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Uxcell 5 Piece Plastic Bun Maker Curler/Hair Holders, Black, 8.5 Inch, 0.09 Pound

With the Magic Styling wand, you’ll do French twists, buns, the Top Spider, and a dozen updated trendy styles in seconds. Likes a flexible hair roller; ends of hair are tucked in and rolled around the comfortable lightweight. Wand until the wand is hidden in your hair. The added narrow opening helps hold layers as you roll hair into a style. .

Key features

  • Product Name : Bun Maker; Material : Plastic
  • Main Color : Black
  • Size : 21.5 x 3.8cm/ 8.5inch x 1.5inch(LW)
  • Weight : 42g
  • Package Content : 5 x Ponytail Bun Holder

Honest reviews


Does the job

This is a big help, and I can put my hair up in a jiffy. Got compliments on the bun. It is made of cheap plastic, though, but it does the job and I guess the price is ok too.

Marylou Bronson, MI

Buy Only if u dont have layers/uneven hair

These are pretty good. It is easy to follow the instructioms r in chinese but u can look at youtube vids to follow it just pull ur hair through and roll. I have only used one and it dosent brake or crack just a little hard ro clip in but it works very well the only reasin i didnr give it a 5 was because my hair which is not totally even falls oit as i roll it up so it frustrates me very good product overall

Dessie Strasburg, MO

Very versatile!

I got three of these, and they’re super fun to play with, there are so many different hairstyles you can do with them, yu can also part your hair into several sections and sleep with these in and wake up with wavy curls too. I like these alot. and for people with curly, hard to manage hair, these will work great!

Gale Millville, WV

Holds Hair Extremely Well

These things are wonderful. I find them simple to use if I put my hair in a ponytail first, but if I want a really tight bun I have to roll it a few times before getting it right. Once it is really tight though, they keep my hair up extremely well, I even sleep in them and they hold all night and are confortable (I have to roll it downward thought so it doesn’t prevent me from sleeping on my back). They also seem to be lasting well too. They are a thin and flexible hard plastic, but not flimsy. You could wash them with soap and water to keep them clean also. My hair is about armpit-length, straight, coarse, and very thick by the way. I’m not sure your hair could be any shorter than shoulder-length and useable with this item, but perhaps it could still work.

Amparo Sand Coulee, MT

Not for fine hair- even if you have a ton of it like me

My hair is too light of a strand to use this at all. I think it may work for heavier hair, I have a lot of hair but the strand is light. You may be able to use this with a lot of pins if your hair is slippery- but you will have to have a lot of hair. I think for heavier hair, this would work.

Jackie Saginaw, AL

poor quality

took 6 weeks for delivery as it came from China…comes in paper with NO INSTRUCTIONS or even a guide on how to use…..very flimsy and typical made in china cheap product..

Marisol Huntertown, IN