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Utopia Care 4.5″ inch Ice Tempered Stainless Steel Styling Shears / Scissors, Sharp Blades for Easy Hairstyling and Trimming in the Home or Barbershop, easy for mustache, beard or nose hairs trimming , 100% Ice-Tempered Stainless Steel is Reinforced with Chromium to Resist Tarnish and Rust, Easy to Disinfect, Half Gold Plated


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love it!

I ordered these to cut my dogs hair, and it definitely has paid for itself already. I haven’t been to the pet groomer in months, and my dog loves to be groomed by me, at least he definitely is happier when i’m done, compared to when i pick him up when they are done with him. these scissors are sharp and the cutting action is smooth. i love this.

Shelby Robards, KY

Not good… updated

I purchased these 6.5″ scissors to trim a wig. The shipping was fast, and the packaging was fine, but the scissors are just OK. I used them on the wig and realized the stainless steel does not perfectly align all the way from base to tip. There is enough of a tiny gap in the blade to cause crimping and re-cutting. The last half inch is aligned, and so is the blade at the base, there’s just an irritating spot in the middle. BUT, for the price, they’ll do.Update: I must have been in an uncharacteristically forgiving mood the day I wrote this review. I tried using these again last night and they’re basically useless. Seeing as how there are many good reviews, maybe the pair I received missed the quality control inspection. Simply put, a good pair of scissors cut, not crimp.

Maricela Cade, LA

Great Shears

Used these shears for the first time last week. Nice even trim and no rough ends (like regular house scissors), which means the blades are sharp enough and don’t leave jagged edges on my ends a week later. Nice little pair of shears and a great value. I didn’t have to spend major money either.

Ella Hayes, LA

Great size for travel; sharp and precise

These scissors are a great value. They’re not terribly comfortable, so I wouldn’t recommend them to a professional. However, for my personal use these are perfect.

Constance Ringgold, VA

good one

these scissors are really well made, they are perfect for trimming hairs or cutting them in layers.. a good buy indeed,, i receive the goldenone which also look good .. thank you 🙂

Victoria Canton, SD

More than satisfied

Excellent product had to hide them. They’re pretty and sharp. Just what I needed for my trims, I’m natural and have to catch those single hair knots and split ends early. Great price, same scissors at Sally’s ten dollars more.

Tara Ashfield, MA

Just what I needed

My children lost my haircutting scissors a while back. These are going to work. I wish the blades were slightly sharper but I like the tip and they seem to cut evenly. I haven’t used them on hair yet. They are comfortable to hold and look nice. I am hoping to find another pair that are the similar with rubber grips on the finger holes.

Susanna Monterey, MA

Not sharp, not easy to cut with

I got these because the reviews were pretty strong for the price. The scissors arrived earlier this week and I got up early this morning to cut my hair for an interview. I cut my hair all the time, been doing it for nearly ten years, but these scissors felt harder to work with than other pairs I’ve used. They weren’t sharp enough near the ends, so I had to fully open the scissor and get hair deep into the middle of the blades to cut. Also, it was harder for my to go in a due fine-tuning with such dull tips. You really have to hold these just right to cut. I may use these for the short term, but will not purchase these again. I think next time, I will go ahead and invest in a pricier pair at $40 to $80.

Erma Hickory Plains, AR

Good scissors

These were a good price and a good sharpness for cutting my toddler’s hair. I am a woman on the petite side of average (I wear size small dishwashing gloves) so these fit my hand nicely. Be sure to check the size before you order. I think they come in a larger size too.

Bobby Marydell, KY

Sharp, good for hair cutting

I have long hair and do not trim it often. When I realized it was time for a trim, I looked for a way to trim my hair myself and was told of “CREACLIP”. I read about it first, it didn’t seem complex, then purchased this system. I needed to make sure I had scissors sharp enough for the trim, so I purchased these scissors at the same time. Well, am I having fun with this system! The scissors are very sharp, easy to hold and just the right length (7.5″) – great for hair cutting. Since receiving the system and scissors, I’ve trimmed my own hair not once, but three times! Yes – I was scared the first time, so cut very little. Got more courage the second time, so straightened out what I may have missed the first time. By the third time, I had a lot of courage and made sure enough was trimmed off leaving it long enough for updo’s, buns, ponytails, etc. I’m very happy with the way my self-trimmed hair turned out and these sharp scissors. I will enjoy these for many years to come, not mentioning the monies saved on “trims”.

Valarie Daleville, MS

don’t bother

broke right away. May have had a pair that just wasn’t made right but they broke right away and I wouldnt buy again

Glenna Lebanon, MO

Utopia Ice Tempered Stainless Steel Styling Shears / Scissors

I received these scissors last week and have already cut three different hair styles with them. The scissors are very sharp and do not pull the hair when cutting, they are very good at trimming around the ear area and can get in to tiny areas. The finger holes are small but work very well on my hand. very even and balanced scissors. Seller is extremely fast and courteous.

Bobbie Roff, OK

Quick delivery

Haven’t used yet, but fast delivery. Looks like a nice pair to me. I look forward to using them to trim bangs and occassionally cut my own hair.

Gloria White Oak, NC


These little things are quality and cut well. Would recommend buying others of this make. Nice price and came swiftly.

Casandra Bethlehem, MD

Great for the price

These are great for anyone that does at home hair. I’ve been cutting my own hair for years and needed a new pair of shears. These aren’t as sharp as my old ones but they still cut smoothly and cost way less. I’m happy with them and will get plenty of use out of them.

Cecile Cabo Rojo, PR