it works to promote hair growth.
  • Regular massage with bhringraj oil is useful in preventing infections of the scalp so it helps to keep dandruff away.
  • Ayurveda says that imbalance in pitta leads to stress in the body and mind; the regular use of bhringraj helps to pacify the vitiated pitta and thus, helps to relieve stress.

Honest reviews


[Updated] Go Figure: It Works

I mixed this oil with neem oil and it gave me more hair growth than usual. My regimen was as followed: I moisturized my scalp every third night & wrapped my hair in a silk scarf, and in the morning moisturized my scalp solely with aloe vera gel. I did this for a month and my hair had at least 2-3 inches of growth in various regions of my scalp. Also, my hair was less porous and had the texture of soft cotton. I stopped using it because I ran out for the following month, and my hair went back to it’s original state of being brittle, porous, and shedding. Verdict? Use it religiously for healthy hair.[Update] I use this oil with additional oils to moisturize my hair and scalp and for hot oil treatments.Results? My crown area has more volume than normal, and I have no split ends.The oil mixture includes: Organic Neem Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed – 16 Oz,African Shea Oil – 8 ozs.,Hesh Mahabhringraj Maka Herbal Hair Oil 200ml *New*,Spring Valley Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil 2 fl oz, andNow Foods Omega 3-6-9 Liquid, 16-Ounce.

Edith Seymour, IA

It’s ok-updated

I’m giving Ayurveda a try and I’ve added this oil to my ends daily. It smells like motor oil to me but its seals my ends well without heaviness and gives good shine with no greasy feeling. The smell is strong when applied but doesn’t linger at all.As far as hair growth or thickening…. I’ll update in a few months.May 2013I’ve used this product the last seven months. my new growth still comes in gray and and my hair is still thin. I use it as a scalp treatment and to seal my ends. Once I’m done with this bottle, I won’t repurchase.

Raquel Delta City, MS

Great Oil

I purchased this oil for hair growth. This oil absorbs very quickly; it doesn’t leave my hair greasy or with an oily feel. I’ve not seen any buildups and plus my hair feels super soft when I use this oil. Too soon to speak on the hair growth part of it; so far, it appears to be working. I wash my hair twice a week and use this oil every other day. Also, I received my order quicker than expected, packaged very professionally.

Beulah Axis, AL

Love the product, hate the odor.

This oil has so many benefits, but most people use it on the hair. Using the powder form is how you benefit the most from it. Please google "benefits of Bringraj" to see all that it can be helpful with pertaining to the human body. I use this oil as a hot oil treatment for my hair, and it has been awesome in keeping it moist. My hair was extremely dry from coloring & bleaching, but this has restored all that was lost. The odor is strong so beware, but it is worth it if you are looking for maximum results. The fact that my hair started growing faster was a bonus.

Vicky Sloansville, NY

Mixed results

I used this oil for about 4 months 1-2 times a week overnight, wash hair with ayurvedic herbs. Saw new hair growth after 1.5 months, then started experiencing heavy hair loss after another month of usage. Before this oil, I used Brahmi and Brahmi-Amla from the same supplier for 6 months in total, got new hair growth and saw some small hair loss only when oiling hair. I was planning to use Amla oil from the same supplier next, but am now thinking about giving oiling a break. If anybody has an insight, pls post your comment here.

Ana Loudon, NH